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C # two methods to control the system volume/microphone size

C # two methods to control the system volume/microphone size Scenario: when playing a video device, you need to control the volume. The following methods can meet your requirements: Method 1: Change the system volume settings [Dl

C # Two ways to control the volume/microphone size of the system

Scenario: You need to control the volume when doing the playback device, the following methods will meet your requirementsMethod One: Change the system volume settings [DllImport ("User32.dll")] static extern void keybd_event (byte bvk, byte Bscan, UInt32 dwFlags, UInt32 dwext Rainfo); [DllImport ("User32.dll")] static extern Byte Mapvirtualk

How does Windows set the microphone volume? The computer sets the microphone volume size

One, under Windows XP 1, directly right click on the taskbar icon, and then click " Adjust audio properties "; 2, in the Open " Sound and Audio device properties "-" audio "-" volume " specific as shown in the picture; 3, again in the pop-up window click " Options "-" advanced control " operation as shown in the following figure; 4, OK again we click on " Advanced "-" advanced "

Where is the Win8.1 microphone volume? Microphone Volume Setup Method

method One:1. As shown in the following figure, we are near the "Fn" + "F1" key on the keyboard of the notebook.2. A "Settings" window for the WIN8 system is then opened, as shown in the figure:3. Here we will see a "sound" option, click to enter as shown in the figure.4. Now we see a "Recording" tab on the right side of the "Sound" option to click on it.5. Here we go to the "recording volume", where you can zoom in and out of speed, Min is small, Max

Diagram of volume size for Windows 7 computer tuning microphone and sound output

1. In the lower right corner of the computer there is a volume icon, drag the slider as shown in the following picture, my notebook is the same. 2. If we do not see the adjustment icon on any of the columns, we can click it in the "Start"--> "Control Panel", as shown in the following figure; 3. Go to the Control Panel and click o

Use C # and DirectX Real-time monitor microphone input volume

The control was streamlined on the work of Jacob Klint. I hereby acknowledge.Now you are developing a voice recording software. You need to actually monitor the microphone input volume and display it. Similar to QQ voice function.There are a lot of available technologies that can be implemented by Windows Media Encoder, Microsoft Expression Encoder, Microsoft SAP

Flexible control of Win7 system microphone level

If we are using the Internet audio and video communication when the problem of the microphone, do not worry, Win7 system provides a lot of user-friendly settings and details, here and friends to share a Win7 system microphone to enhance the functionality of the setup techniques. Right-click the Volume Control button

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