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Effective Python entry one: Know which version of Python you are using now

(default, OCT, 17:52:174.2.1 Compatible Apple LLVM 6.0 (clang-600.0.51)]Python 2 and Python 3 are all maintained by the Python community. In addition to bug fixes, security improvements and the ease of reverse porting from Python2 to Python3, Python2 's development efforts have been frozen. The presence of help tools, such as 2to3 and six, makes it easier to acc

How to remove the value of a Python list item the Python remove () method is most effective

In the actual work we will have the background maintenance, but to open the background editor to retrieve and maintain is not realistic, such as to Remove the value from a python list item, which method is most effective, speed this article, will learn Remove the value from a python list itemUse the Python Remove () me

Python performance chicken soup, very effective to improve the performance of tips

;> Evens = []>>> While I >>> If I % 2 = 0: evens. append (I)>>> I + = 1>>> [0, 2, 4, 6, 8] 9. Use xrange () to process long sequences:This saves you a lot of system memory, because xrange () generates only one integer element for each call in the sequence. In contrast, range () directly gives you a complete list of elements, which is unnecessary for loop. 10. Use Python generator:This can also save memory and improve performance. For example, a video

59 Effective ways to write high-quality Python code

explanations are very detailed, very concise and very thorough. ”--c Titus Brown, associate professor, University of California, Davis"This reference book is very useful, it provides a lot of advanced Python usage, and explains how to build clearer, more maintainable software. By putting the book's recommendations into practice, you can improve your Python skills. ”The author of the--wes Mckinney,pandas Li

59 effective methods for writing high-quality Python code and high-quality python59

59 effective methods for writing high-quality Python code and high-quality python59 The author Brett Slatkin is a senior software engineer at Google. He is the Engineering director and co-founder of the Google consumer survey project. He once worked on the Python infrastructure of Google App Engine and used Python to m

Effective Python Entry II: Follow the PEP8 style specification

. For example: Import foo module from bar package, you should use: From bar import foo, not just: import foo; If you have to import relative, use explicit syntax: from. Impor foo; The import in each section should follow the following order: Standard library module, third-party library module, your own module. The import of each word part should be sorted alphabetically. Note: The Pylint tool (http://www.pylint.org/) is a popular Python

Two effective methods for replacing Python strings

Python string replacementThis is a problem that is frequently encountered when operating strings in Python. Here we will briefly introduce the string replacement method.Python string replacement can be implemented in two ways:1 is the method of using the string itself.2. Replace strings with regular expressions. The following example is used for an experiment:A = 'Hello word'I replaced the word in string

2 Effective methods for Python string substitution

Python string substitution can be implemented in 2 ways:1 is the method of using the string itself.2 replacing a string with a regularHere's an example to experiment with:A = ' Hello word 'I replaced word in a string with Python1 Replace method with the string itselfA.replace (' word ', ' python ')The result of the output is Hello Python2 use regular expressions to complete the substitution:Import reStrinfo

Get caught in Python don't know how many days of Linux pycharm icon created, simple rough, effective, no doping word game!

Baidu on some people find the existence of the infinite copy of other people's blog, some blog itself can not solve the problem, but also copy, nothing but to find a sense of existence, people feel disgusting!!!!First Kind1. Start pycharm with a. sh file2. Pin the pycharm to the starter columnThe second Kind1. Start pycharm with a. sh file2.3.4.Get caught in Python don't know how many days of Linux pycharm icon created, simple rough,

Be an effective manager-read the excerpt from Drucker's effective manager

※Management books are basically about how to manage others, but they talk about how to make managers manage themselves and make managers more effective. ※Management does not lie in knowledge, but in rows. (Integration of knowledge and industry) ※Not only do the right thing, but also do the right thing ". ※What is really important for external situations is not a trend, but a trend change. ※Effectiveness is a habit of the day after tomorrow and a combi

More effective C ++: 35 effective methods to improve programming and design (Chinese Version)

