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MVC uses the Elmah logging component, mvcelmah

MVC uses the Elmah logging component, mvcelmahIntroduction ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers) Error Logging module and processing program, is a widely used Error Log tool that is completely pluggable. It can be dynamically added to a running ASP. NET Web application,

Easy-to-use ASP. NET error logging publishing module elmah (error logging modules and handlers)

Recent Msdn This section describes the usage HTTP Module And Handler Implemented error logging Module Elmah (error logging modules and handlers )), He can record all unprocessed Asp.net ProgramException , You do not need to modify the existingCode , No need to re-compile and deploy , Modify Web. config Set DLL Copy Bin Okay. .

ELMAH (ASP. NET error logging and notification) series-Concepts

I have recently studied several ASP. in the open-source project of NET, ELMAH is used to record the error log of the entire application. So I took a little research and shared it with you here, if you have used it, please advise. ELMAH will be introduced in three series: Concepts Basic Applications Advanced Applications Concepts ELMAH (The Error

ELMAH (ASP. NET error logging and notification) series-Concepts

I have recently studied several ASP. in the open-source project of NET, ELMAH is used to record the error log of the entire application. So I took a little research and shared it with you here, if you have used it, please advise. ELMAH will be introduced in three series: Concepts Basic Applications Advanced Applications Concepts ELMAH (The Error

Error logging tool elmah.

Recently, the company's servers often encounter errors, leading to the inability to access the website. Therefore, we think of the error reminder emails that the company used before. We often receive system reports of the Yellow Pages, this helps us fix possible bugs and ensure system stability and a good user experience. At present, an entrepreneurial company needs to do everything on its own. If this is not the case, it will take a long time to deploy this

Elmah-error logging modules and handlers

Overview[Elmah records webapplication exceptions by configuring httpmoule and httphandler. However, if you do not handle these exceptions, you only record them and report errors by sending emails, to conveniently monitor webapplication exceptions] Http://www.gotdotnet.com/workspaces/workspace.aspx? F18bab11-162c-4267-a46e-72438c38df6f HTTP modules and handlers can be used in ASP. net to provide a high degree of componentization for code that is

. Net system error logging tool Elmah

ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP. NET) is an ASP. NET, which can easily record asp.net errors to XML, MS SQLServer, SQLite, MySql and other files, and even it can send mail. Http://code.google.com/p/elmah/ This is an open-source component that allows you to easily report Global website errors. On the Add From = "test@test.com" is the mailbo

Take advantage of Elmah and Google to experience a thrill of intrusion

IntroducedAbout Elmah, I believe everyone is not unfamiliar, the most popular error logging component, used by people know its powerful power, can record very detailed error information for administrators and developers to analyze. Elmah is very simple to configure, but it also brings a problem: if the configuration is not good, it will be invaded, and the method

Three minutes integrated Elmah XML format log to MVC site

1. Installing Elmah through NuGetELMAH on XML log automatically adds configuration content to the Web. config file, does not allow remote access by default, log access path is Elmah.axd, 500 error is not logged2. Modify the configuration file500 increase in exception logging, allowing remote access Elmah> See Http://code.google.com/p/

Use of elmah

In C #. net website projects often need to record error logs. The previous practice is to record error exceptions to the data table of an error log, however, after a project needs to be connected to the VPN, the access speed to the database is really unsatisfactory for every view of the Error Log, so I found a third-party elmah logging tool for error backup, elmah

Elasticsearch+nlog+elmah Implementing ASP. NET Distributed Log Management

Elasticsearch+nlog+elmah Implementing ASP. NET Distributed Log ManagementElasticsearch IntroductionElasticSearch是一个基于Lucene的搜索服务器。它提供了一个分布式多用户能力的全文搜索引擎,基于RESTful web接口。Elasticsearch是用Java开发的,并作为Apache许可条款下的开放源码发布,是第二流行的企业搜索引擎。希望我们的搜索解决方案要快,希望有一个零配置和一个完全免费的搜索模式,我们希望能够简单地使用JSON通过HTTP的索引数据,我们希望我们的搜索服务器始终可用,我们希望能够一台开始并扩展到数百,我们要实时搜索,我们要简单的多租户,我们希望建立一个云的解决方案。Elasticsearch旨在解决所有这些问题和更多的问题。Elasticsearch'sSchema与其它DB比较:ElasticSearch三方访问方式:Environment is CentOS

MVC records exceptions by inheriting Handleerrorattribute, using log4net or elmah components, etc.

