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Unable to set CD drive bit hard drive boot, make dual Drive dual system boot Menu

The first two days to replace the CD-ROM drive, tossing a long time to fix the dual system, here Memo:The optical drive is broken, and there is a hard drive that was previously removed from the notebook and is going to be mounted on the drive:My notebook is Sony, that need to install to the CD-ROM drive is removed from this notebook, there is a genuine Win7 system, but a long time no use.Since the optical drive is broken, buy an optical disk drive tra

XP and Fedora8 dual-drive dual-boot are successfully installed

A new workstation is added in the office to run simulation. Because the simulation platform has two types: Windows and Linux, the leaders told me to install Windows XP and Fedora8. I used to install Fedora8 dual-system through hard disk, because I did not expect the dual-disk installation to happen, so I promised with full confidence that the installation process was quite smooth, install XP first, then Fed

Two methods for installing Ubuntu 14 and Windows 8.1 dual boot and fixing UEFI boot

Install Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows 8/8. 1 In UEFI modeThis tutorial is demonstrated on a new Dell Lingyue 7437 (Core i7 fourth-generation processor, 256 gb ssd, 8 GB memory and built-in 1 GB (shared memory) Intel graphics card. To enable you to successfully install dual boot for Linux and Windows 8 under UEFI, I will mention all the steps you need to do. If you have completed some of these steps, go directly

Windows + Ubuntu dual-System windows boot repair, ubuntu dual-System

Windows + Ubuntu dual-System windows boot repair, ubuntu dual-System My blog: http://blog.csdn.net/muyang_ren After installing the windows + Ubuntu Kirin dual system, we found that the boot was Ubuntu. Ubuntu boot is GRUP Wind

Computer dual hard disk dual system BIOS adjustment hard disk boot sequence of graphics and text tutorial

Now many users in the configuration of a new computer, usually in the new computer at the same time installed two hard disk, that is, the mechanical hard disk +SSD solid-state drive, to store the corresponding data, and secondly can increase the speed of the system, set up our two hard drives are installed in separate systems, So long need to set the boot sequence in the BIOS to select the system to start the default letter, but many users do not know

Win7 ubuntu10.04 dual system, after reloading the Win7, repair the dual boot entry

Go to Ubuntu LiveCD (ie, try Ubuntu) and operate in the terminalThe first thing to do is to find your Ubuntu system mounted under that SDA. You can fdisk-l this command with sudo. And then:1. Sudo-i2. Mount/dev/sdax/mnt (/mnt is a folder under the home folder, this folder can be arbitrary)3. Mount/dev/sdax/mnt/boot This step is to give/boot separate partition command, if not separate partition skip this ste

Boot problems when windows and Centos dual systems are installed on the computer, centos dual systems

Boot problems when windows and Centos dual systems are installed on the computer, centos dual systems (This article does not go into details about how to install windows and centos on your computer .) When installing a dual-system on a computer, you must first install the windows system and divide an idle partition o

Ubuntu10.04+win7 dual System, re-install Win7, restore grub boot menu and command line boot Linux

I installed the ubuntu10.04 and Win7 flagship dual system on my little Y, using grub boot. Today Win7 do not know where the problem, Windows Update update has been an error, (of course, 360 is not a drop) on the internet for a long time to learn from a lot of solutions or failed to solve the problem. I have some perfectionism tendencies, for such a problem naturally intolerable, did not update how worthy of

How to troubleshoot boot boot menu under dual system of WIN8 system

WIN8 system compatibility problem, there are some operational inconvenience does make a lot of users can not tolerate, but the purchase of computers, the pre-turn is the WIN8 system, we will be genuine WIN8 system uninstall, and then reload the Win7 system? For many users with genuine complex, Seems to be unacceptable. The solution, then, is to install a win7 system in the WIN8 system to achieve a dual-system computer. But because the first installati

Ubuntu 16.04 boot fix (boot Repair)----lianwang----Anzhuang windows Hou (dual system fix one)

/etc/grub.d/25_custom # # Menuentry "Efi/efi/boot/bootx64.efi" { Search--fs-uuid--no-floppy--set=root d000ed6a-5303-40aa-a517-af50e807c0e9 Chainloader (${root})/efi/efi/boot/bootx64.efi } Menuentry "Efi/efi/ubuntu/mokmanager.efi" { Search--fs-uuid--no-floppy--set=root d000ed6a-5303-40aa-a517-af50e807c0e9 Chainloader (${root})/efi/efi/ubuntu/mokmanager.efi } Menuentry "

