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Introduction to DSS

ArticleDirectory Problem fields covered by DSS Original article link Decentralized Software Service (DSS) is a lightweight. Net Runtime Environment Based on CR. DSS provides a lightweight, State-oriented service model that combines rest concepts with system-level methods for constructing high-performance and highly scalable applications. In

OPEN-E DSS V7 Application Series nine active/active iSCSI cluster deployments (i)

Continued open-e DSS V7 application series of eight remote access and administrator password recoveryI. Definition and classification of clustersA cluster is a parallel or distributed system consisting of a number of interconnected computers, from the outside, they are simply a system that provides a unified service to the outside. High availability is one of its distinguishing features.Cluster-by-platform providers can classify OS platform providers,

milestone/umts_sholes/omap3430 DSS (Display sub-system) Go-through

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. milestone/umts_sholes/omap3430 DSS (Display sub-system) Go-through Past life: Why did you turn over 10 years of milestone, time-consuming and laborious sync the code on GitHub, compiling the Umts_sholes project? A question about reading and writing an LCD screen through a read-write FB0 device node is now a high-pass solution msm8974/msm8x26 by reading and writing fb0 d

DSS forwards data provided by live555

1. Reflect function of DSS Darwin can receive and forward RTP data. This feature is described in the official document "reflect ".Using VLC, you can easily demonstrate this function by running the following command: vlc -vvv test.mp4 --sout "#dst=rtp{dst=,port-audio=20000,port-video=20002,ttl=127,name=CHANNEL,sdp=file:///f:/channel.sdp}" Run the preceding command to generate an SDP description file channel. SDP. VLC will send the RTP packet t

DSS Build Mobile Media server

Recently studied the mobile phone streaming server building, the purpose is to achieve through 3G mobile phone watching online video.At the beginning of the study of the Tudou mobile version, but it does not implement online playback, because the video address is the HTTP protocol. See a lot of articles, finally learned to use RTSP, MMS this kind.RTSP has an open source project from Apple: Darwin streaming Server (DSS)

OPEN-E DSS V7 Application series of ten Active/Active iSCSI cluster deployments (ii)

Continuous OPEN-E DSS V7 application Series nine active/active iSCSI cluster deployments (i)4.6 Set up the volume group on the first DSS server Dss01 vg00650) this.width=650; "title=" snap001 "style=" border-right-width:0px;background-image:none;border-bottom-width:0px ;p adding-top:0px;padding-left:0px;padding-right:0px;border-top-width:0px; "border=" 0 "alt=" snap001 "src=" http:// S3.51cto.com/wyfs02/m02

OPEN-E DSS V7 Application series Quad build software raid

Continuous OPEN-E DSS V7 Application Series three introduction to Web managementFirst, RAID technology introductionRAID (Redundant array of independent Disks): Independent redundant disk array, abbreviated to disk array. RAID is a storage device that is organized in a certain form and scheme. It is better than a single storage device in speed, stability and storage capacity, and has a certain degree of data security capabilities.There are several comm

DSS Build Mobile Media server

DSS is a cross-platform software that can be deployed on Linux, Mac OSX, or Windows.One, the DSS Windows installation Tutorial: From: Http://dss.macosforge.org/downloads/DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.5-Windows.exe (only 5.5) download DSS for Windows here After downloading the extract, you will see a install.bat file, directly run it will be installed to C:\Progr

WSO2-DSS First Article

1. Data ServicesIn SOA, the enterprise's data is exposed as a service, and decoupling from the underlying storage is the data service.2. MSYQL Type Database exposure Service Test examplehttp://blog.csdn.net/jackliu91/article/details/238637193. SampleRefer to Document dss350-270716-2046-21210.pdf on page No. 404;Data Service binding IP, after reboot invalid???4. Basic Concepts4.1. Service (Services)The service is the basic unit in DSS, has the data sou

