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This blog will allow you to quit smoking-use Programmer's mind to quit smoking!

Smokers think that smoking is a kind of enjoyment, can help them relax, or can play a role in other aspects;Actually not, smoking is a kind of disease, this kind of disease is called nicotine addiction;The real role of smoking is a temporary remission of nicotine withdrawal symptoms!In other words, cigarettes do not bring you happiness, but only bring you nicotin

Suddenly quitting smoking kills you?

Beijing smoke control action vigorous, but many old smokers in the past have encountered such problems: suddenly do not smoke, the body instead of a variety of discomfort! Even the society has been circulating a saying that "sudden cessation of smoking will upset the balance of the body, but bad for the body"! The old smoker suddenly quit smoking, the body really will be affected?Experts said that smoke age

Five ways to quit smoking easily

Is it illegal to smoke while waiting at the station? Not a cigarette at a friend's restaurant? Many people do not understand or even resist smoking in public places. The law Office of the State Council recently published the first "Public Places control smoking Regulations (draft)" to solicit views from all sectors of the community. From "declaration" to "legislation", can the provisions of the draft Act pr

Quit smoking.

The tobacco staff broke the secret of surprise, and everyone quit smoking. (This is my friend who is smoking. I hope you will cherish yourself.) Source: Deng Chao's log tobacco company employee broke the secret of surprise, I never smoke again.Everyone knows that cigarettes are harmful, but most people only know that the harm of cigarettes is only the nicotine of tobacco. In fact, the real poison of cigaret

Chatting and smoking

Smoking, I just want to answer this question. Many people are interested in reading this article. Maybe you are an old smoker and will immediately smoke and take a look. Gossip, because I just wrote the following things out of some interesting ideas of myself. Maybe some of my imagination is contrary to reality, or you may have a high opinion, i'm not so arrogant or even sneer at my words. Please never go to my heart. I'm just "chatting and

How Word makes a smoking-ban sign

How Word makes a smoking-ban sign In fact, the production of the prohibition of smoking signs is very simple, this text details the use of Word to create a ban on smoking signs. First look at the teacher made the prohibition of smoking signs, and so what? Hurry up and do it! Yes, don't forget to download the material

On Saturday, two women smoked at QI Ding Chicken! -All smoking users are expected to pay attention in public places!

deliveryman. We don't want to use second-hand smoke to change the table ." Unexpectedly, the two women shouted, "This is not your home. I want to smoke in public. "LP also had a few arguments with them. I can't see it, and said to the two women:" in public places, where there are many people, no smoking is the minimum social morality, your quality is too bad, and you are still self-righteous. "At this time, the people around us have seen it to us. T

Quit smoking, OK?

The tobacco staff broke the secret of surprise. Everyone quit smoking. (This article is for my smoking friends and I hope you will cherish yourself.) Source:Deng Chao's logEmployees of tobacco companies are no longer afraid to smoke.Everyone knows that cigarettes are harmful, but most people only know that the harm of cigarettes is only the nicotine of tobacco. In fact, the real poison of cigarettes is hidd

Quit smoking.

The smoke is still a resolute quit, although it is very difficult, but this is needed.Smoking or quitting smoking, there is no right or wrong, but it is in line with their own philosophy, is to live a life of restraint.The way of the future, no one knows, everything is changeable. It may be good or bad, but in any case, be brave enough to live and face the world.Sometimes in memory, actually came to this world, is not easy, there is no need to always

Uva1516 smoking gun

Document directory Smoking gun Smoking gun Time limit:6000 ms Memory limit:Unknown 64bit Io format:% LLD % LlU [Submit][Go Back] [Status] DescriptionSmoking gun ANDY: "Billy the Kid fired first !" LARRY: "no, I'm sure I heard the first shot coming from John !" The arguments went back and forth during the trial after the big shoot-down, somewhere in the old wild west. mirac

UVALive-5906 Smoking Gun (differential constrained system + topological sequencing)

