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PowerShell DSC (i) Simple push mode

Recently, because of the company's business needs have been learning the content of open source platform, such as OpenStack and Docker and so on, looking at the puppet and chef has a bit of interest, along with it naturally found that the Windows platform also has its own native automation operations solutions, It is the PowerShell DSC (desired state configuration), which is literally understood as "desired configuration status," And I don't have much

Powershell DSC 5.0-parameters, certificate encryption account, and installation order

This section is about simply over 3 basic functions of DSC, how to parameterize a profile, encrypt an account, and how to set up the order of installation for multiple services.The configuration file is essentially a function, the function can call another function, you can parameterize many values for reuse, and the configuration file is the same.The configuration file itself has 3 parameters by default:OutputPath, the output path of the MOF fileConf

Building a custom DSC Resource using C #

Prepare Prerequisites 1. VisualStudio recommended 2012 or higher 2. PowerShell4.0 3. MOF file Overview 1. when building a DSC resource using C #, you also need the MOF (the DSC resource schema file) to generate the file we can build using the Xdscresource tool published on TechNet 2. The following three cmdlets are also required when building

PowerShell DSC (ii) split configuration information

What does the PowerShell DSC configuration file support the "detach" format, and what does that mean? As if the enterprise has a compliance requirement that is consistent with both the development test environment and the production environment, it is clear that the development test is not the same as the size of the production environment and the hardware configuration, which leads to the content defined in DSC

Ubuntu compiled source package DSC Diff.gz Orig.tar.gz

Original posts: http://lesca.me/blog/2011/06/23/copile-source-package-on-ubuntu/ Take the tree utility as an example of how to manage the source package in Ubuntu, including querying, obtaining, compiling the source package, and installing it. 1. Preparation Ensure that the DEB-SRC entry is added to the software source configuration file/etc/apt/sources.list before you obtain the source packageUse the following command to get more information about the tree source package: sudo apt-cache showsrc

PowerShell Required State configuration (DSC) Overview

What is DSC? New features of the whole desired state Configuration,powershell v4 A set of rules sets the way scripts are written, and you can use them at any time, or combine a large number of user-written components. Not only in a group, but also die in a specific style to write scripts. Also called "Item Poency", doing things in exactly the same way, without any surprises, DSC uses and B

Powershell DSC and WMF 5.0 Preview-push modes

Beans recently began learning PowerShell DSC.There are many related courses on MVA, and the latest introductory courses are based on WMF 5.0 Preview.https://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/en-US/training-courses/ getting-started-with-powershell-desired-state-configuration-dsc--8672?l=yzhpimg1_7204984382After 5.0, Microsoft has made a lot of improvements in this piece of DSC. For example, Microsoft has set u

PowerShell DSC component Xexchange release _powershell

With the release of Xexchange PowerShell DSC Resource Module, deploying and configuring a very complex product will become very easy. In the article introducing the Xexchange Module for Powershell desired state Configuration, the creator of this resource, Mike Hendrickson, has already used powers Hell DSC to deploy and configure Exchange to finish writing the documentation. Xexchange components can be dow

Powershell DSC 5.0-pull mode (SMB)

GUID to bind the node and the server, so here need to replace the name of the file with the name of the GUID650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/73/A3/wKioL1YDRMGASEJWAAEMl8cJz8Y490.jpg "style=" float: none; "title=" 11.PNG "alt=" Wkiol1ydrmgasejwaaeml8cjz8y490.jpg "/>You will then need to generate a checksum for this configuration file, because comparing checksum is more efficient than comparing the entire configuration file. If you make any changes to the configuration f

[DFB] idirectfbinputdevice handles events-move an image display on the keyboard

# Include # Include # Include Static idirectfb * DFB = NULL;Static idirectfbsurface * Primary = NULL;Static idirectfbsurface * tux = NULL;Static int screen_width = 0;Static int screen_height = 0;// Global variable Static idirectfbinputdevice * keyboard = NULL; Int main (INT argc, char ** argv){Dfbsurfacedescription DSC;Idirectfbimageprovider * provider;Dfbinputdevicekeystate escape = diks_up; // declare a dfbinputdevicekeystate enumeration va

How to use Modbus communication in LabVIEW

device support to ensure normal connection, http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/tut/p/id/10857 URL for the OPC server supported device list. In the realization aspect, the physical interface of the Modbus realization Way has the Ethernet and the serial port two kinds, in the LabVIEW programming also obtains the embodiment. (2) need to install LabVIEW datalogging and supervisory Control module,ni The official website can now only search DSC-2011 and

