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ULOIDDWAW 2015.v8.15.1.11236+fluiddraw1.2 Circuit simulation software

ULOIDDWAW 2015.v8.15.1.11236+fluiddraw1.2 Circuit simulation softwareUloiddwaw 2015.v8.15.1.11236 1DVD Circuit simulation softwareFluidDRAW1.2 (Pneumatic circuit diagram design software and gas path, oil

[Original tutorial of black gold] [serialization] [iboard Electronic School] [〇] Part 2 circuit diagram and Printed Circuit Board

reached version 10. It is an EDA software commonly used by electronic engineers in China. Pads:Pads is also a common EDA software. It consumes less resources and is fast. It provides powerful interactive layout and wiring functions, which are easy to learn and easy to use, it is also one of the most commonly used EDA softw

Electrical and electronic--second chapter--analysis method of circuit

Focus:Branch Current methodSuperposition theoremThévenin theorem.Electronic technology: Digital electricity, mold power.Equivalent transformation of 2.1 resistor series-Parallel connectionThe voltage of the current source is determined by the external circuit.The equivalent relationship between the ① voltage source model and the current source model is only the external circuit, which is not equivalent to the internal power supply.When the voltage sou

Agilent GoldenGate 2015.1 circuit Design Simulation Win/linux

Agilent GoldenGate 2015.1 circuit Design Simulation Win/linuxKeysight Technology has released its Goldengate software to simulate, analyze and validate the latest version of the solution for large-scale rfic circuit design. Keysight eesof EDA GoldenGate 2015.1 provides the purposeNew enhancements for Silicon rfic desig

Synopsys Hspice vk-2015.06.linux32_64 2CD High-precision circuit simulation

.build.20050321. Network version 1CDSpeed up 3000xp-sql.v7.51 stand-alone upgrade version 1CDSpeed up to 3000XP network version 7.0 original 1CD (10 User Network Edition)Speed up to 3000XP v6.51 Build 20030527+v652 upgrade patch (Network edition) 1CDSpeed up to 1CD PRO Enterprise fully decrypted versionSpeed up E2pro v4.4 Build 20031230 Network official version 1CDSpeed up medicine management stand-alone version 1CD Speed up to 5000 industrial stand-alone version 1CDSpeed up to 5000 industrial s

Sinox, Macau, China many platform CAD drawings, PCB boards, ICS I know, HDL hardware description language narration, circuit emulation and design software, elemental analysis table

Sinox, Macau, China many platform CAD graphics, PCB board, IC I know, HDL hardware description Language narrative, circuit simulation and design software, elemental analysis table, can open the eyes of the world.Recent research Sinox the implementation of Windows edition Protel,powerpcb,autucad, which is considered very cumbersome. On the other thought, Sinox the

VC to make electronic eight-section control simulation

After a semester of graduate school life, has been for several months did not see the program, hands are itching very much. Finally finished the test, you can do a little thing. The next semester, may be to use PIC single-chip Computer simulation System control program. Voltage, current acquisition and measurement is very annoying, today to do this electronic 8-section tube

MSC. Simufact. FORMING. V13.3 Metal Forming process simulation software +msc. Simufact. Welding. V5.0 simulation Software

MSC. Simufact. Welding. V5.0 simulation SoftwareSimufact simulation software is a large and complex software, covering a wide range of functions, in order to provide users with the best solution, simufact and other software companies to take the strategy of cooperation, the

Common circuit design software

1. "Protel" is mainly painted PCB, representative of PROTEL99, later developed to Altium Designer, more features.2. "OrCAD" is the main schematic diagram of the circuit and for the production of PCB and programmable logic design to provide continuous simulation information.3. "PSPICE" main analysis circuit. First, based on the analysis of the basic

Install the Open Source PCB printed circuit board design software Fritzing in Ubuntu

Fritzing is a set of software designed for PrintedCircuitBoard printed circuit boards. It is a tool especially intended for designers, artists, researchers, and amateurs. Like Processing and Arduino, Fritzing developers design this software in the spirit of openness, simplicity, and sharing. Fritzing is a simple and easy-to-use

