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Linux Cat and Echo command details <<eof EOF

Linux Cat and echo command detailed cat command is a text output command under Linux, usually for viewing the contents of a file; Cat has three main functions:1. Displays the entire file at once. $ cat FileName2. Create a file from the keyboard. $

Io1__c basic section (EOF, carriage return, getchar (), getch ())

EOF EOF (end of file) is a status returned by the file read operation. It is not a value read from the file, instead, it is a return value when the file reading function reads the end Of the file or cannot read down. The returned value is generally-1

Cat <eof replaces multiple echo lines in Linux

In Linux, cat In Linux, cat /etc/sysctl. conf ### install oracle by liups echo beginkernel. shmmni = 4096kernel. sem = 250 32000 100 fs. file-max = 65536net. ipv4.ip _ local_port_range = 1024 65000net. core. rmem_default = 262144net. core. rmem_max =

How to use PHP <<eof EOF

How to use PHP     $name= ‘浅水游‘;    print                                    "Content-Type"content="text/html; charset=gb2312"/>            Untitled Document                                                Hello,$name!                     

Use EOF in the IF condition in SHELL script

In The SHELL script, IF conditions use EOF because you need to cyclically extract the files to be uploaded according to the conditions ls, and then ftp these files to the specified server. At the beginning, there was no end EOF because there was no

In-depth php EOF (heredoc) usage

This paper introduces the method of using EOF Heredoc to output long-segment content, $name = ' name 'print EOT heredoc Usage Details _ Hello ,$name! EOT;? >Attention:1. Start with a 2. The start tag is

PHP delimiter <<<eof Explanation

Heredoc technology. HTML and JavaScript scripts that can be used to output large segmentsThe function of the 1.PHP delimiter is to follow the original, including the newline format, and output something inside it;2. Any special characters in the PHP

Ask the hero, <<<eof my usage is correct AH.

$str = for (i=0;i $arrkey [i] } Reply to discussion (solution) Fan a low-level error, I should be $i. The fight. Test it, No. Write like this. EOF; I feel like wrong, it is possible to write

Could you tell me if the usage of <EOF me is correct.

Could you tell me if my usage is correct. $ Str = For (I = 0; I $ Arrkey [I] } Fan low-level error. I should be $ I. I tested it. no. Write in this way. EOF; It seems wrong to me. it is okay to

Go How to use PHP EOF (Heredoc)

Heredoc technology, usually not detailed in regular PHP documentation and technical books, just mentions that this is a Perl-style string output technique. But now some of the forum procedures, and some of the article system, are clever use of

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