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IPad replacement laptop: iPad mobile office software recommendation

ideas, meeting points, drafts, and so on anytime and anywhere, and support cloud data synchronization. Evernote believes many deep iPad players are already familiar with it. In this case, Evernote is equivalent to my Office on the iPad. My usual office content record is mainly text-based, and the notes are handed over to Evernote, and then synchronized to the server through the cloud. When I return to my c

How to remove the black frame of movie screen during video conversion

  when you watch a movie on the Internet, you will often find that the video doesn't fill up the entire playback window. Instead of having a black frame around the video screen, if you were to switch the movie video file to your ipad, would you like to remove the black frame around the video screen while you were converting the ipad video format? as long as you want to do this, of course, it can be achieved

Preliminary Design of the iPad software: it is not just a large iPhone (1)

of the operations, and can also operate on a selected item in the list. On the iPhone, the display space of the iPhone is limited when the list of things and the interface of the operation items are not visible at the same time), but on the iPad, we can use Master-Detail to display more, for example, the mail function of iPad. This will bring us some iPad devel

10 user experience design guidelines for iPad applications and ipad application experience guidelines

control behavior can be completely completed through gestures. For example, there is no entry to the normal editing mode for the memos that come with iOS. You only need to press the interface to enter the editing status, and the content will be automatically saved, so you do not need to perform related operations. IOS native selection, cutting, copying, pasting, and other

10 user experience design guidelines for iPad applications

to the normal editing mode for the memos that come with IOS. You only need to press the interface to enter the editing status, and the content will be automatically saved, so you do not need to perform related operations. IOS native selection, cutting, copying, pasting, and other editing functions can be completed with simple basic gestures. The Undo operation i

Required for iOS developers: Guide to marketing and advertising for App Store

do not belong to you.Select an image of the Apple product that best fits your brochure and open the file with Adobe Photoshop. Double-click the icon in the "replace screen" layer (a Smart Object layer. A dialog will guide you through editing the layer content. Click OK. A new work window will open. Place the apply screen pattern in the "your screen" window. Save and close the window. Do not modify the image layer.RGB files can be exported and saved a

Six major upgrades for Apple's new iPad

quad-core processor. At the press conference, the answer to this question was finally revealed. Apple's new iPad uses a brand new upgraded Apple A5X processor. Apple A5X dual-core processor Although Apple did not deliberately emphasize the hardware performance of the processor during the press conference, it is estimated that the apple A5X processor uses a dual-core architecture based on the model. However, consumers do not need to be disappointed.

How the ipad is used

. After you drag the Magnifier, you can position the insertion point, press the insertion point to display the selection button to select the Word, or select all the text by selecting it, or you can cut and copy it. 9, connected to the closed, sleep, Standby mode of the computer, the ipad will consume batteries, rather than charging. Unless ASUS USB charging software is installed on the computer. 10. If t

What is the difference between Huawei Matebook and ipad Pro?

amoled the taste of the screen, the picture shows vivid. Huawei Matebook is smaller than the ipad Pro in size, is 12 inches, screen resolution is 2160x1440, the screen material is IPs touch screen, provides 160 degree ultra wide domain view, provides up to NTSC 85% color gamut saturation. In contrast, the IPad Pro's gamut NTSC is 70%. It is worth mentioning that Matebook inherited the advanta

Mac/iphone Multimedia (picture, audio and video) processing

your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch photo app. Highlights on the map With the location feature, you can search and sort by location, as well as on Apple maps with standard, hybrid or satellite views. In preferences, you can configure ICloud to tick [my photo stream] and [photo sharing].Users can choose to import selected photos or import all photos. The imported photos (items) will be stored in ~/Pictures/iPhoto\ 图库.photo

Mac OS X Mavericks user's Manual

Mavericks, which is the best teaching material for the beginners of Apple Computer, and also serves as a standing manual for Apple Computer users.The contents of the book are divided into five parts, the first part (the 1th to 6th chapter) introduces the basic operation of Mac OS X Mavericks, including desktop environment, trackpad operation, window operation, Input method usage, file management, text editing, etc. the second part (第7-10 chapter) has

WWDC Session Notes-unification for iOS interface development

-Willrotatetointerfaceorientation:duration: -Willanimaterotationtointerfaceorientation:duration: -Didrotatefrominterfaceorientation: -Shouldautomaticallyforwardrotationmethods Now all is unified to the Viewwilltransitiontosize:withtransitioncoordinator: the concept of rotation is no longer advocated for use. In fact, think about, the so-called rotation, but it is a change of Size, we have been Apple for many years, is not it?Farewell, I'll not miss.Use Size Classes in

WWDC Session Notes-unification for iOS interface development

day of Keynote, I thought I had found the solid evidence of the iWatch square display. It was later learned that this is the new Size Classes corresponding to the editing method.Since we don't need to be concerned about the actual size, then there's absolutely no need to use an iPhone like 3.5/4 in IB or a 10-inch IPad to edit the interface separately. Using a generic size that has a "representative" natur

How to design the ipad software with higher usability

Synopsis: The IPad software interface design lacks the unification, each kind of function is not easy to be discovered by the user, the user unintentional gesture also easily causes the mistake operation. In addition, the entire interface metaphor "Yi" too close to print, human-computer interaction is also very strange way, which will create further usability problems. "Looks like a large iphone,". This is

Primary screen operations with initial fingertip experience

similar programs. You can put up to 20 programs in one folder. Long press the desktop icon until the desktop icon moves, enter the editing status, drag an icon with your finger, pull it to another icon, and the folder appears. This creates a folder, click the folder, you can rename the folder, and then click the Home button to finish. After the folder is created, simply tap the folder icon to view the programs contained in it. Similar to the main scr

How to create and use a Word document on the ipad using the WPS mobile version

Today's working friends are inseparable from mobile terminals, mobile phones, ipads are "machine", with iOS version of WPS Office software, business travel with the ipad office is very convenient. But to create and edit Office documents with the ipad, you must have some skills. Next, I'll teach you how to create and use a Word document on your

Design of touch screen mobile devices

, adding, editing, and deleting functions can usually be placed at the top of the interface. Yixieshi ● For the control elements used to browse or preview content, the bottom of the interface is the best position. Something about the internet Therefore, we can see in many books or magazine applications that the page thumbnail list is usually placed at the bottom of the interface. (For more information, see the Martha Stewart Living and Pulse design so

IPad webpage development tutorial and rules

Limitations of iPad DevelopmentWhen using Safari on an iPad to browse a webpage on a common website, the webpage needs to be manually zoomed in or down or slide because it is too large. Although this slide behavior was cited in various announcements at the beginning of the iPad's launch, however, after a long time, we will still find that this is not convenient, and it does not bring very good feelings to u

What is the difference between Apple ipad2 3G edition and WiFi edition!

games. It is reported that "Unreal 3" will try iPad 2 this year, while "The Tower of everlasting", "the underground city and the Dragon", and "the eve of the dipper" will soon launch the iPad version. 18. Does ipad2 3G have a broadband interface?Ipad2 does not have a broadband interface. Users can access the Internet through WIFI or 3G. 19. Does ipad2 3G Support Word, Excel, or PPT document

20 Excellent mobile product prototypes and wireframe design tools

wireframes that can run on different devices and resolutions. The software also provides versioning and iteration capabilities that allow for easy sharing of previews, intuitive annotations and real-time collaborative editing and chatting. The software has a large number of attractive user interface element styles (including web,ios,android, etc.), and has a fas

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