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Effetive C + + 02 try to replace # define with Const,enum,inline

#define aspect_ratio=1.1Const Double aspectratio=1.11. Using a macro causes the preprocessor to unconditionally replace the Aspect_ratio in the program code with 1.1, the compiler has never seen Aspect_ratio, debug compilation can be difficult to track, and the const constant resolves the problem.2. The scope of the macro definition is the subsequent compilation process until it is #undef, so the macro definition cannot be used as an exclusive constant for the class, for example, we want to defi

Modern poetry culture Modern friendship Poetry Modern love poetry-poetry of the Ox Temple

{Modern poetry culture of modern friendship Poetry Modern Love poetry}Modern poetry culture is an indispensable part of modern poetry,including poetic spirit and poetic strength, of course, modern poetry culture is extensive and p

What skills should modern network performance monitoring tools possess? Network and application monitoring, modern monitoring

What skills should modern network performance monitoring tools possess? Network and application monitoring, modern monitoring Network performance monitoring tools are essential for the it industry. However, you must also consider the skills required for network performance monitoring tools, the following small series will explain the skills that modern network pe

GIS solution for modern enterprise electronic map, Modern Enterprise gis

GIS solution for modern enterprise electronic map, Modern Enterprise gisSince the 1990s s, [url = http://www.forbst.com] electronic map application [/url] has received people's attention, but due to the limitations of the times and the immature development of market economy. The application of geographic information system has not been well utilized. Only a few national institutions and military systems can

Traditional and Modern events in javascript, modern javascript

Traditional and Modern events in javascript, modern javascript As we all know, the modern event binding (attachEvent) in IE has many problems compared with the W3C standard (addEventListener, For example, a memory leak occurs, and events are repeatedly added and triggered in reverse mode. The following describes how to bind an encapsulated event to a traditional

(documentary) The Secret Rule of modern life: Algorithm the Secret rules of modern LIVING:ALGORITHMS

Brief introduction:The Secret Rules of modern living:algorithms Director: David BriggsStarring: Marcus du SautoyGenre: DocumentaryOfficial website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p030s6b3Production country/region: United KingdomLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 2015 SEPpiece Length: 1 hour Main content:Introduce the application of the algorithm in modern life (highly recommend this documentary), in

Modern UI for WPF Open-Source Project (2): My first modern UI app

1. Get the latest version of modern UI for WPF 2. Open Vs and create a new WPF ApplicationProgramName: muitest 3. Add firstfloor. modernui. dll 4. Define modernwindow to inherit from mainwindow Open mainwindows. XAML, add the xmlns namespace of modernui and use Mui to replace the window tag, as shown below: " Muitest. mainwindow " Xmlns = " Http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation " Xmlns: x = " Http://schemas.microsof

Modern deep copy writing and modern deep copy writing

Modern deep copy writing and modern deep copy writing The modern method of deep copy is simpler than the traditional method. That is, an intermediate object tmp is created. Its _ str Pointer Points to s. _ str, exchange tmp. after _ str and _ str, _ str points to s. _ str: if the copy is out of the scope, tmp will automatically call its destructor, releasing the

20 suggestions for writing modern CSS code and writing modern css code

20 suggestions for writing modern CSS code and writing modern css code Understand what Margin Collapse is Unlike many other attributes, Margin in the vertical direction of the box model will collapse when it encounters, that is, when the bottom Margin of an element is adjacent to the top Margin of another element, only the larger values of the two are retained. You can learn from the following simple examp

Modern UI for WPF open-source project (3): Use a template to create my first modern UI app

Create a modern UI app using the project template Before doing this, make sure that the modern UI for WPF templates extension for Visual Studio 2012 is installed. Download and install the vsix extension fromVisual Studio Gallery Or In Visual Studio 2012, open the Extension Manager (Tools>Extensions and updates) SelectOnline>Visual Studio GalleryAnd search'Modern UI' SelectModer

Two modern methods of cross-subdomain ajax request, ajax cross-subdomain modern

Two modern methods of cross-subdomain ajax request, ajax cross-subdomain modern Because of the nature of the Internet, most of our company's systems are developed and deployed in the form of multi-subdomains to achieve the goal of loose coupling and distribution. Therefore, interaction between subsystems is inevitable. Although the rpc framework in the background solves most of the interaction problems, in

Inline Function Description (1) From effetive C ++

The process used by the compiler to inline a method is as follows: the continuous code block of the inline method is copied to the call point where the method is called. Inline Any local variables in the method are allocated within the block. The

Modern Logistics Management

Modern Logistics Management professional introductionModern Logistics is the enterprise in reducing material consumption, improve labor productivity"Third profit source", is a new round of economic growth,with broad prospects for development. Logistics Engineering Major asa new and comprehensive discipline that attaches importance to computer technology, information technology, automation technology,ControlThe combination of engineering, mechanical en

Microsoft Modern. IE helps developers easily test webpage compatibility

Introduction: webpage developers may often have such confusions. Faced with the ever-accelerating technological evolution rate of the browser ecosystem, it is difficult for developers to determine whether their web pages can be perfectly compatible with browsers. Over the past few years, Microsoft has been committed to helping Web developers perform Web code more efficiently and comply with Web standards. To make it easier for developers to test compatibility, Microsoft has officially launched

How to remove modern apps network isolation in Windows 8

In Windows 8, we have introduced a new WinRT platform that gives users modern Apps with dynamic tiles and immersive user experiences. If you are an enterprise user, have a company's proxy server environment, or you are a developer, believe you have found that all modern Apps are no longer able to access the network after a local connection replacement agent. This is due to the network isolation

Excellent papers educational technology and modern education

Educational technology and modern education In the rapid development of contemporary society, international "knowledge explosion" and "population explosion" have become grim reality. In the face of this reality, the education industry is under great pressure, and educators have to think about and take actions to meet this challenge. In the ever-growing combination of educational reform ideas and ongoing educational reform practices, China's education

The application of Chinese traditional culture elements in modern logo design

In the field of art and design, due to the influx and infiltration of various foreign new thoughts, we have shaken our intrinsic values and aesthetic standards. Make our works more and more away from the national character and lose their own right to speak, the same, the traditional not to discard the tracing also led to the stagnation of national technological development. Therefore, how to understand the relationship between the traditional plastic arts and

Design Style-Modern simplicity

The Western modernism originates from the Bauhaus school, the Gropius College was founded in 1919 in Weimar, Germany, the founder is the Simple Decoration Multifunctional Simple, simple decoration multifunctional, appear in front of not for decoration, but for the function, modern style: it means concise, elegant living environment, they are both practical and comfortable, in maintaining functional conditions, allowing personalized creation and per

Baidu rectification, can become a modern social commercial overheating phenomenon of coolant?

Baidu rectification, can become a modern social commercial overheating phenomenon of coolant?"Wine is not afraid of the alley deep" is the traditional product market model of product sales characteristics, such a characteristic is determined in the product market supply and demand law, that is, the market reality of short supply, and this reality is subject to the production capacity. The most characteristic of the products in the traditional market i

What about Win8.1 modern IE11 flash-back?

Reference programme I: 1, the use of desktop version of IE10/IE11 access: res://ieframe.dll/defaultbrowser.htm, according to the prompts, will ie10/ie11 set as the default browser, restart the system, run the modern version of IE application. Reference Programme II: Enter modern computer settings "search and Application" Default application, choose the Default Web browser for Internet Explore

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