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Ema algorithm C # implementation

Ema represents the exponential smoothing moving average, and its function is defined as Y = EMA (x, n) Then y = [2 * x + (N-1) * y']/(n + 1), where y' indicates the value of Y in the previous cycle. Calculate the n-day exponent smoothing moving

Mean value algorithm of MA, EMA, SMA, DMA, TMA, WMA6

Mean value algorithm of MA, EMA, SMA, DMA, TMA, WMA6MA, EMA, SMA, DMA, TMA, WMA6 average algorithms are often used in various indicator formulas, but most beginners may not understand their specific differences, organized as follows.MA (x,n) simple

C # Implementation of EMA calculation (C # exponential moving Average (EMA) indicator)

Originally a foreign source (technicalanalysisengine src 1.25) internal calculation of the EMA is:var copyinputvalues = input. ToList ();for (int i = period; I {var resultvalue = (Copyinputvalues[i]-returnvalues.last ()) * multiplier +

The C # Implementation of EMA computing (c # Exponential Moving Average (EMA) indicator ),

The C # Implementation of EMA computing (c # Exponential Moving Average (EMA) indicator ), Originally, the external source code (TechnicalAnalysisEngine src 1.25) internally calculates the EMA as follows: Var copyInputValues = input. ToList (); For (

What are the selection methods of the EMA period?

There are many kinds of cycle options for EMA systems, which are used by investors from 3rd to hundreds of days. But in the end should be a few days of the average line to judge the reference is more effective, this problem has plagued most

EMA exponential smoothed moving average

EXPMA (exponential moving Average) translates exponential smoothed moving average, referred to as EMA,The average day price X's N daily exponential smoothed moving averages, in the stock formula is generally expressed as: EMA (X,n), where X is the

The formula of flush with flowers

1, 30 trading days, the share price fell to half of the stock: XG: (HHV (c,30)-c)/HHV (c,30) >0.5; 2, today's volume is 5 days on average twice times moreXg:v>ma (v,5) * *; Amount of shrinkage Vol/ma (vol,10) 3, within two days, the cumulative fall

Time Domain Analysis and illustration Ema. timingdesigner. v9.2

Time Domain Analysis and illustration Ema. timingdesigner. v9.2 A flexible and interactive Time Domain Analysis and graphical tool. Suitable for digital integrated circuit and printed circuit board design. The chronology Department of forte design

Large Wisdom Stock Selection formula

A good formula can save a lot of dash analysis time here to teach you a big smart self-coding indicators and intelligent stock selection function to select the method of short-term profit."Formula entry"The first step is to open the big wisdomThe

Smoothing, similarities, and differences average-macd

Smoothing, similarities, and differences average-macd Macd indicators, also known as exponential smoothing, similarities and differences, and moving averages, were created by Gerald apple, it is a technical analysis tool used to judge the stock

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