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Jsninja-eloquent JavaScript Reading Notes 2-events and HTTP requests

A friend recommended book (http://eloquentjavascript.net/), while not busy recently read the next. In general, this book is not suitable for beginners of JS, because the examples in it are relatively poor, less academic, and practical applications. I personally recommend head first JavaScript For JS books. In fact, it is said that all the books in the head first series are good. Every book has its merits. If you plan to read this book, you may j

JavaScript Object-Oriented Knowledge concatenation (read JavaScript advanced programming (Third edition) _ javascript skills

Recently, I was looking at the JavaScript advanced programming design (the third edition). The object-oriented chapter has more than 20 pages, and I went back and forth for three or five times. The results of each reading were different. The first time I went over it, I was confused, as a result, when I went to bed at night, I found a lot of problems and I couldn't understand anything. I looked at it again

JavaScript advanced programming (Third edition) Study Notes Chapter 6 and Chapter 7, javascript Study Notes

JavaScript advanced programming (Third edition) Study Notes Chapter 6 and Chapter 7, javascript Study Notes Chapter 2 Object-Oriented Programming Object: 1. Data attributes Optional retriable, which indicates whether the attribute can be deleted through delete to redefine the attribute, whether the attribute can be modified, or whether the attribute can be modifi

The third edition of JavaScript Advanced Programming, Chapter 2, JavaScript Introduction and HTML reading notes

provides methods and interfaces for interacting with the browser.4.ECMA-262 provides the following components: syntax, type, statement, keyword, reserved word, operator, object5. By the year 2008, the five major web browsers (Ie,firefox,safari,chrome and opera) were all compatible with ECMA-262. Of these, all browsers support ECMAScript Third edition is generally good, and the support of ECMAScript 5 is more and more high, but the support for DOM is

JavaScript Advanced Programming (3rd edition) | Study notes (1): Using JavaScript in HTML

the location of the label If the page requires a lot of JavaScript code, this will undoubtedly cause the browser to have a noticeable delay in rendering the page, while the browser window in the delay period will be blank. To avoid this problem, modern WEB applications typically place all JavaScript references behind the page content in the DOCTYPE HTML>HTML>Head>title>Example HTML Pagetitle>Head>Body>her

JavaScript advanced programming (Third edition) study notes 6, chapter 7 _ javascript skills

This article mainly introduces the relevant information in Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 of the Study Notes for the advanced JavaScript programming (the third edition). For more information, see Chapter 2 Object-Oriented Programming Object: 1. Data attributes Optional retriable, which indicates whether the attribute can be deleted through delete to redefine the attribute, whether the attribute can be modified,

JavaScript Advanced Programming (3rd Edition) Notes-Chapter 1th-javascript Introduction

extensions:A) popup The function of the new browser window;b) The ability to move, zoom, and close the browser window;c) Navigator object that provides browser details;d) A Location object that provides detailed information about the pages loaded by the browser;e) A Screen object that provides detailed information about the user's display resolution;f) support for cookies;g) Custom objects such as the activexobject of XMLHttpRequest and IE.6, BOM no standard can be followed, so each browser has

JavaScript advanced programming (Third edition) Study Notes (2), javascript Study Notes

JavaScript advanced programming (Third edition) Study Notes (2), javascript Study NotesChapter 5 Literal representation Var person = {name: "a", age: 10, 5: true // The value property name is automatically converted to a string }; "First name" contains a space, so it cannot be accessed using dot notation, but it can be accessed by person ["first name"] Each

JavaScript Advanced reference type (i) JavaScript Advanced Programming (Third edition)

the entire pattern. The remainder is the capturing group string that matches the string for the entire pattern (if not, there is only one item) PS: for exec () and test (), if the regular expression has G mode, the next time the expression is called again, the match is started from the last match, and if the G mode is not used, Call the regular expression again and match from the beginning.inherited methods: (Tolocalstring (), toString (), ValueOf ())The first two returns the literal of the reg