More effective C ++: 35 effective methods to improve programming and designChinese version) China-Pub computer New Book recommendation Basic InformationOriginal Title: more effective C ++: 35 new ways to improve your programs and designsOriginal Press: Addison-Wesley professionalAuthor: (US) Scott MeyersTranslator: Hou JieSeries name: Classic BooksPress: Electro

Highly effective effective C + + 55 individual study Note one

to be inside the destructor itself.Exception-catching, handling. Failure can not allow the exception to spread, out of destructors. In addition, if the customer requests to react to an exception, it is recommended to provide an interface function,For its capture, call processing.Article 9: Never call the virtual function in the construction and destruction processFailure to comply with this clause will also pose a significant risk. Also, you are a Java or C # Programmer, you have to pay more at

Effective notes for managers (1)-Effective Learning

Managers must finish what they should do on time. In other words, managers must do things effectively. Decisions made based on knowledge authority are of the same nature as decisions made by senior management. Management's jurisdiction: planning, organization, integration, incentive and assessment. Real problems that managers must face: Managers often only belong to others rather than themselves. Managers are often forced to "operate daily" unless they dare to act to change everything a

Portfolio Marketing software is more cost-effective than general marketing software cost effective

for network promotion Chen Manager Health nail: "With SKYCC portfolio marketing software, cost-effective higher!" Chen manager said: "The combination of marketing software benefits are many, convenient, easy to operate, not like the general marketing software like the operation of trouble, cumbersome, and the effect is not very obvious." More important is the combination of marketing software cost-effective

Super (Effective) allele, sub (effect) allele, reverse (effect) allele, new (effective) allele

Hypermorph alleles of super (effective) alleleA allele that encodes more protein or an equal but more potent protein than a wild-type alleleIf the extra activity of the protein encoded by the allele alters the phenotype of the organism, then the super gene is dominant.Hypomorph alleles of sub-(effect) allelePhenotype effects were last in the extent of wild-type mutant genes.Inverse (effect) allele AntimorphMutant genes that play a role in the fight ag

Highly effective effective C + + 55 Personal Learning Note two

methods, the practice of research and development process will basically eliminate the problem of resource management. RAII(Resource acquisition isinitialization This is an effective way of managing resources to prevent leaks. The two commonly used classes are the tr1::shared_ptr class and the tr1:auto_ptr class .The essence of RAII is to use objects to represent resources, to transform the task of managing resources into the task of managing objects

A big and comprehensive choice between SQL and functions: Who is a more effective SQL ?, More effective SQL

A big and comprehensive choice between SQL and functions: Who is a more effective SQL ?, More effective SQL Reprinted please indicate the source: jiq •'s technical Blog Note that the Oracle11g database is discussed here. It is not applicable to SQL Server, MYSQL, and other databases. 1. Problem Description There are two tables in the current system. One is the product table and the other is the attachment

Effective OBJECTIVE-C 2.0 52 effective ways to write high-quality iOS and OS X code---1-12

jumps to its implementation code.2. Key points-The message consists of a receiver, a method name, and a parameter. Send a message to an object is also equivalent to the object "Invoke method ".-All messages sent to an object are handled by the dynamic message dispatch system, which detects the corresponding partyand execute its code.12th: Understand the message forwarding mechanism (what happens when an object receives a message that cannot be read)1. Message forwarding is initiated when the ob

The most effective way to improve ranking is to increase the effective outer chain

Want to rank on the outside chain, the most effective outside the chain of the most practical way is the soft text. Every day to see something about SEO, but also try some methods, the most or the majority of the webmaster exchanges. Maybe it's me out. Later know now some optimization company, as long as the Web site can be, one months thousands of dollars, 2 months will almost give you a good ranking. At that time I was depressed, a webmaster told a

Read "Effective C + +" experience and view and plan for reading notes (personal feelings)

from the "effective C + +" series of notes really "slow down" the progress.So, I'm going to complete a new series of notes: Combine everything above and cross a variety of books. But it will be presented in a simple example, I have not thought of a good name, of course, the content is relatively shallow, after all, the level is placed there. But my habit is not to write not to read. I think reading notes is very important, so I have to read an

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