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XML-assisted Flash interactive electronic map tagging place names

Xml In the last lecture we introduced the basic steps of making one of the simplest flash electronic maps (Flash interactive electronic Map production manual-Getting Started ). However, for large city maps with larger data volume, it is very inconvenient to create the place name tagging directly in the flash environment, so it is necessary to use the external data file to assist in the completion of the pla

XML-assisted Flash electronic map labeling place names

value_root.map_mc.bzmap_mc.createtextfield ("Road" +i, F, x, Y, 1, 1); /Create a toponymic textP=eval ("Road" +i); /Assign the name of the text box variable to pP.autosize = "Left"; /Specifies the alignment of textP.text = Childitems[i].childnodes[0].childnodes[0].nodevalue; /Get Names of namesf=f+1; /MC depth Automatic plus 1}}}Road_xml.load ("Road.xml"); /Invoke XML file:Note: Where the path to the XML file uses a relative path, which is the path o

Basic knowledge of common electronic components

This article is reproduced from http://blog.csdn.net/djimon/article/details/4084712, if necessary please, visit.Technorati Tags: electronic components diagram--------------------------Split Line Start------------------------- CapacitanceCapacitors are commonly known as capacitors. It is composed of two metal motors sandwiched between a dielectric layer. So it has the ability to store charges. Therefore, in

Mingpu optical magnetic, a leading manufacturer of Electronic Components

communication components is slightly larger. The optical module plays an important role in the market development prospects of Fiber-to-the-home, and the value-added value of the optical module is higher than that of the transformer ." In terms of new fields, mingpu also has his own experience. Yang said frankly, "we are exploring new energy and optical communication fields, it is built on the connectivity of its own products, customer groups, R D s

C # Electronic Components management System source code (no comment)

In order to better manage the electronic components of the laboratory, modeled after a variety of management software, made this electronic component management system, this system code is more, do not post out, only posted the corresponding source code, there is a need to download. Database files are not uploaded and need to be built according to the images them

C # Electronic Components Management System V1.0 Official edition

This time, just have the electronic components management System v1.0 official version to everyone, this change on the basis of the previous addition of user management, and the interface has been a lot of landscaping. Nonsense is not much to say, direct, on the source, welcome you to reference and correct.650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/87/16/wKioL1fT0rWANmCEAAOOd1G-occ683.png-wh

Aging testing of Electronic Components

than the expected value, aging is required to improve the actual reliability to meet user requirements.The aging method introduced in this article is almost the same as that introduced 10 years ago. The difference is that how to make better use of the aging time. Increasing the temperature, increasing the input of dynamic signals, and increasing the operating voltage to a normal value or higher are common methods to accelerate the occurrence of faults. However, if testing is performed during ag

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