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Graduation Thesis-e-commerce crime where? --A brief discussion on some misunderstandings about e-commerce-Graduation Thesis

Once upon a time, the emergence of the "web economy" led to a new concept, the term one after another to emerge, it is bringing. From the eye economy, to the online survival, from the business, to business-to-business ... Swirling bubble really let

On the market pattern of business-to-business E-commerce in China

In 2006, China's e-commerce total turnover of about 500 billion yuan, of which business-to-business E-commerce accounted for about 95%, while in all business-to-business turnover of about 97% of the money transaction is done online. By contrast,

8 suggestions on e-commerce website SEO

E-commerce website optimization has become one of the most important electric network marketing strategy, a poor overall optimization of e-commerce sites, supply and demand information not only can not be retrieved in search engines, even within the

The application of XML in e-commerce

Xml| e-commerce The development of electronic commerce The earliest e-commerce is the traditional EDI (Electronic data interchange, electronic exchange). In the the late 1960s, the concept of EDI was introduced almost simultaneously by

Research on the Application of J2EE technology in E-commerce

Workflow management technology provides a new mechanism to assist enterprises in more effective production and circulation management and decision-making support. This article mainly studies the application of Workflow Management Technology in

[Li Mingyuan interview] Baidu c2c e-commerce community

on Baidu c2c product's biggest advantages and characteristics, can you give us a brief summary of two words? general manager of Baidu Electronic Business Department Li Mingyuan:That is Baidu's consistent advantage of products-"simple to rely on."

Java Open source Fresh e-commerce platform-Technical solutions and documentation download (source code can be downloaded)

Java Open source Fresh e-commerce platform-Technical solutions and documentation download (source code can be downloaded)Description: Any good project should have good documentation and design options, including requirements documentation, summary

E-commerce ERP How to access the Express bird electronic surface single API?

Express Bird is a global logistics interface service provider, for e-commerce ERP, e-commerce platform, Warehousing, customs clearance company to provide logistics tracking, electronic surface, smart choice Logistics, logistics finance, online

Analysis of key factors for improving e-commerce Conversion Rate

The conversion rate of e-commerce in China is low. data shows that the industry is generally 0.1%, Dangdang is 1%. According to a report released by Nielsen in January this year, the conversion rate of proflowers.com, a flower and gift-selling

XML: The spring of electronic commerce

xml| e-commerce Anyone who has browsed the Web page must know HTML. It is the advent of HTML that will have the Internet colorful today. HTML is out of the business, e-commerce calls Spring HTML (Hyper text Markup Language, hypertext language) is a

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