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How to design a good API

So far, the API has been responsible for nearly two years, the two years to find the existing API has more and more problems, but many APIs once released can no longer be modified, instant upgrade and maintenance is necessary. Once the API changes,

Turn: how to design an excellent API

It has been more than two years since the API was provided for the client to call. Over the past two years, it has been a tear. After the API is launched, the Client Version keeps upgrading, the more features you have, the more complex APIs you have.

Start EabyAPI development in PHP

PHP EabyAPI development start 1. https://developer.ebay.com/the application developer account is really an easy-to-use eBay !!! 2. & nbsp; set the application environment. after you have a developer account, you will automatically have two

Using PHP and Oracle to build an online Paypal payment system

Using PHP and Oracle to build an online Paypal payment system By Nick bollweg Help users buy products online instantly. Download this article:Oracle Database 10GSpecial EditionZend core for OraclePayPal SDK

30 things you don't know can be done through the Internet

Wonderful Life Pcworld has made a very interesting topic: 30 things you did not expect to accomplish on the internet: 1.Time back: A website (archive.org) that can store historical web pages. You can find some web pages that are stored one day in

Comparison of the most Popular front-end development frameworks

Today, a variety of development frameworks abound. Which of the last year was more interesting to developers? Not long ago, cloud the 2014 most popular 6 front-end development frameworks based on the popularity of GitHub, and compared them, hoping

Microsoft Translator: Breaking language barriers and developing new opportunities for global communication

Olivier Fontana, Microsoft translator Product strategy directorThe world is getting smaller, global collaboration, common innovation has become the norm. At Microsoft Research, we are particularly sympathetic to this – from Beijing to Redmond,

Big Data Resources

At present, the entire Internet is evolving from the IT era to the DT era, and big data technology is helping businesses and the public to open the door to DT world. The focus of today's "big data" is not only the definition of data size, it

node. JS Learning

What is node. js?What is node. js? node. JS is a server side platform built on Google Chrome's JavaScript engine (V8 engine). node. JS was developed by Ryan Dahl in and it's latest version is v0.10.36. Defintion of node. js as put by it official

The latest 3D engine project of ActionScript

3D Engine Note: For 3D engines, rendering efficiency and supported rendering functions are very important.ArticleIt is impossible to give a detailed introduction at all. In particular, it may be misleading. To learn more about application cases

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