JavaScript Advanced Programming (Third Edition) Chapter II using JavaScript in HTML

2.1 tags. If embedded code is included, only the external script file is downloaded and executed, and the embedded code is ignored.2.3 Document ModeThe first two document modes: Promiscuous mode and Standard mode2.4JavaScript Advanced Programming (Third Edition) Chapter II using JavaScript in HTML

JavaScript-javascript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition)

/* Progressive enhancement smooth degraded web page structure layer (structural layer): HTML presentation layer (presentation layer): CSS JavaScript-javascript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition)

JavaScript authoritative Guide (6th edition) (Chinese version) PDF

Brief introductionSince 1996, JavaScript's: Authoritative guide has been defined for JavaScript Bible programmers, Programmer's guides and a comprehensive reference to the core language and Web browser of the client JavaScript API. The 6th edition includes HTML5 and ECMAScript 5, a new chapter with jquery and server-side Java

JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd Edition)-Comprehensive notes

1th Chapter JavaScript History 1.1 JavaScript originsJavaScript was developed by Netscape company in collaboration with Sun Corporation.JavaScript is an implementation of the ECMAScript standard, but in a general expression, the two refer to the same programming language.1.2 DOMDOM, the Document Object model, is a set of methods for abstracting and conceptualizing the contents of a document.The DOM allows y

JavaScript Advanced Programming (3rd edition) pdf

: Network Disk DownloadContent Introduction······This book is the latest version of the JavaScript super bestseller. ECMAScript 5 and HTML5 both won in the battle for standards, allowing a large number of proprietary implementations and client-side extensions to formally enter the norm, while also adding a lot of new features to JavaScript for future development. This e

Note | JavaScript authoritative Guide [Sixth edition] Chapter 2nd: Lexical structure

not parsed correctly when the semicolon is missing.Generally speaking, if a statement starts with a "(", "[", "/", "+" or "-", it is most likely to be parsed together with the previous statement.Some programmers prefer to keep a semicolon in front of the statement so that even if the previous statement is modified and the semicolon is mistakenly deleted, the current statement will parse correctly. But there are two exceptions.The first exception is that there can be no line breaks between retur

JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd edition) reading notes (5)

Best practices for smooth degradationVisitors to the site are completely likely to use browsers that do not support JavaScript, and it is possible that the browser supports JavaScript, but the user has disabled it. If this is not the case, people who visit your website may encounter all kinds of problems and therefore no longer visit your website.If you use JavaScript

JavaScript authoritative Guide (6th edition) Learning Note one

Tag: His must change text not using character set minimum scope cal2nd Chapter Lexical StructureOne, Character setThe *javascript program is written in the Unicode character set.*javascript are strictly case sensitive.*javascript notes: (1) "//" for single-line comments, (2) "/* ..../" for multiline comments.*javascript

JavaScript Advanced Programming (3rd Edition) Learning Notes Overview _ Basics

In the beginning of the advent of JavaScript, no one will think it will be applied so widely, but also far more complex than most people imagine, in the process of my own learning, there have been many shocks, but often not long, a lot of beautiful use is blurred again, I hope that through the JavaScript Advanced Programming (3rd Edition) of the topic of learning

Ebook download: javascript step by step, 2nd Edition

Book DescriptionYour hands-on, step-by-step guide to the fundamentals of Javascript development. Teach yourself how to program with JavaScript-one step at time. ideal for developers with fundamental programming skills, this practical tutorial provides the clear guidance and hands-on examples you need to create or customize interactive web applications using core JavaS

JavaScript case six: Simple provincial linkage (nba Edition)

JavaScript for simple provinces and cities (nba Edition) linkageDOCTYPE HTML>HTML> Head> title>JavaScript for simple provinces and cities (nba Edition) linkagetitle> Metahttp-equiv= "content-type"content= "text/html; charset=utf-8"> Scripttype= "text/javascript" >

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