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Five big market research tools for Ebay merchants

research -- instead of guesswork -- lets you determine key criteria such as the best day of the week to list, the best time, the optimal starting priceFor Bids or the Best Buy It Now priceSelling different items on eBay. Most market research services provide recommendations based on historical selling data. by studying real sales data you can make better listing

Keyword Research analysis another tool: Baidu index

Before we have said Google Trends, today we say keyword analysis of another sharp weapon, Baidu Index. Baidu Index official website: http://index.baidu.com/ Like Google Trends, Baidu Index is also a keyword research tool, its function is more powerful than the Google trend. Compared with the Google trend, Baidu Index

Keyword acquisition and research strategies and methods

long tail and the phone. how about the long tail like inquiry? Where is it? This is similar. In fact, such a general concept tells us to do a keyword research. First, we need to make a big classification of keywords, which can be divided into short tails and long tails, in the process of big classification, you can search results by keyword, and more than 10 mil

Keyword research and competitive search impact on advertising activities

The keyword contains a lot of information For online media strategists, the existing Pay-per-click advertising campaign can be said to be a repository of information. The effects of different keywords can help them create different styles of activity, from creative ideas, advertising texts, Web sites, to tracking locations, new niche opportunities, and more. What if you don't have a pay-per-click ad campaign available? Then you can do a

Research on keyword mining and user requirement analysis

and edit carefully 4, Wikipedia, search results page appeared a number of encyclopedia, indicating that users have a lot of industry terminology to understand, the site can be set up an "industry terminology encyclopedia" column. For example, professional technical terminology information. (c), from Baidu know or sogou answer and stick to see demand;To see them in peacetime communication often put forward what type of problem, we gathered to carry out a comprehensive improvement. If you can so

Website optimization should make full use of "around neglected" valuable keyword research data

If you rely solely on tools for keyword research, it's easy to ignore your users. The tool is simply to find the most popular words and not to care whether or not the user really uses those words. One of the best ways to study keywords is to study the words that users use, and here are some simple research methods. Co

How to do SEO keyword research

SEO optimization in the work of keyword research is the most important part of people, a copy or the site structure to form a link building an important medium, but at the same time because it is too dependent or use extreme, the keyword does not give the site to bring the desired high conversion rate or a good ranking, This is what I want to say today, the impor

Those forgotten in the corner SEO tips: Keyword research

: to understand the search engine of the weight of the page allocation, in the important location layout keywords. 3, keyword ranking strategy: keyword competition analysis, keyword Anchor text construction plan, keyword data monitoring and adjustment. Core principles: The optimization of the key words of the reason

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