dup2 system call

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The use of DUP/DUP2 functions under Linux

The system calls DUP and dup2 to copy the file descriptor. The DUP returns a new file descriptor (the smallest number that is not used by the file descriptor). Dup2 can let the user specify the value of the returned file descriptor, and, if

Linux system Programming--copy of File descriptor DUP () and dup2 () "Go"

This article was reproduced from: http://blog.csdn.net/tennysonsky/article/details/45870459DUP () and dup2 () are two very useful system calls that are used to copy the descriptor of a file so that the new file descriptor also identifies the file

Detailed description of pipe and dup2 in Linux

1, what is the pipelineThe pipe is half-duplex, the data can only flow in one direction, need to establish two pipelines when the two sides communicate, can only be used for parent-child process or sibling process (affinity process); Separate file

Write a function of the same dup2 function, cannot call the FCNTL function, and must have error handling __ function

Use the original DUP function of the system when implemented MYDUP2.C//2015/08/17 Lucifer Zhang version1.0//write my own dup2 function//use DUP () function when inplemen tation #include //include DUP () #include #include #define OPEN_MAX 25 6/*

Information Security system design basics 11th Week Study summary-20135227 Huang

Section 8 Chapters Exception Control FlowControl Flow: Controls the transfer sequence.Control transfer: From an instruction to the next instruction.Exception control Flow: The modern operating system responds to the system state by causing mutations

DUP function understanding

DUP Function: Copy file descriptorRelated header files: # include Function expression: int DUP (INT filedes );Parameter description: The DUP function parameter filedes indicates the file descriptor of the file to be copied.Return Value Description:

Linux system call detailed __linux

Reproduced from: http://blog.csdn.net/orange_os/article/details/7485069 Directory: 1. Linux system call principle 2. Implementation of System call 3. Linux system call Classification and list 4. System call, User programming Interface (API), System

DUP () system call

Today, see DUP and dup2 system calls, is not too understanding, first write a little simple application examples. DUP and dup2 are used to copy file descriptors. Function Prototypes: #include int dup (int oldfd); int dup2 (int oldfd,int

How to implement file sharing for Linux common file I/O operations

1. Three ways to implement file sharing 1. What is file sharing:     (1) file sharing is the same file (the same file refers to the same inode, the same pathname) by a plurality of independent read-write (almost understood as multiple file

Use pipelines for programming in Linux

Use pipelines for programming in Linux Http://www.lupaworld.com/tutorial-view-aid-10366.html   Introduction In this article, we will learn about the GNU/Linux pipeline. Although the pipeline model is very old, it is still a very useful inter-process

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