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Cype. V2015 Integrated architectural design and analysis software +cd-adapco. Speed.10.04.011.win32

these applications for analysis, design and inspection of reinforced concrete, steel, welded steel tubes, cold-formed steel, composites, aluminum and wood frame gravity, wind current national and international norms, earthquakes and snow loads. Cype Ingenieros,sa, a company that develops and sells specialized technical software for construction, engineering and construction, Rendering the 2014.P version of

iOS software Architecture-Architecture mode (architectural pattern)

An architectural pattern describes the basic structural organization or outline of a software system. The schema pattern provides some pre-defined subsystems, assigns their responsibilities, and gives the rules and guidelines for organizing them together. Some authors call this architectural pattern a system pattern [STELTING02].Example: An

Fontographer Art font design software easy to use?

  Fontographer Art font design software easy to use? Fontographer 5 Professional font design software download allows you to easily extend existing fonts to include scores, symbol marks, foreign fonts, and logo logos for already available fonts. Fontographer's operating in

Architectural Design Source: Scenario Analysis of design patterns (1) publish-subscribe

Architectural Design Source: Scenario Analysis of design patterns (1) publish-subscribe Author: poechant Blog: blog.csdn.net/poechant Email: zhongchao.ustc@gmail.com Date: February 24Th, 2012 I have read only the original English (or photocopy) books and some documents on the Internet in terms of design patterns.

Understanding of architectural Framework design patterns

Architecture: A simple blueprint is a design that abstracts the needs of users into different components and can describe the communication and invocation between these components. Framework: Software framework is a project software development process in the extraction of specific areas of the common parts of the formation of the system structure, different are

Programmer's architectural design path (3): performance

In the previous blog's architectural design path (2), we set the architecture goal, namely maintainability. I did not mention performance at all. this was intentional. In the previous blog's architectural design path (2), we set the architecture goal, namely maintainability. I did not mention performance at all. this w

Architecture design and development based on pattern, part 2nd: Using architectural patterns

Before you start This series is divided into two parts that can be read by programmers, architects, developers, and technology enthusiasts who are interested in improving software application design. After you have completed this series of studies, you will be able to use the best practices described in it and choose the right design patterns to solve specific p

MVC is an architectural pattern, not a design pattern

When I first learned how to program, I read some books, an impressive book, "Design Pattern analysis," which gave me a lot of help with my later work.He asked me to stand in the position of the problem model to specify the solution, but also taught me that every problem in software design can be refined to non-divisible atomicity.After that book saw a number of

We have any good design patterns or architectural aspects of the book recommendation, focusing on the actual application of the kind of scenario.

Working for n years, suddenly wanted to comb the knowledge about design and architecture. I would like to ask if there is any good book or material in this respect, more about the actual work, worthy of recommendation of excellent practice. Originally felt like "Enterprise Application Architecture Model" good, just a bit of translation is a little hehe, look very tired. Reply content: Working for n years, suddenly wanted to comb the knowledge abo

Web Infrastructure Design Principles Classic paper "Architecture style and web-based Software Architecture Design" guide

1. Overview Dr. Roy Fielding (see Personal homepage) is the main designer of the HTTP and URI protocol issued by the IETF. HTTP and Uri are the two most important web infrastructure protocols, so Dr. Fielding is one of the founders of the Web architecture. In addition to academic excellence, Dr. Fielding has been involved in the design and development of many Open-source software. He was the developer of

An article on software architecture design is from the software engineering expert network. Pay attention to the performance content)

multiple structures. Common Software structures include: module structure, logic or concept structure, process or coordination structure, physical structure, usage structure, call structure, data flow, control flow, and class structure.Ii. factors to be considered in Architecture Design:The module architecture design can be considered in terms of the program runtime structure and the source code organizati

Using Rup 4+1 View method to design software architecture __ Software

To develop a user-satisfied software is not easy, the software architect must fully grasp the various requirements, balance the need for potential contradictions between the needs of different categories to meet. From the understanding of the complexity of requirements, this paper demonstrates how to design the archite

Good Software Architecture Design

What is architecture Software designers who have high technical skills and rich experience need to design the architecture of the software system, that is to say, we need to design how the system's components are divided, how components interact, and how logical, physical, and important decisions are made in the system

What is software design?

easy to create, at least mechanically. Generally, writing (that is, designing) a representative software module (50 to 100 lines of code) takes only a few days (fully debugging it is another topic, it will be discussed later ). I would like to ask if there are any other disciplines that can generate designs with the same complexity as the software in such a shor

How the Software design is made (1)--what is a good design? _ Software Design

Summary: A project of the design of the document review meeting, the road technology Daniel has a "warm" discussion, the focus of discussion is how the design is beautiful. There is a "heated" debate about how Oo, how high cohesion is low coupling, how to reverse control, and so on. If this is the case, will this review turn into a "fairy meeting"? What kind of design

Introduction to the software interface for easy Language Basic Tutorials _ Easy language

Easy language is called full visual programming language, because its development interface and the DOS interface of the general programming interface, is graphical, it is the application of graphics, is the future runtime to see the program interface. The entire programming process is visual and can be called "WYSIWYG". Below, we start the Easy language software

We recommend an image processing software called Turbo photo, which is easy and easy to process!

We recommend an image processing software called Turbo photo. You can process images with ease. And very easy Zhou yougang's friends process pictures I feel it is too troublesome to use photo or firework. Is there any simple method on the Internet? Sure enough, lazy. I found another good image processing software, Turbo photo. Our commonly used no

Introduction to Software Design 1 architecture design

attendance system, hoping to achieve the following objectives:1) Standardize employees ' commute, leave, work and other activities.2) Easy to calculate employee's salary.3) Easy to manage all kinds of paid holidays.How to design this system?Do a requirement analysis to ensure that there is no problem with the requirements analysis.Analysis of requirements, first

Object-Oriented Analysis Design learning and exploration (6): good design = software flexibility (good design = flexible software)

a good software design is to try to change If your software is hard to change, the problem may occur when you want to improve the design. Now let's see if several instruments can be easily changed. If a new instrument is added to an existing program, we need to add a new instrument specification and add a new query

Object-Oriented Software Design Principles (II)-corruption of Software Design

is very common. Viscosity When faced with a change, developers often find that there are multiple change methods. Some of them will maintain the design, while others will damage the design (that is, the blunt method ). When those methods that can maintain system design are more difficult to apply than those with blunt techniques, it indicates that the

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