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Comparison between EAI and SOA

I,Overview With the surging Internet and e-commerce, the rapid changes in the external world require enterprises to respond quickly. To make a rapid response, the internal information flow of enterprises is inseparable. In the process of enterprise informatization, various application software has been developed to meet different application requirements of different departments. These software basically meets the application needs of enterprises. But from the perspective of the enterprise as a

Using EAI technology to create synergy between enterprise groups

Synergy is the root cause of the existence of enterprise groups. Enterprise Groups can achieve an effective and reasonable balance between market competition and economies of scale, maximizing economic benefits, enterprise groups are difficult to achieve positive synergy due to high organizational costs. This article discusses the motivation analysis of enterprise group formation and how to use EAI technology to effectively integrate MIS, CRM, SCM and

Differences between workflow, BPM, and EAI

Introduction Workflow automation is an evolving concept. Sometimes it is complicated to classify related products. Analysts believe that there are more than 100 workflow products on the market. "Workflows" are everywhere ". Many large software vendors, such as Microsoft, HP, SAP, Fujitsu, NEC, Compaq, and IBM, use workflows as one of the important functions of the software they provide. Consumers who want to buy a workflow automation product must first understand the differences between so man

At the time of domestic EAI, BPM was too early, workflow continued to grow, and SOA was still a concept.

When EAI was After a few years of experience, domestic EAI applications have finally entered a stage of market development. Over the past few years, the entire domestic application of EAI, like the current SOA, has a crazy concept, but few practical applications, many failure cases, but few successes. It is said that two years ago, in the telecom field, we had al

Siebel -- EAI Siebel Adapter

WebService calls the EAI Siebel adapter upsert method. The imported content is XML instead of Siebel message. var bsEAI = TheApplication().GetService("EAI Siebel Adapter");var psInSet = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();var psOutSet = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();var iomsg = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();var sblmsg = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();iomsg = Inputs.GetChild(0).GetChild(0);sblmsg.Se

Relationship between SOA, EAI, and EDI

SOA is an idea. That's right, but EAI is not. EDI... I hope that vanquisher will check more information and then answer the question that SOA and object-oriented are both a design idea or a "Guiding Principle". The service-oriented loose coupling architecture proposed by it, it provides effective solutions for applications with complex requirements. EAI is short for enterprise application integrator. it aim

Siebel eai xml Converter

Eai xml converter is generally used together with EAI Siebel Adapter. The Code mainly uses the javasbjhiertoxmldoc Method for reference. If other methods are sorted out later, they will be updated continuously. VaR bsquotemsg = theapplication (). getservice ("EAI Siebel adapter"); var psinputs = theapplication (). newpropertyset (); var psoutputs = theapplication

Bpm = workflow + EAI (lower)

understand which processes are within the standards, which are out of control. However, these tables can be customized or queried by the user, without the involvement of members.BPM> workflow + EAI I believe that from the introduction above, the author can clearly understand that BPM has added EAI to workflow. BPM focuses mainly on enterprise process management, and focuses on business users rather than te

ESB, SOA, EAI similarities and differences "turn"

of platforms and different scenarios. EAI accomplishes the need to seamlessly share and exchange data between ERP, CRM, SCM, database, Data Warehouse, and other important internal systems by establishing the underlying structure to connect disparate systems, applications, and data sources across the enterprise. With EAI, businesses can combine enterprise core applications with new Internet solutions.Again

Using Apache Camel to implement enterprise application integration (EAI) is growing

The need for IT projects is often changed, including the need to integrate with other systems. The ability to respond quickly to such changes is critical to the success of a project, so the software and development process must do so. Fortunately, enterprise application integration (Enterprise application INTEGRATION,EAI) provides us with all the knowledge, technology, and best practices in a creative way in building scalable, maintainable, and capabl

Siebel EAI: Create a account with ejb3.x using accountattachment Business Service

This is a new feature in 8.1.1. and since my env is not a published release, may be you cannot achieve same thing in your Env. however, may be you can approach this functional in 8.2 in future.   1. Go to Siebel code generator to generate EJB codes

A good EAI tools-mule

Mule is an enterprise service bus (ESB) messaging framework. It is a scalable, highly distributable object broker that can seamlessly handle interactions with services and applications using disparate transport and messaging technologies Mule is a

An analysis of enterprise service Bus Solutions, part 1th: Basic concepts of enterprise service Bus

in detail how an ESB is implemented in an SOA system through practical case studies.This series of articles will be directed to a broad range of software developers, starting with an intuitive introduction to what an ESB is, and then introducing a real-world case-based approach that details how to implement an ESB step-by-step. Now that we are talking about SOA and the ESB is no longer castles in the castle, IBM, as an advocate of SOA, has provided a good product to realize our vision. We'll de

Add BPEL to the Enterprise Integrated Hybrid Environment

Copyright: This article from Oracle technology network original address: http://www.oracle.com/technology/global/cn/pub/articles/bpel_cookbook/chandran.html Add BPEL to the Enterprise Integrated Hybrid EnvironmentAuthor: Praveen CHANDRAN and Arun poduval Use the orchestration function of Oracle BPEL Process Manager to implement standard-based business process integration that complements the traditional EAI middleware. Most enterprises have a very d

Design of ESB for modern airport informatization construction

1. OverviewThere are more than dozens of different business systems in the construction of modern airport informationization, different business systems are often developed by different companies adopting different standards and different interfaces, there is a large amount of data exchange between these business systems, and it is necessary to use EAI technology to deal with the data exchange between different business systems. Under the current SOA

Architecture Design: Inter-system Communication (34)-The deified ESB (UP)

Enterprise Service Bus technology occurs after the SOA architecture, before which the most used technical ideas for integrating multiple systems are EAI (Enterprise application integration): Integration of enterprises applications. EAI technology does not have a unified standard, but a unified approach to different enterprise integration business systems.Characteristics of 2-2-1 and EAIAs can be seen, the

Soa review and summary -- Summary of Enterprise Application System Integration (1) -- Basic Principles and terminology

First, let's take a look at the basic concepts, technical concepts, and terminologies of (Enterprise Application System) integration. Apart from the basic concepts, we will talk about the types of integration models similar to SOA, for example, point-to-point, central radiation, and pipelines, understanding the differences between EAI and EIi will also mention the future integration technology-xtp. I. Basic Concepts First, let's clarify some basic con

EXP Imp Import Export FAQ

1. When imp imports, there is no table space. Table space ' EAI1011 ' does not exist in tablespace ' ygzj_data ' does not exist ' webmdata ' of tablespace Because it is already an import error, I want to remove it and import it again. Workaround to create a tablespace, delete a table that has already been imported, and re-import the operation Drop user Jxpcyw CASCADE; DROP USER EAI CASCADE; DROP USER Jxpcjiekou CASCADE; DROP USER ygzj CASCADE; C

ESB-Enterprise Service Bus has no myth

In many seminars, Enterprise Architects have discussed many issues, such as issues related to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and how to enable the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) as the backbone of building an Enterprise SOA framework. Many people question the significance of ESB, which also shows that the current IT group has some misunderstandings about ESB. In many seminars, Enterprise Architects have discussed many issues, such as issues related to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and

Yi Xie software: difference between workflow and BPM

rules?If the answer to these two questions is yes, a workflow automation solution may meet your needs.Concept differences: bpm, EAI, and WFAAnalysts, product descriptions, and sales solutions have almost no distinction between the use of BPM, EAI, and workflow concepts. This makes it inconvenient and misleading for customers to choose products. As described in this article, the above three are not the same

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