Install the Open Source PCB printed circuit board design software Fritzing in Ubuntu

Install the Open Source PCB printed circuit board design software Fritzing in Ubuntu Fritzing is a set of software for designing Printed Circuit boards (Printed Circuit Board), especially for designers, artists, researchers and amateur players. Like Processing and Arduino,

[Switch] comparison of several Network Simulation Software

that require analysis and evaluation algorithms and implementation methods, such as communication, images, and multimedia, it also provides a dedicated development platform for GSM, CDMA, DECT and other standards. Spw Simulation Software Spw simulation software is a product of cadence. It provides a modular design,

Simulation Software-anylogic

browser. 8. cross-platform and online simulation Anylogic models are 100% Java, so they can run on any platform that supports Java. If necessary, the model can be connected to a remote Windows display through TCP. (How the anylogic model runs) In addition, you can add the model to the applet. The applet displays Interactive Animation Simulation and a control panel for enabling, disabling, and restarting mo

Transmodeler Traffic simulation software

(Scenarios) that need to be analyzed;Sharing and merging of databases, traffic signal time schemes, and other input data for multiple projects;The sub-regions of large networks are exported and the small-scale traffic operation is simulated.Compare and summarize the results of multiple simulation runs;Create professional charts and maps that can be referenced directly in text reports and electronic speeche

Stoner pipeline simulator v9.9.0 simulation software for oil and gas pipelines

Stoner pipeline simulator v9.9.0 simulation software for oil and gas pipelines(V9.7.2, v9.6, v9.5)(SPS) has established an offline electronic Pipeline System of the wuwu pipeline. with Visual Basic (VB) programming language, the SCADA system operation interface is developed consistent with that of the field, using the interface of SPs and VB, the real-time connec

DNV. PHAST. v7.01 + dnv phast & safeti v6.53.1 Accident Consequence simulation and Security Risk Calculation Software

Industrial EditionSeismic Data Processing GEDCO. Vista. Seismic. Processing. v9.00DNS sesam suite 2013Including DNV sesam genie, hydrod, and deepcEba ets 3 v3.0f (Bus Control System Engineering Software)Leica cyclone v7.3.2 1cd Leica 3D laser scanningOptical software: Apollo photonic Solutions Suite 2.2Mimics 10.01 Famous medical Finite Element Simulation3d3s Steel Structure computing softwareTannertools v

Transmodeler Traffic Simulation Software

highlight. Transmodeler has an intuitive user interface and is the only simulation software that fully supports windows standards on the market. Transmodeler allows you to create and manage multiple projects, networks, demand files, and traffic management and signal control alternatives. With transmodeler, you can: Import data from corsim and Synchro/simtraffic simul

Pipelinestudio v3.6.1.0-ISO 1cd Oil and Gas Simulation Software

Pipelinestudio v3.6.1.0-ISO 1cd Oil and Gas Simulation Software Pipeline studio is flexible enough to consider your pipe network as a whole. It contains different content, such as load forecasting and air subscription application. It has familiar with over 30 years in the market place, pipelinestudio has been tried, tested, proven and relied upon by using hundreds of companies throughout the world.Aspen tec

An optical fiber equipment simulation and optimization software based on Bragg grating principle apollo.photonics.fogs.bg.v3.2 1CD

Rsoft Photonics CAD Suite v7.1-iso 1CD (photonic crystal simulation software)bandsolve.v3.0.0 1CDbeamprop.v7. 1CDdiffractmod. 1CDFemsim v2. 1CDfullwave.v5. 1CDGratingmod v2. 1CDLasermod v2.2.2.2 1CDRscript v1.0 1CDRsoft Databrower v3.0.0 1CDRSOFT.LINKSIM.V3.4A 1CD (Optical communication system simulation analysis

Empire xccel v6.00 1cd Electromagnetic Field Simulation Software

Empire xccel v6.00 1cd Electromagnetic Field Simulation Software Imst is an independent R D Company and service provider with Rich engineering experience in mobile wireless technology and microelectronics technology. From the very early 1992 sImst is also aiming at the innovative EDA industry and is committed to developing advanced electromagnetic design tools. Main business in Engineering Consulting, res

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