dynamic cursor in sql server

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SQL _ cursor Summary

Original: http://ntk2006.blog.sohu.com/135331235.html Cursor ConceptCursors provide a flexible way to retrieve and operate data from tables. cursors are mainly used on servers to process SQL statements sent from clients to servers, or data

SQL Server cursor

I. cursor Recognition Cursor allows you to access the result set returned by SQL Server row by row.A major reason for using cursor is to convert the set operation into a single record processing method.After retrieving data from a database using

Cursor and dynamic SQL, cursor dynamic SQL

Cursor and dynamic SQL, cursor dynamic SQL Cursor type: Static cursor (the cursor is statically bound to a select statement during compilation. This cursor can only act on one query statement) and dynamic cursors (that is, we want our query

SQL Server cursor introduction and usage

Cursor is a method for processing data. To view or process data in a result set, A cursor provides the ability to forward or backward data in a result set by one or more rows. We can use a cursor as a pointer, which can specify any position in the

SQL cursor (cursor) details and internal loop usage examples

CursorA cursor is a data buffer opened by the system for the user, which holds the results of the SQL statement execution. Each cursor area has a name that allows the user to retrieve the record from the cursor one at a-and assign it to the main

Sql-server Declaration cursor

server| Cursor Sql-server Declaration cursor Each cursor must have four components, these four key parts must conform to the following order; 1.DECLARE Cursors 2.OPEN Cursors 3. Fetch information from a cursor 4.CLOSE or deallocate cursors Usually

"SQL Server" SQL Server programming Language-T-SQL cursor usage

What is a cursorThe result set, which is the collection of all row data returned after the select query.Cursors are a mechanism for working with result sets, which can locate a row in the result set, read or write multiple data, or move the cursor

Parent cursor, child cursor, and shared cursor

Cursor is a complex concept in the database field, because it contains shared cursor and session cursor. The two have different concepts and forms.The concept of shared cursor is easy to confuse with the cursor defined in SQL statements. This

Detailed description and examples of SQL cursor usage rules

A MS-SQL cursor is a temporary database object that is used to rotate copies of data rows stored in a system Permanent Table, it can also point to the data row stored in the system Permanent Table. A cursor provides you with a method to operate data

SQL cursor principle and usage (1)

During database development, when the data you retrieve is only one record, the transaction statements you writeCodeSelect Insert statements are usually used. However, we often encounter this situation, that is, reading a record from a result set

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