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ECMAScript 6 supports original eco-modularity, ECMAScript 6 Modular Overview

At the end of July 2014, another meeting of TC39 finalized some of the last details about the ECMAScript 6 modular syntax. This article provides a complete overview of the ES6 module system. 1. The current JavaScript module system. JavaScript does not currently have built-in methods to support modularity, but the community has created a very good workaround. Two important (unfortunately mutually incompatibl

Simple use of JavaScript class class encapsulation based on ECMAScript 6, ECMAScript 2015

Simple use of JavaScript class class encapsulation based on ECMAScript 6, ECMAScript 2015 Article source Create a JS file test.js In the following example, we first define a class named Polygon, and then inherit it to create another class named Square. Note that the super () used in the constructor can only be used in

[Translation] ecmascript 6 (continuous update)

Ecmascript 6 and spread OperatorExpand operator. Converts an array to a continuous parameter. Ecmascript 6 and rest parameterVariable parameters. Process variable objective function parameters. Ecmascript 6 and object literal

"Mobile web Front end efficient development" note 2--using Gulp to build a ECMAScript 6 and Sass app

a file with the following code:GULP.SRC ("Src/**/*.js"). Pipe (Gulp.dest ("dist")); Read all JS under SRC, write to dist directoryEach operation of the gulp returns a Stream object, and all operations are performed in memory without the need to manipulate the disk, which greatly increases the build speed.8.3.2 Preprocessing tasksIn the previous section, the installation, configuration, and definition and execution of the grunt task are described in gulp. This section describes compiling

ECMAScript 6 is about to bring us a new array operation method prospective _javascript Tips

This article describes ECMAScript 6, which is about to bring us new array manipulation methods and how to apply these new array features to existing browsers. Note: I will use the alternating constructor (constructor) and Class (class) two terms. Class methodThe method owned by the array itself. Array.from (Arraylike, Mapfunc, Thisarg?) The basic function of Array.from () is to convert the two types of

[Translation] Set Type in ECMAScript 6, Part 3: WeakMap

Original article: WeakMapSimilar to the conventionalMapThey map a value to a unique key, and then they can be used to obtain the corresponding value.WeakMapAndMapThe difference is that its key can only be the object value, not the original value. Although this restriction looks strange, it is exactly this that makesWeakMapIt

[node. js] ECMAScript 6 Generator and KOA small analysis

Original address: listen to people say koa Dafa good, these two days I also rushed to fashion: with N to install node 0.11.12, under a KOA Open Harmony mode test water. In the education of a series of documents and posts, it is probably recognized that: KOA is a new generation of web frameworks dominated by TJ God KOA Middlewa

AIRBNB JavaScript Coding Specification (covers ECMAScript 6+) __ajax

One of the most reasonable javasscript coding specifications. _ Translate from:Https:// Note : This guide assumes that you are using Babel and requires that you use BABEL-PRESET-AIRBNB or a comparable preset plug-in. It also assumes that you are installing shims/polyfills, utility airbnb-browser-shims, or equivalent plug-ins in your application. directory type referencing object array deconstruction String function arrow function class and constructor module iterator

ECMAScript 6 notes (let,const, variable's deconstruction assignment)

Refer to Nanyi's book ECMAScript 6 primer, thanks Nandashin! Let and const command let command ES6 has a new let command to declare variables. Its usage is similar to Var, but the declared variable is valid only within the code block where the Let command resides. Basic usage var a = [];for (var010; i++) { function () { console.log(i); };}a[

The difference between front and back is even smaller--about ES (ECMASCRIPT) 6

[cagkey] = Cagvalue; }} OB = new Proxy (ob, pro); = ' man ';The function defined within the set will be triggered automatically when the listener changes, and the 3 values in the parameter list are defined by default, in order: the modified object, the object's key, and the object's value.It is important to note that if you trigger a listener for an element, its original modification process will be blocked (if you do not take this step), so we need to explicitly modify it.The results

