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10 questions to make programming interviews less expensive -- Reference

about how to add or remove elements from linked list, because I believe that as a programmer you must know array, linked list, set, MAP and string algorithms. if you want to add another level of cushion than you can also ask about how to remove duplicates in array without using any library function. this will give you enough idea whether to proceed further or not. I knowTrivia is not a good way to find a programmers, But questions which are closely

Getting started with C Programming in Unix/Linux (31) how to beat enterprise interviews with mathematical functions and how to get started with linux

Getting started with C Programming in Unix/Linux (31) how to beat enterprise interviews with mathematical functions and how to get started with linuxAdvanced Programming in unix environments is different from that in linux C programming. You can think of the former as a unix/linux system-related learning, such as api

10 common algorithm concepts during programming interviews

The following are the top 10 algorithm-Related Concepts in Programming Interviews. I will explain these concepts through some simple examples. Since it takes more efforts to fully master these concepts, this list is just an introduction. This article will look at the problem from the Java perspective, including the following concepts: 1. if the IDE does not have the code auto-complementing function, you sho

Top 10 algorithms for programming interviews

probability that everyone's birthdays are different, that is: 365/365 * 364/365 * 363/365 * ... * (365-49)/365, so that at least two people birthday the same probability is the value of this.public static double caculateprobability (int n) {double x = 1;for (int i=0; iCalculateprobability (50) = 0.9710. Permutations and combinationsThe difference between composition and arrangement is whether the order is critical.Reference/Recommendation information:1. Binary Tree2. Introduction to Dynamic pro

Network Programming-basic and communication elements, network programming communication elements

Network Programming-basic and communication elements, network programming communication elements Basic network knowledge Computer Network: Connects computers distributed in different geographic regions with dedicated external devices using communication lines into a large and functional network system. So that many com

Three elements of network programming model and network programming __ programming

decryption, compression and decompression, and so on (that is, the computer can recognize things to convert adults can recognize things (such as pictures, sounds, etc.). 7. Application layer: Mainly some terminal applications, such as FTP (a variety of file downloads), the WEB (ie browsing), QQ and so on (it can be understood as we can see on the computer screen things.) is the terminal application). Network applications: Network programming, IO str

Problem solving and programming practices for finding the different elements in two lists

results:When Listlen is set to 10000:Result 1:[HTML]View Plaincopy -----------------------Method 1---------------------- Getdiffelementuseremove Run time:2015792051 -----------------------Method 2---------------------- Getdiffelementusemap Run time:37966034 The number of diff element is:13332 The number of diff element is:13332 When the Listlen is set to 100000: After a half-day Method 1 does not run out of the results, Method 2 runs the following results:[HTML

Network programming Overview and three elements (ip/port number/protocol) and socket communication principle

I. Overview of network Programming 1, the computer network refers to the different geographical location of multiple computers with independent functions and their external devices, through the communication line, in the network operating system, network management software and network communication Protocol management and coordination, the realization of resource sharing and information transmission of computer systems. 2, network

Python programming how to sort a list of dictionary elements in a detailed way

This article mainly describes the Python programming method to sort the dictionary elements in the list, involving Python's traversal, read, and transform related manipulation techniques for lists and dictionary elements, and the required friends can refer to the following This example describes how Python programmatically sorts dictionary

Brief Introduction to Internet Explorer programming (10) responding to Event Notifications from HTML elements-several useful classes

: TypedefChtmlelements TypedefChtmlelements ClassCmyview: PublicChtmlview { Private: Chtmldocuments m_htmldocs; chtmlanchors m_htmlanchors ;} In documentcomplete, you can connect to the file object in the browser as follows: VoidCmyview: ondocumentcomplete (lpdispatch Pdisp, lpctstr lpszurl) {m_htmldocs.setsite (Pdisp );} To connect all the anchor elements in the document at one time, you can use ihtmldocument2: get_anchors to obtain the ihtmle

The sum of elements of "cuda parallel programming Seven" arrays

kernel function inside can understand.line68:"1" in Compute_sum is the number of blocks, "count" is the number of threads inside each block, "blockshareddatasize" is the size of the shared memory.Kernel function Compute_sum:line35: defines the shared memory variable.Line36: The memory area of the corresponding sharedmem of threadidx.x smaller than CNT is assigned to the value in array array.line39~47: The function of this code is to add all the values and place them in the sharemem[0] position.

