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DTrace Patch for Python 2.7.x and 3.x

DTrace Patch for Python 2.7.x and 3.xÚltima actualización:21 de septiembre de 2015Https://www.jcea.es/artic/python_dtrace.htmYou can follow this work in the Python BugTracker on issue 13405 (original work on issue 4111).How to get the patchYou can

Real-time detection of MySQL with DTrace

Unlike most of us imagine, DTrace does not need to make any changes to MySQL when it comes to MySQL. The most powerful "provider" of DTrace (provider, a set of observable probes) is the FBT (functional boundary tracing, function boundary tracking)

Advanced+apple+debugging (15)

You never heard of dtrace?!. This is horrible! DTrace is a tool that lets you view your code in a dynamic or static way.Http://dtrace.org/guide/preface.htmlYou can create a dtrace probes to compile into your code (in a static way), or you can check

Mac OS X's powerful tool dtrace enables Process/file monitor, especially for troubleshooting

For example, I wanted to see why the Android make system went wrong, Start the tool to track the process command line that starts instantly, and then do what you want to do, such as the MM Build command for Android sudo newproc.d### #结果 ############ 

Explore MySQL with Systemtap

Http://www.actionsky.com/docs/archives/168#SystemtapDirectory 1 Systemtap 2 level of support for SYSTEMTAP observation points 2.1 Official compiled MySQL 5.7.11 2.2 Compiling MySQL 5.7.11 3 Systemtap Use

MacOSX rootkit rubilyn source code analysis

1. Hide Processes On mac osx, the context and context of each process are stored in the proc structure, and the proc structure pointer of all processes is saved in the allproc linked list, the proc structure of the corresponding process can be

Performance measurement and Commissioning diagnostic Tool SYSTEMTAP under Linux

First, IntroductionSystemtap is an open source software that troubleshoots performance or functionality issues with Linux systems. It makes it easier and easier to diagnose the Linux system at runtime. With it, developers or debuggers no longer need

Linux environment common performance monitoring and assistance in developing debugging tools __linux

Linux has a number of excellent tools to help us analyze the performance metrics of the server and assist in the development of debugging work. The following lists only the underlying commands and are generally integrated into a Linux environment

Unix/linux System Forensics Information collection case

Unix/linux System Forensics Information collection casein the Unix/linux System Forensics, the timely collection of hard disk information is very important, "Unix/linux Network log analysis and traffic monitoring" in the book, will be discussed in

Online collection: FreeBSD User Manual 2

FreeBSD User Manual Preface intended readers As a new FreeBSD user, you will find the FreeBSD Installation Method in the first part of this manual, and gradually introduce concepts and customs to enhance the Unix base. To read this part, you only

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