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Introduction to functions and entities of IMS networks

Http://blog.csdn.net/foolskindom/archive/2009/12/16/5018547.aspx 2.2 IMS entity and Function Description This section describes IMS entities and key functions. These entities can be roughly divided into six categories: session control and routing

CAD controls using tutorials to customize the implementation of entities

Implementation of custom Entities1. Custom Entities ... 31.1 Description ... 3Type information for class 1.2 ... 31.3 Worlddraw. 41.4 Getgrippoints 41.5 Movegrippointsat 51.6 Getgeomextents 61.7 getosnappoints 61.8 Explode. 71.9 Dwginfields 81.10

Typed Dataset LINQ entities

Document directory Entity and data table naming Relations and Foreign key constraints Database Construction from LINQ Column prerequisite Todatarow Toentity Keeping track of the changes Entity2dataset Dataset2entity

New ASP. NET Dynamic Data Support

New ASP. NET Dynamic Data Support [Original address] new ASP. NET Dynamic Data Support[Original article published on] Friday, December 14,200 7 AM The ASP. NET 3.5 extensions CTP preview released last weekend includes a bunch of great new

Data Warehouse theme design and metadata design

3.4 define the object of the Repository: Subject and metadata Most business data is multidimensional. Therefore, the method used to collect and represent more than three dimensions cannot be used in business database design. A new method must be

How to Use PowerDesigner to draw a diagram

Transfer http://www.cnblogs.com/liuxiuhao/archive/2012/04/18/2455107.html 1. Conceptual Data Model OverviewData models are the abstraction of data features in the real world. The data model must meet the following requirements:1) Ability to

Thinking about only XML in Orm without ing entities? Looking forward to your suggestions

Opening Not written for a long timeArticleI have opened too many series before. On the one hand, I think about my work, and on the other hand, I am sorry for my summary of my knowledge during my business hours, because the previous series have

[Translation] methods beyond distributed transactions-a rebellious point of view

Methods beyond distributed transactions-a rebellious point of view Pat Helland Amazon. Com 705 th Ave South Seattle, WA 98104 USA PHelland at Amazon.com address: Invalid Richie http://www.cnblogs.com/riccclicense Note: This article is published

High-scalability Data Model Based on Sid

High-scalability Data Model Based on Sid Preface This article is based on the TMF Sid specification. You are welcome to provide suggestions and comments. TMF document copyright information Copyright©Telemanagement Forum 2013. All rights

Hands-on teaching you: let EF dynamic support new tables, dynamic support multiple databases

Noun Explanation: This dynamic runtime dynamic, so that the EF dynamic support new tables, dynamic switching database is intended to not change the core framework of the project, The header is achieved by adding or replacing components. First, a

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