Unity3d Shader Beginner's Tutorial (6/6)--Better cartoon Shader; //calculate the distance of the light source floatLENGTHSQ =dot (i.lightdirection, i.lightdirection); //calculates the attenuation of light intensity based on the calculated light source position floatAtten =1.0/ (1.0+lengthsq); //Incident angle of light floatdiff =Saturate (dot (n, normalize (i.lightdirection))); //using gradient Texturesdiff = tex2d (_ramp, Float2 (diff,0.5)); //Light attenuation obtains the final illumination brightness ac

How can I set a ringtone for iPhone 6 plus? Tutorial on setting ringtones for iPhone 6

1) on the Apple 6 mobile phone, click the "Settings" icon on the desktop, as shown in the following figure.2) then you can see a "sound" option in the "Settings" that you open, as shown in the following figure. (As shown in the following figure)3) click "sound" and enter the corresponding ringtone mode. For example, select the "Ringtone" option. (As shown in the following figure)4) Now we can change th

How to install WeChat and QQ on iPhone 6? IPhone 6 Download WeChat QQ installation tutorial

1. To Download WeChat from Apple 6, we must go to the Apple App Store to download it. Click the App Store App on the iPhone 6 desktop.2. After opening the App Store, we will see a "search" column at the bottom (if the appstore is very slow, we can refer to: appstore cannot open the appstore blank problem solution)3. Enter "WeChat" in the search box and then click "Search".4. No

Code Generation Tool-ncodegenerate tutorial (6) ntrace output code generation tool-What is ncodegenerate? Code Generation Tool-ncodegenerate tutorial (1) traverse

. Attached: Document: Document Ncodegenerate SeriesArticle: I. What is ncodegenerate? Ii. Code Generation Tool-ncodegenerate tutorial (1) traverse all tables in the database III. Code Generation Tool-ncodegenerate tutorial (2) code Generation Tool-ncodegenerate tutorial (3) generate code to a file. 5. Code Generation Tool-ncodegenerat

PS novice Tutorial: [6] font preparation tutorial

PS novice Tutorial: [6] font preparation tutorial | View: 230 | Updated:, January 3 | Label: font 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Step-by-Step reading PS font creation is not very difficult. To be accurate, I shared this experience today and it is not difficult for cainiao to master it very quickly. So I also marked it

Photoshop getting started tutorial (6): channels and photoshop getting started tutorial

Photoshop getting started tutorial (6): channels and photoshop getting started tutorial Learning Experience: when most people hear the channel. There may be a fear in your mind, because the channel is not as easy to understand and daunting as the layer ." The essence of "channel" is actually to store image information and compare an image to a website. The chann

Typecho plugin compilation tutorial (6): Call the interface, typecho plugin _ PHP Tutorial

Typecho plugin compilation tutorial (6): Call the interface and typecho plugin. Tutorial on compiling typecho plug-in (6): Call the interface. in this article, we start to call the interface. in the plug-in class, we define a new method named send_post, in the method, we compile the typecho plug-in

Tutorial/dreamweaver/Introductory Dreamweaver 4 Concise tutorial 6 (Make your page more beautiful)

dreamweaver| Tutorial | Page Suppose now we are inserting the following picture: Click the picture and open the Properties panel (CTRL+F3) to see the status of the following diagram: 1, the picture's thumbnail and picture's size. 2, the long width of the picture, if the picture is longer than the size of the original image is inconsistent, the numbers here are shown in bold; Click on a picture, you can see the picture will be trapped in a bo

How to check and optimize mysql Performance (1/6) _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

Master checks and optimizes mysql Performance (16 ). I have been using the mysql tutorial database tutorial software, which is stable and highly efficient. When encountering severe performance problems, there are usually several possibilities: 1. I have never used the mysql tutorial database tutorial software for index

Elementary JavaScript tutorial (6) _ Javascript tutorial

JavaScript: elementary JavaScript tutorial (6). The Javascript tutorial uses the internal Object System of the browser to interact with HTML documents. It is used to organize and package related elements for program designers, so as to reduce the work of programmers and improve the ability to design web pages. I. browser object hierarchy and its main functions I

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