; True routedata.values["Error"; routedata.values["action"] = action; New Handleerrorinfo (ex, Currentcontroller, currentaction); ((IController) controller). Execute (new RequestContext (new Httpcontextwrapper (HttpContext), Routedata)); }To do this, you also need to define a errorcontroller and, of course, a corresponding error-prompt view:Using SYSTEM.WEB.MVC;Namespace Mvcapplication1.controllers{ Class Errorcontroller:controlle

Using SQL Azure for Elmah

],[User] = [user],StatusCode = [StatusCode],Time = CONVERT (VARCHAR (), [TIMEUTC], 126) + ' Z 'From[Elmah_error] ErrorWHERE[Application] = @Applicationand[TIMEUTC] and[Sequence] ORDER by[TIMEUTC] DESC,[Sequence] DESCForXML AUTO GOSET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER OFFGOSET ANSI_NULLS onGO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ONGOSET ANSI_NULLS onGOIF EXISTS (SELECT * from sysobjects WHERE xtype = ' P ' and name = ' Elmah_logerror ')DROP PROCEDURE [dbo]. [Elmah_logerror]GOCREATE PROCEDURE [dbo]. [Elmah_logerror](@ErrorId un

The current popular Logging tool configuration encyclopedia (Log4j,jakarta Commons logging,jdk1.4 Logging)

The initial setup of my logging frameworkHow to set up my log frame.The original text comes from Http://log4e.jayefem.de/index.php/Log4E:FAQIf you are are already familiar with your logging framework you might want to skip this section.This is chapter gives you a slight idea of how to make the initial setup of your logger. This isn't supported by log4e at the moment and the ' not ' intended use in the begin

Whether goldengate requires force logging: detailed explanation of Oracle force logging and nologging Modes

Force logging Mode In Oracle, some DDL statements (such as create database) allow you to specify the nologging clause, which causes some database operationsRedo logs are generated in the database redo log. The nologging setting can accelerate operations that can be easily recovered outside the database recovery mechanism,However, this setting may have adverse effects on media recovery and standby databases. Oracle Database supports forcible redo recor

Use the logging module in Python instead of print (simple logging guide)

This article mainly introduces the benefits of using the logging module in Python to replace print. The main purpose is the simple guide of the logging module. for details about how to use the logging module, refer Replace print? Print what's wrong? Print may be the first thing that anyone who learns the Python language has come into contact. Its main function i

Use the logging module in Python instead of print (Logging concise guide) _python

Replace print? What's wrong with print? Print is probably the first thing that anyone who learns the Python language touches. Its main function is to print a piece of information to the console, like this: Copy Code code as follows: print ' Hello, logging! ' Print is also the most people used to debug their own program with the most things, like writing JS using Console.log as natural. Many beginners who are just starting to

A real hot-swappable open Source Logging component

Two days ago found an open source log component Elmah, I like it all of a sudden, like him because it supports "hot plug" (no need to change any program), a simple configuration (several lines of configuration), a variety of logging methods (database, file, Email), supporting multiple databases (Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Sqlite, vistadb), and view results do not need to be written (and support RSS publish

Python logging module logging

This article introduces the logging module-level functions of the python log module. Logging. getLogger ([name]): returns a logger object. If no name is specified, the root logger is returned. Logging. debug (), logging.info (), logging. warning (), logging. error (), and

Logging using commons-logging and log4j

One, why use commons-logging+log4j? Commons-logging and log4j are open source projects under Apache. The purpose of commons-logging is to provide a unified interface for "All Java log implementations" that decouple the project from the Log Implementation tool, its own log function is weak (only a simple simplelog), so it is generally not used alone. The log4j fea

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