VB.net programming Elements Support Change summary

Visual Basic 2005 Changes the way it supports various programming elements, primarily to provide interoperability with the common language runtime. Many Visual Basic 6.0 elements are renamed, re-categorized, or combined with other programming elements of Visual Basic 2005. S

[Programming Beauty] Write a function that returns the result of all elements in an array being removed by the first element

of an assert is to evaluate the expression first, if its value is false (that is, 0), then it prints an error message to stderr and then terminates the program by calling abort. assert specific usage : Click the Open linkvoid exit (int status)Features: closes all files and terminates the process being executed. Parameters: A parameter of 0 indicates normal exit, not 0 for abnormal exitExit specific usage : Click to open linkPrecautions:1: Function parameters to be tested: assert ()2: Special ca

Object-Oriented Programming and VC ++ implementation-liwei_2_3 (sum of row elements and diagonal lines of the matrix)

// Object-Oriented Programming and VC ++ implementation -- liwei_2_3 (sum of row elements and diagonal lines of the matrix)// -- Object-Oriented Programming and VC ++ implementation// -- Liwei_2_3// -- Calculate the sum of the row elements and diagonal lines of the matrix.// -- 11/5/2005 sat. Morning// -- Computer lab

RUBY: finding the largest number of Adjacent Elements in the array and solving the programming Pearl

Ruby calculates the maximum sum of Adjacent Elements in the array. Wei renyan 2010.8.21 I recently studied programming Pearl River and was very interested in the questions raised in the book. So according to the description in the book, I used Ruby to solve the related problems. The problems I learned today are as follows: This is a problem in Chapter 8th of programming

Three elements of network communication in Java 25-2 Network programming

ports.A: Each network program will have at least one logical portB: The logical address used to identify the process, the identity of the different processesC: Valid port: 0~65535, where the 0~1024 system uses or retains the port.PS: You can view the port number by using the Task Manager's detailsProtocol UDP and TCPUDP (commonly known as: Unreliable protocol)    The data source and destination are encapsulated into a datagram packet, no connection is required, the size of each datagram packet

[Programming question] Find the minimum k Elements

5. Find the minimum k elements (array)Question: Enter n integers and output the smallest k integers.For example, if you enter the 8 numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8, the minimum four digits are 1, 2, 3, and 4. The algorithm has learned the O (n) algorithm for finding small k elements. I tried to implement the following: Note that the new method initializes two-dimensional arrays. int (* a)[5] = new int[8][5

Three elements of network programming

the host number segmentOne network number: 256*256*256 = 16777216Class B: The first second number segment is the network number segment + The last two segment of the host number segmentOne network number: 256*256 = 65536Class C: The first third segment is the network number segment + The following section of the host number segmentOne Network number: 256Classification of IP addresses:Class A (1) 10.x.x.x is a private address (the private address is not used on the Inte

The elements of programming style

The elements of programming style is a very old book. Although FORTRAN We are not very familiar with it. Although novel languages are emerging The years cannot cover up the insights. The English version of Google is everywhere. Set Code Do not be clever. What do you want to do? It's simple and straightforward. Use the library function whenever possible. Avoid using too many temporary variables. "Efficiency

Linux processes, execution methods, programs, programming elements

:[[emailprotected]~]#name=nicai #本地变量 [[emailprotected]~]# echo $namenicai [[Emailprotected]~]#bash[[emailprotected]~]#echo $name [[emailprotected]~]#exitexit[[emailprotected]~]#echo$ namenicai[[emailprotected]~]#exportname[=aaa]-bash:export: ' name[=aaa] ': notavalididentifier[[emailprotected]~]#exportname=[aaa]# environment variable [[emailprotected]~]#echo $name [aaa][[emailprotected]~]#bash[[ emailprotected]~]#echo $name [aaa][[emailprotected]~]#[[email Protected]~]#envxdg_session_id=466hos

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