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Decryption of one of the echo cancellation techniques (theory article)

First, prefaceAs a result of the work, the author has been in contact with Echo cancellation (echo cancellation) technology since 2004, and has been engaged in the work related to echo cancellation technology in a large communications company, and

Principle of Echo elimination

From the reason of communication echo, can be divided into acoustic echo (acoustic echo) and line echo (lines echo), the corresponding echo cancellation technology is called acoustic echo cancellation (acoustic echo cancellation, AEC) and line echo

Echo Cancellation-Theory Chapter

First, prefaceto understand echo cancellation technology, we have to mention the theory of digital signal processing as the theoretical basis of modern communication technology. First of all, there is an important branch of the digital signal

VoIP echo Elimination

Transfer from China VoIP Forum On the PBX or local switch side, a small amount of power is not fully converted and returns along the original path, forming an echo. If the caller is not far from the PBX or vswitch, the echo will return very

Tlcl-view the world echo in shell eyes, tlcl-view echo

Tlcl-view the world echo in shell eyes, tlcl-view echo View the world in shell eyes Echo-display a line of text When you enter a command, bash expands the input characters before executing the command. Expand path Echo * Shell expands * to the

PHP echo Output String function detailed _php basics

Copy Code code as follows: echo "ASD";//String echo "ads$c";//String + variable Echo ' ads$c ';//String asd$c $c not variable echo "SD". " VS "; echo "SD", "vs"; echo $a; echo $a. $b; echo $a, $b; echo $a. $b $c; echo $a, $

Basic VoIP concept: Echo Elimination Technology

I. Features of ECHO in Internet voice communicationCompared with traditional telephones, real-time voice transmission over the Internet has a fatal weakness. That is, the quality of voice is poor, and there are many factors that affect the quality

Echo Cancellation Technology of VoIP technology

"On the side of a PBX or bureau switch, a small amount of electrical energy is not fully converted and returned along the original path to form an echo." If the caller is not far from the PBX or switch, the Echo returns quickly and the human ear

How Linux uses the Echo directive to write content to a file

0. Preface This article summarizes how to use the echo command to write to a file, such as using the ECHO directive to overwrite the contents of a file, using the Echo directive to append content to a file, and using the Echo Directive to append

Batch Process starter Manual batch processing Common DOS command posts (Echo, REM, CD, dir) _dos/bat

1.1 Learning the Echo rem CD dir command Learning points:1. Display information: Echo2. Comment Statement: REM3. Directory Switching: CD4. Column File name: dir One, display information: Echo Before we learn the echo command, we'll build a new

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