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Linux dual-Nic intranet/Internet settings (Raspberry Pi)

Linux dual-Nic intranet/Internet settings (Raspberry Pi) Raspberry Pi dual-Nic internet/intranet settings, there are the following methods.

Raspberry Pi Dual NIC Configuration

Raspberry Pi brought a network port (eth0), I bought a edup 8188CUS Junk wireless network card (said it garbage because the default can not start the listening mode, to recompile the kernel, very frustrating)Eth0 Port I want it to connect to the Intranet 1 ( Port I want it to connect to the Intranet 2 ( is how you configure the/etc/network/interfaces192.168. 2.166 255.255.

Go Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi wireless NIC configuration [multiple method alternatives]

/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.confPost-down Killall-q Wpa_supplicantAfter the modification is complete, restart the network using the following commandsudo/etc/init.d/networking restartAfter success, you can see the wlan0 device with the Ifconfig command, and have the IP address (connected)Note: Both of these methods we are using DHCP dynamic IP, if you want to set the static IP method and the method to connect the hidden SSID AP:(1) Set the static IP:Modify Files sudo nano/etc/network/interfac

802.11AC NIC driver compilation on Raspberry PI 2

Recently on the Raspberry Pi 2 toss video, used to do FPV, but found that the 2.4G control will seriously interfere with 2.4G WIFI, in the open control when my desktop + external USB card is frequently dropped. Consider a bit, although the 5.8G frequency band is lower than the 2.4G penetration, but at this stage 5.8G is cleaner, and 5.8G and 2.4G do not have a frequency-doubling relationship, it is not easy

Raspberry Pi Route (012)-About Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Wireless card configuration

Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi wireless NIC configuration [multiple method alternatives]To make the Raspberry Pi convenient operation, it is necessary to configure the wireless network card,

Use the command line to set the Raspberry Pi wifi network and the command line Raspberry Pi wifi

Use the command line to set the Raspberry Pi wifi network and the command line Raspberry Pi wifi If you have not logged on to the Common graphic user interface, This method is suitable for setting Raspberry Pi's wifi. Especially when you do not have a screen or wired network

Install Raspberry Pie Raspberry PI

Install raspberry Pie The raspberry pie finally arrived. There's a row on it. Raspberry PI (c) 2011.12 download mirror, write SD card http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/ Select this mirror: Raspbian Debian 2014-01-07 780M compression Pack, a big look. There seems to be a noobs installation way, completely without s

Set the Raspberry Pi raspberry to the wireless router (WiFi hotspot ap,rtl8188cus chip)

http://wangye.org/blog/archives/845/Recently began to toss up Raspberry Pi came, because somewhere in the internet need Ruijie dialing, so I would like to be able to let my Raspberry Pi do, of course, first of all to transform it into a router, the default comes with the network as a WAN port, we also lack a network po

Raspberri PI 3 + v2 camera Raspberry Pi webcam posted to Ros node Remote PC view video

Raspberry Pi 3+ros Kinetic version Remote PC +ros Indigo version First turn on the Raspberry Pi camera function sudo raspi-config Start Camera function and restart the Raspberry Pi. Open the

Hello Raspberry Pi

photo frame: http://www. Cjb.im/2012/06/raspberr y-pi-wireless-display-using.html Add WiFi:/httppingbin.com/2012/12/setup-wifi-raspberry-pi/ opensource Kiosk: / http pikiosk.tumblr.com/ Node JS: / http elsmorian.com/post/2347 4168753/node-js-on-raspberry-pi Traf

Set the Raspberry Pi raspberry to the wireless router (WiFi hotspot ap,rtl8188cus chip)

add the configuration file HOSTAPD and make it effective:sudo nano /etc/default/hostapdRemove the gaze symbol and fill in the path of the above configuration file under daemon_conf:DAEMON_CONF="/etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf"Last reboot:sudo reboot3.2. Set up WiFi hotspot using router modeThe main use of the UDHCPD tool is to automatically assign an IP address to a device connected to WiFi and, of course, to replace it with other DHCPD tools.To change the UDHCPD configuration file:sudo mv /etc/udhcp

Raspberry Pi + A network cable directly connected to a laptop

Use a network cable to connect directly to the computer without going through the router. The biggest feature of this method is to play Raspberry Pi with the least tool.I. Materials: Raspberry Pi, network cable, and laptop.1. Raspberry P

(a) No monitor no keyboard no router, the simplest way to configure the Raspberry Pi

With a network cable directly connected to the computer, not through the router. The biggest feature of this method is playing Raspberry Pi with the fewest tools. Ready to work, burn Raspbian system to SD card. Just looked at the website under the new system download, http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/, the next 2014-01-07 that 1.3.4 version of the. Then format the SD card in fat format. I use the win7 s

Industrial board computer built with Raspberry Pi computing module

Definition The Raspberry Pi computing module can provide MyPi with BCM2835 Soc, 512 MB memory, and 4 GB eMMC storage space. The MyPi motherboard extends a microSD card slot, an HDMI interface, Two USB 2.0 interfaces, a 10/100 M Ethernet port, and a RS232 port like a network port (connected via USB ). Plug in two perspectives: Raspberry

Windows next cable play to Raspberry Pi Zero (w)

firmware to the TF card with Win32diskimager, the TF card will be divided into two zones after writing, and Windows can only read one (boot)Under the boot root directory:Edit config.txt write dtoverlay=dwc2 on the last new lineEdit cmdline.txtd find rootwite in the back join modules-load=dwc2,g_ether Note that there is only one space between the newly added field and the field before and after itCreate a new file in the root directory and rename it to ssh without any file suffix nameThen we can

Raspberry Pi configuration wireless hotspot

Raspberry Pi configuration wireless hotspotMyth I have been thinking about adding input and output devices to BananaPro over the past few days. I finally found that I had a problem with my own ideas. In addition to the media center, an input/output device is required for the upper part. In most cases, this is not required, it's just a misunderstanding that a super-small server that provides services treats

Raspberry Pi fmbroadcast karaoke System

Then insert a dual line on the gpio4 pin of Raspberry Pi as the antenna. UseIfconfigCommand to view your IP address and open it in the browser:Http: // Raspberry Pi IP: 8000/You can view the songs being played, and then you can add the songs you want to listen. Turn o

Raspberry Pi AP Feature improvements: SYSTEMD service encapsulation and DNSMASQ usage

has been used instead of INIT, so for the first flaw, the author uses systemd to encapsulate the service for ease of management.SYSTEMD is not only able to manage system services, but also to manage the network. For the second flaw, the author makes use of SYSTEMD-NETWORKD to rename the network card device to avoid confusion with the built-in NIC name.For the third problem, UDHCPD statically specifies the DNS problem, here the author will use DNSMASQ

Ubuntu implements Raspberry Pi cross-Compilation

software package is ready and can be released; Iii. Cross-compiling source code 1. Environment Ubuntu 2. Install Raspberry Pi cross compiling tool Step1. download Raspberry Pi cross compiler tool https://github.com/raspberrypi/tools Step 2: place the source code in a folder that users can share, such as/usr/tools. Ste

Raspberry Pi Study Notes-using file IO to operate gpio sysfs

executable files, while easyarm im287 cannot. Easyarm im287 uses the busybox instruction set, which is also different from the Debian Instruction Set in Raspberry Pi. [Related blog] [easyarm I. mx28 learning notes-file IO operations gpio] [Raspberry Pi learning notes-shell script operations gpio] [

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