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More effective C ++: 35 effective methods to improve programming and design (Chinese Version)

More effective C ++: 35 effective methods to improve programming and designChinese version) China-Pub computer New Book recommendation Basic InformationOriginal Title: more effective C ++: 35 new ways to improve your programs and designsOriginal Press: Addison-Wesley professionalAuthor: (US) Scott MeyersTranslator: Hou JieSeries name: Classic BooksPress: Electro

UCD design PROCESS: AN effective and flexible design process

Article Description: do not pursue the so-called complete UCD design process. It used to be asked a similar question: "Is there any SOP for UX design?" We want to import a complete design process like ideo. Every time I hear such a big question, I am not too embarrassed to splash the other side of cold water, after all, will raise such a problem, must

Website Design deconstruct: an effective interaction design framework and Model

Website Design deconstruct: an effective interaction design framework and Model Basic Information Original Title: Web anatomy: interaction design frameworks that workOriginal Press: New Riders PressAuthor: (US) Robert Hoekman Jr. Jared SpoolTranslator: Xiang YiningSeries name: Turing Interactive

Enable design objectives to be more effective in guiding design work

The goal of design: design is to better convey the message. The "Better" one includes: more beautiful, more efficient, more elegant ...This is the consensus we have received after repeated discussions. Only such a consensus is not enough. Because we're going to be in a situation where I want to design this piece of text blue and it will feel more comfortable. Ho

Interactive Design tips: Web site label design to be clear and effective

Article Description: Interactive Design Practical Guide Series (6) – Label clear and effective. Navigation labels are mutually exclusive and completely exhausted. Navigation tag is actually a form of expression, we use tags to represent the various categories of information on the site. For example, "Contact Us" the label, representative of the content will usually include the company name, te

Effective C + + clause 19: Design class like design type

. Who should take the new type member?Similar to the one above, is the encapsulation of classes, in some cases, member variables should be private, and in the public function provides access to these member variables get and set functions. If necessary, you can make the yuan, but friends should also use caution, because some compilers support is not very good, on the other hand, friends become a special case of the destruction of encapsulation, will bring security risks.10. What is an undeclared

Effective C + +-----clause 19: Design class like design type

The design of class is the design of type. Before you define a new type, make sure that you have considered all the discussion topics covered by this article.How should objects of the new type be created and destroyed?What is the difference between the initialization of an object and the assignment of an object?What does it mean if the object of the new type is passed by value (passed in the values)?What is

Foreign language translation: The most important hint of effective logo design

There have been many creative logo design cases, logo design resources and logo design guidance posted in every corner of the Internet. These help create a powerful toolbox for your logo design. First you need to get a fixed understanding of a good logo design and some thing

10 basic problems common to effective user interface design

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: The 10 most commonly encountered UI design issues. An effective user interface is concerned with the implementation of the user's goals, and everything, including visual elements and functional operations, needs to be complete and consistent. To achieve this goal, you need to ask yourself 10 basic questions. The beauty of UI

"Effective C + +" 4th Chapter design and Declaration (2)-Reading notes

Chapter Review:The 1th chapter of effective C + + makes himself accustomed to c++-reading notesEffective C + + 2nd structure/destructor/assignment operation (1)-Reading notesEffective C + + 2nd structure/destructor/assignment operation (2)-Reading notes"Effective C + +" Chapter 3rd resource Management (1)-Reading notes"Effective C + +" Chapter 3rd Resource Manage

Shopping Cart Change Case analysis: An effective design plan

Article Description: in a scenario design, there is a situation where all possible scenarios appear to have been exported, but are not satisfied when the discussion is finalized, and think that there should be more optimal output? What causes this situation? How to output an effective design plan? In a scenario de

"Effective C + +" design and declaration

member of the class:Rational{public: operator* (lhs);}; When we try to mix arithmetic, you'll find that only half of it makes sense:result, Onehalf;result = onehalf * 2;result = 2 * onehalf;The second assignment statement above is wrong because it is equivalent to result=2.operator* (Onehalf), which is obviously wrong.The 2nd statement is equivalent to Result=onehalf.operator (2), which can be executed successfully because 2 has an implicit type conversion because rational has a non-expli

[Effective JavaScript Notes] Chapter 6th: Library and API Design--Personal summary

depend on type judgment. Supports the method chain, which makes the code more fluid to write. In the penultimate chapter, there is one more chapter to be finished. Although the content of this chapter is not much, I seem to be struggling with these chapters because I can't find the focus. How much of the code directly determines the degree of understanding of the article, this chapter can be written in some code back and then look again and again, after mastering the ability to become

Oracle Effective Offload Method

PATH environment variable, copy the value to a text editor, find the corresponding Oracle value, delete it, then copy the modified string and paste it into the PATH environment variable, which is relatively safe.6. Restart the operating system.After the above steps have been completed, restart the operating system.7. The various Oracle-related processes are not loaded after restarting the operating system.

Gu Dongyuan on the most effective 2 strategies for optimization of website title design

Gufangyuan has been providing corporate SEO services since 09, to now has provided more than 100 enterprises and individuals, in more than two years of practice summed up some industry experience, this and everyone to share the site title design optimization of the most effective 2 strategies, I think whether you are doing website construction or network marketing work, SEO is also engaged in personnel, the

Effective Java experience, enumerations, annotations, methods, generic design, exceptions

reflected anomalies are concentrated in the running period, which is not easy for abnormal control, so it is not recommended] Use local methods with caution [platform migration is over] Careful optimization [Analysis good optimization, as far as possible in the design of good or bad to optimize, otherwise optimization may lead to unnecessary waste] Adherence to universally accepted naming conventions [easy to understand and team consensus

Effective Java Third edition--19. If you use inheritance then design and document the description, otherwise you should not use

Tips"Effective Java, third Edition" an English version has been published, the second edition of this book presumably many people have read, known as one of the four major Java books, but the second edition of 2009 published, to now nearly 8 years, but with Java 6, 7, 8, and even 9 of the release, the Java language has undergone profound changes.In the first time here translated into Chinese version. For everyone to learn to share. 19. If the use

Effective C + + 6. Inheritance and object-oriented design

-virtual functions specify interface inheritance and enforce inheritance. (as described in clause 33, do not hide non-virtual functions of the base class in a derived class in public inheritance)//Article 38: By compounding the mold out of the has-a or according to something to achieve//clause 39: Use private inheritance wisely and cautiously//1. Private inheritance is highly likely to be an orthodox design strategy when one of the classes needs to ac

Using situations is a more effective way to design guidance

Consistency is a common concept in design. Good consistency will help enterprises to create brand image, significantly reduce customer/user learning costs and cognitive costs; From a system perspective, a highly consistent process is also the basis for ensuring product quality and operational efficiency. The most famous example here is McDonald's VI and product line. However, how important is the principle of consistency and under what circumstances

"Effective C + +" design and declaration: Clause 18-clause 19

be declared private.Who should take a member of the new type?This question helps you decide which member is public and which is private. It also helps you to figure out which class or fuction should be friends and whether it is reasonable to nest them in another.What is the "undeclared interface" for the new type (undeclared interface)? (Do not understand??? )What assurance does it provide for efficiency, exception security (clause 29), and resource utilization (such as multitasking and dynamic

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