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Web site How to serve the search engine for search engine service is to serve themselves

achieve the goal can be said to be: more complete, faster, more accurate. It's all about the number of pages it's indexed, the search engine wants to be able to index a broader range of information before it is presented to the user, so that it can be more satisfying for the user in the filtering process, and faster this goal runs through most of the technical directions of the

Open-source search engine toolkit and Web search engine system

be used as a Boolean module or a Vector module, and Egothor has some special features not available to other search engines: it uses new dynamic algorithms to effectively improve the Index Update speed and supports parallel queries, which can effectively improve the query efficiency. In the released version of Egothor, many ease-of-use applications, such as crawlers and text parsers, are added, and multiple efficient compression methods such as Golom

[Search engine] web crawler for search engine technology

With the development of the Internet, the Internet is called the main carrier of information, and how to collect information in the Internet is a major challenge in the Internet field. What is web crawler technology? In fact, network crawler technology refers to the crawl of the network data, because the crawl data in the network is a related crawl, it is like a spider crawling in the Internet, so we are very vividly called it is the network crawler t

Constructing semantic search engine using deep RNN model

/* Copyright Notice: Can be reproduced arbitrarily, please indicate the original source of the article and the author information. */ Author: Zhang Junlin This paper discusses how to construct a semantic search engine using deep learning system. The so-called semantic search refers to the ability to do semantic lev

How to implement a small web search engine (c#+sql server Full-text search|server|sql|web| Full-text Search | search engine 1 Introduction 21st century, China's Internet search engine domain can be described as crowded, Baidu, Yahoo, search, Sogou and

Website optimization: I take you from the deep level to understand the search engine

Recently I have been thinking about what I do SEO over the past few years, I feel I should express something. But every time I write a pen, I don't know where to start. Today, I'm not going to give a big talk about SEO operations. Want to talk to you about SEO higher aspects of things. What is a search engine for? It's not nonsense, search engines must be searc

Add a search platform to a Web site using the "Search engine factory"

Search engine Using FrontPage to make a site search engine is very simple, but not all Web servers support FrontPage Expansion Server module, which gives its application limitations, but it does not matter, if the use of such as "search

Search engine spider principle deep analysis

original article grade of 4, a high degree of false original Grade 3, and so on. Search engine will correspond to the article into the corresponding position, the popularity of the original article to give the highest weight, which will give you the page of this article to bring rankings (of course, but also through some simple optimization, such as to do around a word, etc.). The whole process is so simp

Search engine Compass deep grasp Baidu change

If you think SEO is not going to change, then your site will not have a good development, every day we will feel the changes in Baidu, especially the beginning of the new year to now Baidu changes really is very huge, if we can not follow the changes in Baidu to formulate corresponding strategic measures, Then you will be eliminated by the tide of the times, what kind of changes Baidu in the end this year? Small series based on the latest search

Self-developed search engine, full-text index of 5 million web pages on a single machine, any search cannot exceed 20 ms

The source code of Search Engine 1.0 is described as follows: 1. gg3m. Search. DemoSearch engine websites. Provides the retrieval service.Currently, this function supports searching by keywords, including dynamic summarization, keyword highlighting, automatic paging, and custom entries displayed on each page (10

Search engine-Web Crawler

these vertices have been accessed and all vertices in the graph have been accessed, some of them have completed graph traversal. The obtained vertex access sequence is: V1 → v2 → v3 → v4 → v5 → v6 → v7 → v8 Similar to deep-Priority Search, an access flag array is also required during traversal. And, in order to sequential access path length is 2, 3 ,... To store the accessed path length as 1, 2 ,... . 3.2

Prevent web pages to be collected by search engine crawlers and Web Capture methods summary

to encrypt Web contentNote: This method I have not touched, but from elsewhere it seemsAnalysis: No analysis, search engine crawler and collector killWeb site: Websites that hate search engines and collectorsThe collector would do this: you're so bull, you're going to take it, and he's not going to pick you up.4, the

Design and analysis of web crawlers in search engines-search engine technology

by 1 time times. If a Web page is updated 5 times in a row, the crawl time of the setting is shortened to the original 1/2. Note that efficiency is one of the keys to winning. 4 "What is the depth of the climb?" Look at the situation. If you compare cows, have tens of thousands of servers to do web crawler, I advise you to skip this. If you're like me with only one server doing

On "Baidu search engine Web quality white paper"

In the first half of this year, Baidu published the "Baidu Search engine Web page quality white paper", the official reasons for the release is "the launch of the Web quality white paper", the purpose is to open Baidu in the quality of the Web site to judge the standard, to

How the Web site traffic structure in the search engine is the safest

SEO should use the search engine, and then get rid of the search engine, which means we get users from the search engine, but our site needs to retain users, so that users no longer from the s

How to do search engine optimization for web images in "picture-reading Era"

Baidu Robin Li in the recent Baidu Alliance summit on the Forward-looking prediction of "picture" application in the near future will be rapid development, "reading the era has come", and search engines will greatly enhance the support of image search applications. This will also mean that the image of the site in the search

Search engine and Web site: Differentiated phase attraction similarity exclusion (next)

source code, even if the most basic links to the site are exactly the same, do you create the exact same site? If this is the search engine can only choose K off, but your site content is not the same, which makes the search engine very embarrassed, so a large number of the right to drop the site was born, from which

The principle of search engine and Web text segmentation

for the SEO staff, the main goal of their work is search engine, so a deep understanding of the search engine operating mechanism to help us optimize for search engines, which is equivalent to the two countries jiaobing, must know

Search engine optimization for dynamic web pages

Dynamically generated webpage: For those dynamic web pages, actual visitors can see them with the naked eye. But for most search enginesProgramBut it is often invisible, Which is why dynamic web pages are difficult to be searched by search engine spider. Therefore, to ma

Search engine and Web site: Differentiated phase attraction similarity exclusion (middle)

the chain. Four, the website column is identical, the search engine is difficult to identify I recently found a lot of doing products, service content of the site is basically exactly the same, take women's word, many friends in the construction of the site column is the reference to other sites of the column, which caused the site column exactly the same or similar situation, such as women's word of man

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