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Oracle EM Manual Configuration

Reprinted from: http://www.cnblogs.com/sopost/archive/2010/08/14/2190098.htmlConfiguring EM with EMCAEMCA is a command prompt that uses formats and methods to enter EMCA at a command prompt, EMCA use help appears on the screen.Command Help is as

Oracle 11g EM Dbconsole reconstruction tutorial, 11 gdbconsole

Oracle 11g EM Dbconsole reconstruction tutorial, 11 gdbconsole Overview: You can use command lines and graphical interfaces to manage the daily management of oracle databases. command lines include commands such as sqlplus, srvctl, and crsctl, the

PHP Mail Send source code

Long time to write something ..... Recently, life is depressing .... For the life and tired, tidy up the example of e-mail sent, there are many online, I am also a good extract, test OK, home Mail class smtp_email_class.php as follows:Class

Once the Oracle EM experience is configured

For Oracle10grac constructs em, originally very easy thing, but it takes a long time to record down. MEMO.First, for example, the following error was reported:[[email protected] admin]$ emca-config dbcontrol dbstarted emca at 9:06:47 amem

Http://localhost:1158/em cannot open 2

After "Http://localhost:1158/em can't open 1" of some toss, EM still can't access. So a different way Original address: http://sjsky.javaeye.com/blog/644197 Oracle 10g replacement of host name or IP causes EM (dbconsole) to start failure

Oracle EM Cannot access

zwt2001267 Original Oracle EM cannot access1. cmd Control start em:C:\users\administrator>emctl Start Dbconsoleenvironment variable oracle_unqname not defined. Please set Oracle_unqname to database unique name.C:\users\administrator>Set

One-time oracle em configuration experience and oracleem configuration experience

One-time oracle em configuration experience and oracleem configuration experience Configuring em for oracle10grac was originally a very simple task, but it took a long time to record it and forget it. First, the following error is reported: [oracle@

Solution for Oracle em can't log on after computer IP changes (pro-test)

The following methods for my pro-testScenario: Assume that the first time the computer installed Oracle IP is the address to the EM is Http:// the computer's IP is changed to 192.

EMCA command, EM cannot start

The problem with Oracle EM not starting today may be the reason the IP changed, so I used the EMCA command to reconfigure Oracle EM, as follows: I:/documents and SETTINGS/GESHAOQING>EMCA- Config Dbcontrol Db-repos recreate EMCA started at 2007-10-

EM configuration for Oracle beginners

The following error occurs when ORACLE11gR264-bit em is started: [root @ localhost ~] # Su ORACLE 11g R2 64-bit em startup with the following error: [root @ localhost ~] # Su-oracle [oracle @ localhost ~] $ Emctl start dbconsoleEnvironm Oracle 1

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