;if(D[v] > D[u] + ESP + e[i].c) {D[v] = D[u] + e[i].c;if(!vis[v]) {Vis[v] =true; Q.push (v);if(++cnt[v] >= N)return false; }}} Vis[u] =false; } for(inti =1; I if(D[i] return true;}voidSolve () {memset(In,0,sizeof(in)); for(inti =1; I if(!SPFA (i)) {printf("impossible\n");return; } Queueint>Ans while(Tuopu.size ()) {if(Tuopu.size () >1) {printf("unknown\n");return; }intt = *tuopu.begin (); Ans.push (t); Tuopu.erase (t); for(inti =0; I if(In[vec[t][i]] = =0) Tuopu.insert (Vec[t][i]); } }

Python day 4, quit smoking day 4

Python day 4, quit smoking day 4 Today is a hurdle, and it gets stuck when making a level-3 menu. For concise code, recursive functions are required! However, with the help of the students and teachers, the solution was solved! Job Requirements: Level 3 menu:1. Run the program to output the first menu2. Select a level-1 menu and output level-2 menus. Similarly, level-3 menus are output.3. Save menu data in a file File operations have not yet been lear

For smoking men ~

I don't know who told me that boys without scars will not fall in love with smoking ...... A man without injury will not fall in love with the wound. I think a harmless man will not fall in love with cigarettes. Smoke is a memory for those beautiful details. As a gloomy man, sitting in the autumn melancholy scene smoking posture, always let him have an unspeakable sour. I guess the pain in his heart i

Disadvantages and benefits of smoking

/* The following masterpiece was made by a younger brother of mine. It is very interesting to read and I recommend it to you */ First, let's take a look at the smoke process. First, we need to prepare for the smoke process. We need to test the smoke process and adjust the height of the flame. We need to open it with two feet and keep the head slightly sideways (to avoid burning the flame to the eyebrows ), it is recommended that the smoker of PEI yongjun's hairstyle should shave his hair, other

A full course of smoking signs in Word

First step: Create a new blank Word document, and set the page layout to landscape. Step two: Insert a text box where we want to write text and insert a picture. Step three: In one of the text boxes, insert a non-smoking picture that we do with Photoshop. Step Fourth: Insert WordArt in another text box Step Fifth: Adjust the size and style of the WordArt. I have added a reflection effect here, you can set according to your own preferences.

Photoshop to draw non-smoking public interest ads

As we all know, smoking is harmful to our health, today we are going to produce a publicity poster for banning smoking. (Figure 1) 1. Create a new 800*600 transparent file, and then create a new layer on the layers panel, draw a rectangular selection with the rectangular marquee tool, set the foreground color white, and press Alt+delete to fill the colors. (Figure 2) 2. Create a new layer on the layer

Broken Sword II The smoking Mirror v2.0.09 android-debtpda American Adventure Puzzle

Broken Sword II The smoking Mirror v2.0.09 android-debtpda American Adventure PuzzleBroken Sword II The Smoking Mirror is a classic American adventure puzzle masterpiece. The beautifully crafted graphics and details of the game give a very gorgeous feel, a compelling storyline, an interactive gameplay environment, and a full voice for the player's sense of generation. In the operation of the use of Cursors

How Word makes a stop smoking sign

1. Click on the toolbar "insert" → "symbol" → "other symbols". 2. Click "Font" Drop-down to find "Webdings". 3. In Webdings we can find and insert a "no smoking" symbol. 4. In this time the document will appear to prohibit the attraction symbol, but the symbol is very small, we can adjust it. Select the symbol and then right-click into the font setting. 5. Then we can modify the font size. 6. After the modifica

School smoking ends

School smoking ends Several students often smoke at school, and teacher X is in the office to review them one by one.Instructor X: "Do you smoke at school ?"A student: "Yes ."Instructor X: "Good! It's quite justified! Immediately ask the parents to come ."Student A walked out of the office and said to several other students, "Do not smoke ."Other students say, "Thank you. It's really a brother ."Instructor X: "B comes in ."Student B: "Yes ."Instructo

Smoke test (Smoking tesing)

test pays particular attention to the changed code. So, when you're testing, you have to know what it is: 1, what's changed in the code. To understand the change, you must understand the techniques used, and the developer can provide instructions. 2. How the changes affect the functionality.3. How the changes affect the dependencies of each component.In addition, before you conduct a smoke test, you should focus on the code for all changes in the code to check, which ensures that the key critic

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