Win10+ubuntu Dual system repair Ubuntu boot boot

similar to such an interface, found a lot more unnecessary optionsJust delete some stuff and execute the following command:Su # Get root permissionsCp/boot/grub/grub.cfg/boot/grub/grub.cfg_backup #先备份一下CAT/BOOT/GRUB/GRUB.CFG > TMP #将内容重定向到其他文件 for easy modificationgedit TMP #或者vim TMP# Erase all of the following# # # Begin/etc/grub.d/25_custom # #Menuentry "Wind

How to fix boot boot menu for WIN7/WIN8 dual system

Considering the stability and compatibility of WIN8, I believe many people are installed Win7 and Win8 dual system, but we will find that the boot menu will bring a lot of problems. In order to better help everyone, here to the situation and share with you, write this article is to help more people less detours, the article methods are to be tested. This method is applicable to Win8 products so far.

[Linux Small white] dual system add Windows boot and modify boot order

First, install the NTFS-3G plug-inWhen CentOS7 is installed on a Windows system, it is found that the boot entry does not have the WINDOWS7 option, because Linux does not recognize NTFS-formatted partitions by default, and the NTFS-3G plugin is installed.The installation method is as follows:# yum Install ntfs-3gSecond, add the Windows boot entry1. Type the command: (log in as root)# Grub2-mkconfig-o/

Win8 How to set the boot default boot for dual systems

Today many computer markets are pre-installed win8.1 operating systems, but many users find that the operation is not very accustomed to or win8.1 many software programs are not compatible, all will choose to install the Win7 dual system in the win8.1 system, so that can be used in both Win7 and win8.1 systems, but with a lot of user response to install dual system After that, the

General Linux and Windows dual boot, Linux boot

First command sudo fdisk-lView the original partition information.Find the/DEV/SDA pile. The last few to find is the Linux.My machine is/dev/sda6.Anyway, I've run a long time. Sudo su, everybody, look at it.The second mkdir/media/user (create a directory, nothing, love to write what directory name on what directory name)The third mount/dev/sda6/media/user (install the Linux partition, mount it in the newly created directory)Fourth Grub-install--ROOT-DIRECTORY=/MEDIA/USER/DEV/SDA (this is the mos

Linux and Windows dual system boot issues (Win7 + ubuntu14.04 + legacy BIOS + MBR)

able to boot smoothly! Microsoft has used many of these mechanisms to manage hardware. However, after joining this mechanism, many operating systems, including Linux, will probably not be able to boot smoothly! So, at some point, you might have to turn off Uefi's secureboot feature to get into Linux. Traditional environment is generally legacy BIOS+MBR, such as my previous HP compaq320 This is the case, th

Dual-boot for Linux and AIX

Article title: dual-boot for Linux and AIX. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.    Introduction On the IBM eServer server that supports logical partitions, Linux and AIX should be run in different separate partitions. However, not all configurations support l

How to implement dual-boot for Linux and AIX on the server

Introduction On the IBM eServer server that supports logical partitions, Linux and AIX should be run in different separate partitions. However, not all configurations support logical partitions, and sometimes all resources need to be available on the hardware. In these cases, the dual-boot Linux and AIX operating systems may be an effective way to provide each platform based on your needs. Unlike Linux for

Uninstall UbuntuLinux from Windows dual-boot

I have been involved in many times in the past when installing Ubuntu14.04 with Windows 8/8.1 Dual Boot in UEFI mode (see http://www.linuxidc.com/Linux/2014-09/107055.htm ). But how can I uninstall Ubuntu from Windows dual-boot? The Tutorial we will see below applies to any Linux operating system, such as Ubuntu, Linux

Windows Ubuntu Dual system boot

Software installation will prompt you to install. NET XXX 3.5 Administrator open cmd input dism.exe/online/enable-feature/featurename:netfx3/source:h : \sources\sxs (Here the H is the drive letter of the virtual optical drive that mounts the WIN8 system image, this looks at its own case custom)It will be installed in a few more. 3. Use EASYBCD to add Ubuntu Startup items to add Ubuntu Startup items, this and Win7 under the same action, then restart, you will find that the Ubuntu startup item is

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