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Tutorial on using nano editor in centos

When using Linux, you will often deal with the editor. generally, vi and nano are commonly used. although vi is powerful, it is a little difficult to get started from new users, GNUnano is a small and powerful text editor. The usage of nano is

Linux nano editor commands common methods work notes

In this article, you may also sort out the commonly used nano command usage methods. If your memory is poor, use the text to record them and try again later.1. Install the nano editor1. CentOSYum-y install nano2. DebianApt-get install-y nanoSome

Use the Linux editor nano

In the Linux editor, nano is used. 1. When will nano be used? Generally, the network is very stuck. When Using vim/vi for ssh, the window will die, or the server will crash. 2. how to use it? Open www.2cto.com or create a new file # Disable

Linux Common text editor Nano/vi/vim__linux

Linux has a lot of text editors, where the system (regardless of which branch) will bring the Nano and VI of the two most basic Editor. Vim is equivalent to VI upgrade version. Here we will explain the use of these editors in turn. 1.nano You can

The Nano of Linux commands-

The Nano of the Linux command I used-the simple and easy-to-use text editor of the VIThis article link: http://codingstandards.iteye.com/blog/802593 (reproduced please specify the source)Description of UseNano is a text editor of a character

Default editor for modifying crontab in Debian Nano to VI

At home in the evening found that I development Board time incredibly advance a day, immediately install NTP to sync time, in order to ensure the Development Board time accurate, decided to add to the crontab, let it regularly updated time, did not

To modify the Debian default Nano editor for VIM

Some students in the Debian system Input VI or VIM of the command to edit the text, it is found that press the keyboard up and down the arrow keys, into the display ABCD character, the backspace bar also failed. Yes, that's right. The default editor

Nano Command Linux

Description of UseNano is a text editor of a character terminal, a bit like the editor program under DOS. It is much simpler than Vi/vim, which is more suitable for Linux beginners. The default editor for some Linux distributions is nano. (Nano-nano

Git-commit Editor Nano change vim

Git-commit Editor Nano change vim Git-commit Editor Nano change vimzz @ homezz @ 2017-8-6 REF: [Modify git Default editor Nano for Vim Method](http://blog.csdn.net/wangyezi19930928/article/details/40919711)

The difference between the VI and Nano commands in Ubuntu text editing (Nano is recommended)

VI is an extremely popular full-screen document editor in the Unix world, and almost any UNIX machine will provide this software as a Notepad for Windows . Type vi/etc/hostsEnter the VI interface and move the cursor to the end of the file. Press ESC

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