How to play digital cameras in Linux (1)

model Casio) QV-2400UX, QV-2x00, QV-3x00, QV-4000, QV-8000 Fuji) FinePix 1300,140 0 Zoom, 2300 Zoom, 2400 Zoom, 2800 Zoom, 4200Z,4500,470 0 Zoom, 4900 Zoom, 6800 Zoom, A101, A201, S1 Pro HP) PhotoSmart 315,318 xi, 618, C912 Konica) KD200Z, KD400Z, and Revio KD300Z Leica Lycra) Digilux 4.3 Olympus) Zoom D-15, C-100, C-200Z, C-2040, C-220Z, C-2Z, C-3020Z, C-3040Z, C-4040Zoom, C-700, C-700UZ, C-860L, D-510 Nikon) C

Oracle Start with keyword

Oracle Start with keyword prefaceDesigned to document a variety of issues encountered in Oracle usage. I also hope to help people who have the same problems as me.Start with (tree query)Problem Description:In the database, there is a more common design pattern, hierarchical design patterns, specific to the Oracle table, the field features are as follows:ID, DSC, PID;Three fields, respectively, the ID of the current identity (primary key), the descript

Dynamically generating charts using OWC server-side components

Function Sub BINDCHARTTODSC (CSpace, DSC, Srsname, Scategories, Svalues) Dim CHT Dim ser Set c = CSpace. Constants CSpace. Clear ' Binding data source Set CSpace. DataSource = DSC CSpace. DataMember = Srsname Set cht = CSpace. Charts.add () Cht. HasLegend = True Cht. Type = C.chcharttypepie Set ser = Cht. SeriesCollection.Add () Ser. SetData c.chdimcategories, 0, Scategories Ser. SetData c.chdimvalu

Ogg process split (single table split into multiple processes)

ogg process split (single table split into multiple processes)Overview:The OGG process split describes how to split multiple tables in one inbound process into another process. This article will focus on how to use multiple processes to library a single table at the same time. Applicable conditions:1) The inbound process synchronizes only one table, but still has a delay of 2) target segment host CPU, memory pressure is not large enough to have sufficient resources to add a new inbound processTh

Modify the user ID and comment of an existing GPG key

was created on: 2015-03-16 valid to: 2016-03-15 can be used for: SCTrust: absolute effectiveness: absoluteSub 4096R/PDDDDDDD created on: 2015-03-16 valid to: 2016-03-15 can be used for: EAbsolute (1) * yy_test1 (yy_email_gpg) 3. Add a user ID:Gpg> adduidReal name: [yy] yy Ming XiaoEmail: test@test.comNote: DSC securityYou have selected this user ID:[Yy] yy Ming Xiao (DSC security) Change name (N), commen

Modify the user ID and comments of an existing gpg key.

used for: SC Trust: absolute effectiveness: absolute Sub 4096R/PDDDDDDD created on: 2015-03-16 valid to: 2016-03-15 can be used for: E Absolute (1). yy_test1 (yy_email_gpg) Gpg> 2. Use list to view the current user's key and user ID (that is, user name, comment ): Gpg> list Pub 4096R/DPPPPPPP was created on: 2015-03-16 valid to: 2016-03-15 can be used for: SC Trust: absolute effectiveness: absolute Sub 4096R/PDDDDDDD created on: 2015-03-16 valid to: 2016-03-15 can be used for: E Absolute (1)

Modify the user ID and comment of an existing gpg key

4096R/DPPPPPPP was created on: 2015-03-16 valid to: 2016-03-15 can be used for: SC Trust: absolute effectiveness: absolute Sub 4096R/PDDDDDDD created on: 2015-03-16 valid to: 2016-03-15 can be used for: E Absolute (1) * yy_test1 (yy_email_gpg) 3. Add a user ID: Gpg> adduid Real name: [yy] yy Ming Xiao Email: test@test.com Note: DSC security You have selected this user ID: [Yy] yy Ming Xiao (DSC security)

PowerShell extension tool Second wave!

Get pull Client in DSC pull modeIn DSC pull mode we cannot get the current pull Server configuration for the applicable node computer through the interfaceThis time we bring a new command extension: "Pullservernodestatus"Include a new command in the extensionGet-dscpullclientstatusThe command will get the node computer for the current app configuration from the specified

Programming Microsoft Office Web Components Chapter I of the first section

works best for data reporting and data analysis solutions, you can use this control in a number of tasks, and when bound to an OLAP cube, the pivot control provides a flexible, efficient analysis interface to the user. It organizations can concentrate on collecting and collating data based on their company's understanding of the data and loading the data into the cube, while the users who manipulate the control can slice the data according to their own needs. Figure 1-3 Pivot Table A

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