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C # write PDF file class library PDF document Writer introduction

Read Catalogue 1.PDF File Writer Basic introduction 2. A simple use case 3. Resources 1 years ago, I was in the article: these. NET open source project you know? NET platform open source document and report Processing component (9th), we recommend an open source free PDF Read-write component Pdfsh

PPT conversion PDF Free Software

PPT conversion PDF Free Software In daily life and work, it is often necessary to convert some PPT speeches into PDF documents, some of which contain pictures, and how to convert such illustrated PPT presentations into PDF documents, there is no feasible way for you to browse. If you choose to convert a PPT to a

Convert PPT to PDF converter free cracked version

Tags: style HTTP color File Usage problems HTML work Convert PPT to PDF converter free cracked versionThe best way to edit the content of converting a PPT to a PDF file is to convert a professional and easy-to-use PPT to a PDF converter, which can be applied to the conversio

Free online PDF Convert to Word Converter tutorial share

Many users, for some objective reasons, are unwilling to install PDF conversion software on their own computers, but what if they encounter files that need to be converted? Therefore, small knitting here to introduce an online PDF converter, I hope to help you solve the problem of file conversion. The Quick online PDF Transfer Word converter is an online version

Free PDF conversion to Word Converter

Free PDF conversion to Word ConverterHow PDF files are converted into Word documents is a kind of problem that many office workers encounter. PDF file quite a lot, but inconvenientLet's use. What is referred to here is not easy to compile and copy, if you want to type the wo

5 free PDF conversion to Word software download

PDF convert to Word software where to download? Recently, many netizens asked to give a translation software to download the address. Here again five free pdf converted into Word software for everyone to download. 1, e-pdf to Word Converter v2.5 software size: 2.93MB Software Type: Chinese version of Software nat

OpenCV3 Programming Introduction _ Mao PDF HD free download

. OpenCV2, OpenCV3 version Two code provides separate download. These program codes are commented in detail and in a structured manner, and provide an. exe file that can be run independently for quick viewing of program effects for easy viewing and retrieval. You'll find the reference code you need in a huge sample program to speed up your research and learning.Amateur in the field of image processing and computer visionSea-wide by diving, sky-high-fl

Visual Studio. NET tip and tricks PDF Free Download

Visual studio.net is a widely used programming tool, with numerous features and skills. After each version is released, new skills have emerged. Hey, if you don't know some of vs. Net's quick usage methods, you may not be able to appreciate the pleasure that this tool brings to you :) Visual Studio. NET tips and tricks describes how to use vs. Net efficiently.ArticleOrganizations are also very interesting. They are short and easy to grasp small fragm

Use GIMP (Photoshop under Linux) for easy and free image processing

go to http://manual.gimp.or g/download. The second edition was followed by a printing press to publish the full Thousand-page handbook. Aside from this manual, there have also been a number of books with GIMP, one of which is New Riders out of the grokking the GIMP, the entire book has been released, you can download in http://gimp-savvy.com/BOOK/ 。  Attached 2:GIMP Resources GIMP official website http://www.gimp.org GIMP Handbook (Chinese

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