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These 8 free online courses can help you grow your technology

In the past, when we talked about educational resources, we first thought of universities and colleges, because they were places where we could learn more and improve our skills. Now, with the advent of the Internet, we have provided more open learning resources. When we want to learn some kind of skill, we can have more choices. For example, in the field of computer science, if you want to learn programming or its associated knowledge and skills, in addition to choosing a university or college,

"Data Structure basics" series of online courses home page, Data Structure Network Course

"Data Structure basics" series of online courses home page, Data Structure Network CoursePreface Since I made up my mind to solve the problem of poor students' hands-on ability, I began to build course practice resources. I became addicted to flipped classrooms, and the videos of the courses I taught gradually formed a system. While serving my own students in sch

100 free courses & tutorials for aspiring iPhone app developers

iPhone Programming Tutorial: Watch this video to learn how to populate a uitableview. [YouTube] IPhone app tutorial 1: Check out this video to quickly learn about interface builder. [YouTube] IPhone IB-your first app: Watch this tutorial to learn how to use the interface builder. [iPhone Dev central] Understanding source code: Learn how to get started with development on the iPhone through this video tutorial. [YouTube] How to Make an iPhone app: Create an iPhone app using jiggy and

High-quality free online learning website "Personal use"

Now online has a lot of very high-quality online learning sites, but also let us feel happy and fortunate that many sites are free, so put so many good resources do not, really is a waste.So, here are a few online learning sites for you to learn and career to plug in a pair of soaring wings.1. COURSERATipswww.coursera.

10 Free online learning sites for web designers

For an Internet practitioner, continuous learning is unavoidable. New skills are necessary for growth and a cornerstone of career change. Want to be an excellent web designer, front end, continuous technology, mastering new knowledge is a compulsory course. Fortunately online courses and various kinds of articles on the network more and more, in the system and improve the degree of doing quite well, so even

Top 10 tools for a free online education

, though, Ricci Adams ' hasFlash-based tutorials that offer a gentle tour through keys, time signatures, modalities, and the other ins and outs of notes and chords.1. Learn from actual college courses onlineAHuge number of colleges, universities, and other degree-granting universities are going all open-source these days-giving away the actual guts of their courses, while retaining their reve

Getting started with free online earning tutorials and projects

Online earning news guide1. Text tutorialText tutorials appear on the Internet in the form of a series of questions and answers to articles such as blogs, forums, Baidu libraries, Baidu Experience, and Baidu knowledge. Some write details are clear, some are complicated and difficult to understand, and some have hundreds of errors. Therefore, we recommend that you use multiple learning methods in parallel and follow the practice to summarize them.2. Vi

Upcoming Autodesk main product version 2015 product and API new features online training (free)

The annual online training course on Autodesk's major products and APIs is about to begin in May. We present to you 5 courses.1. Revit product new features and API Overview2. New Features and API overview for Vault 2015 products3. New Features and API overview for AutoCAD 2015 products4. Civil3d 2015 product new features and API overview5. Inventor 2015 product new features and API overviewPlease go to this

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