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26 + creative and responsive Drupal 7 Themes

Today we will share with you some creative and responsive Drupal 7 themes. For more theme resources, visit Goodfav Magazine.Properta-Real Estate Drupal Theme-MORE INFO Flat, modern and clean design; 100% Fully Responsive; Retina Ready; Bootstrap;

Drupal's cache technology application-let your website Fly

I often hear from people on forums and QQ groups that Drupal is very slow. in the initial state, it cannot carry much data and concurrency, and the performance is very poor. However, we can find that many major websites are also developed using

Apache + MySQL + PHP5 + Drupal + MediaWiki

Apache + MySQL + PHP5 + Drupal + MediaWiki -- Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, see the following. We have prepared to build drupal since yesterday afternoon. We have to build apache + PHP + MySQL first.

Drupal's cache technology application-let your website Fly

Therefore, you cannot completely solve the performance problem, but you can use some common solutions to significantly improve the website performance based on the actual situation. We often say that you know the 80/20 theory, so if you exchange 20%

Drupal system Cache practices

Drupal Tutorial: Application of Cache in drupalDrupal itself executes php code in multiple layers, which results in a large amount of time for it to output content. Cache is a key technology that maximizes drupal performance. Before deciding on the

How to reset the user password of Drupal 7

Introduction: This is a detailed page on How to reset the user password of Drupal 7. It introduces PHP, related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code. Class = 'pingjiaf' frameborder = '0' src = 'HTTP: //

How to solve the other 404 errors on the home page after the Drupal site is changed to server-PHP source code

After the Drupal site is changed to the server, except for the other 404 errors on the homepage, how can we solve the problem that the site space previously created for the customer is about to expire? at that time, I bought an American space that

How to solve the other 404 errors on the home page after the Drupal site is changed to server

Problem description:"Page not found" Errors on every page should T homepage ."That is to say, the drupal website you created can be accessed on the homepage, and all other sections are accessed and displayed as the 404 error page.Problem

How to customize the user registration, logon, and password reset page of drupal

Customizing the user login, register, and password reset pages is fairly simple, and uses the following concepts:Preprocessing to set variablesRegistration of functions in the theme registryCreation of one or more theme templates.Step 1.In the site

Drupal 7 cache/Cache Getting Started Guide

It's easy to build complex and dynamic content using Drupal. But a little careless, you will pay the price for this easy. Complex database queries and costly calculations can lead to page performance problems when users view certain complex and

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