Oracle Solaris and PCI DSS

Label:The PCI DSS was searched today on Oracle's Web site and was inadvertently searched for information on the PCI DSS on Oracle Solaris (see the following URL: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E56344_01/html/E53940/ makehtml-id-4.html),The following is an excerpt:PCI DSS Security Policy benchmarkThe PCI DSS security Policy

OPEN-E DSS V7 Application series eight remote access and administrator password recovery

Continuous OPEN-E DSS V7 application series of seven-volume group and volume managementOne, remote access1. Enable remote access on the DSS hostTo access the administrative DSS host through the Web, under Settings, under Administrator settings, enable remote access.Such as:You can set the IP address that is allowed to be accessed, and null to indicate that all ar

Oracle Solaris, pci dss, and solarisdss

Oracle Solaris, pci dss, and solarisdss Today on the Oracle official website to search for pci dss, unintentional search for Oracle Solaris information about pci dss (see the following url: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E56344_01/html/E53940/makehtml-id-4.html ), The following is an excerpt: Pci dss security policy r

OPEN-E DSS V7 Application series six building software iSCSI

Continuous OPEN-E DSS V7 application series five building software nasI. Overview of iSCSIISCSI (Internet SCSI) technology, developed by IBM Research, is a set of SCSI instructions that can be run on the upper layer of the IP protocol for use by hardware devices, which can enable the SCSI protocol to run on an IP network. Allows routing to be routed on such high-speed Gigabit Ethernet. iSCSI technology is a new storage technology that combines existin

Management of seven-volume groups and volumes for the OPEN-E DSS V7 application Series

Continuous OPEN-E DSS V7 application series six building software iSCSIFirst, the basic introductionUnit (Units): physical hard disk or RAID array. DSS with S0,S1, ..., s[x] represents the Sata/jbod/raid unit, with H0,H1, ..., H[x] on behalf of the IDE unit, with MD0,MD1, ..., Md[x] on behalf of the software raids. You can set up a volume group in a unit, or you can add a new unit to

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard pci dss and oracle database, dssoracle

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard pci dss and oracle database, dssoracle Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard pci dss and oracle database Recently I checked several Oracle database Security options, so I came into use with the pci dss term: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.I found an article on the official Oracle website, please

About payment card Industry Data Security Standard PCI DSS and Oracle database

About payment card Industry Data Security Standard PCI DSS and Oracle databaseRecently, the Oracle database has been checked for several options in the security domain, so it is exposed to the term PCI DSS: Payment Card industry Data Security StandardYou have received an article on the Oracle website, please download it yourself http://www.oracle.com/us/products/database/security-pci-

Introduction to three web management of OPEN-E DSS V7 application Series

Continuation open-e DSS V7 Application Series two system installationTo complete the storage-related operations, the user needs to access the DSS host via the WebAccess method: Https://IP address; https://host name;such as first time you access the host, you need to enter the product serial number. The user can select "Try" on the right side of the screen, the dialog box appears, an

Open source DW/DSS engine list for RDBMS architecture

Because I was early in the design and optimization of Oracle as the main RDBMS, so almost even if the single table more than 5000w, more than 3 million of the table to do any complex statistical and wind control calculation has not been a performance problem. Now full MySQL as the main line or open source RDBMS as the main line, as the system gradually to the development of SaaS, have to consider the subsequent large data volume when the statistical performance issues, today collated under the c

Data Porter dss~ Introduction

Introduction to DSSDSS is a set of. NET platform applications developed for remote data synchronization, which is hosted on a Windows service, consisting of multiple clients and a server, where the client collects data (the data source side), which is used by the server to write data to the specified database (data destination), and the entire data transfer process uses a socket to Implementation, the data volume of a single time around 200K to ensure the performance of the transmission; In the

Different database design for OLTP and DSS

OLTP database OLTP = online transaction processing DSS = Data warehousing online things processing Data Warehouse For example: aircraft booking, online trading, BBS, etc. example: Various resource information query system large number of online users and DML operations very few DML operations a large number of indexed queries a large number of full table sca

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