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EBay, like Google, pushes keywords, ads, blogs, and small websites.

This is an excellent way for other websites to gain additional monetization trends. Monetization is the Internet industry's line of talk, which refers to the potential profit by promoting potential buyers of the network. The famous e-commerce

Use the ebay API basic steps to introduce

Posted on2010-12-14 23:36 Moss_tan_jun Read (6218) Comments (0) Edit Collection Use the ebay API basic steps to introduceTo get started with the ebay API, you need the following basic steps:1. Registered Development Account: https://developer.ebay.

The ten fallacies of Python language in enterprise application

English Original: https://www.paypal-engineering.com/2014/12/10/10-myths-of-enterprise-python/ Translated Original: Http://www.oschina.net/translate/10-myths-of-enterprise-python?p=3#comments Language diversification is an important part of the

Ethereum for Web Developers

I've been studying ethereum blockchain for some time now, and this really makes me more excited. There is a lot of information about Ethereum (articles, videos, platform website), which we can easily get, because the platform is still fast iterative

Flex is what Flex introduces _flex

Flex usually refers to Adobe Flex, which was originally released by Macromedia in March 2004, based on its proprietary Macromedia Flash platform, which covers support for Ria (Rich Internet applications) The development and deployment of a series of

Architecture design of solving data consistency problem in Distributed system

Http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_77e858f80100xvy7.html When considering the design of the system architecture, not only the technical implementation, but also the business considerations, design for business considerations, will let us make a more

Seven reasons to avoid using JavaScript dynamic navigation bars

Over time when bad web design ideas have been dropped or lost favor, including unnecessary splash screens and unwieldy framesets, for the good of the Web user. however, one web design bad habit that persists is the Javascript dynamic navigation.

Mastering Ajax, Part 1th: Introduction to Ajax Primer

Go: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/xml/wa-ajaxintro1.html mastering Ajax, Part 1th: Introduction to Ajax PrimerUnderstanding Ajax and how it works, an effective way to build a websiteAjax is made up of HTML, JavaScript™ technology, DHTML, and

Software development process from Java

After nearly ten years of development, Java is the most popular on the earth. Program The development language cannot be used at all. Java gives developers a high degree of freedom to choose and shows the charm and effectiveness of "Java everywhere"

Full-text search engine ElasticSearch or SOLR?

Recently the project team has scheduled a task, the project used full-text search, based on the full-text search SOLR, but the SOLR search cloud project is not stable, often query data, need manual full-volume synchronization, and other teams in the

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