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List of famous Emacs users (GO)

List of famous Emacs users (GO) List of well-known Emacs users (RPM) Table of Contents Marijn Haverbeke–eloquent, author of JavaScript and Codemirror Author of Jeffrey friedl–mastering Regular Expressions The authors of Michael

List of famous Emacs users (GO)

List of famous Emacs users (GO) List of famous Emacs users (GO)Original: http://wenshanren.org/?p=386I don't think that using Emacs can improve the level of a programmer, or that several middle-aged celebrities use (or use)

Configure PHP-mode for Emacs

Php-mode is the mode in which Emacs is used to edit PHP source code. It inherits all the features of C-mode, complies with pear coding standards, searches for PHP manuals, complements the code, and class browsing. This section describes how to

Emacs Configuration File

Reprint Address: http://dolive.iteye.com/blog/246060 . Emacs refers to the configuration file for Emacs. Under Unix, ". Emacs". It is in the user's home directory.You can write a new one yourself. Emacs. But generally from others that (or online)

Use Emacs as the Ruby on Rails integrated development environment

In the rubyforge projectEmacs-railsPackage: Ruby support for Emacs under the MISC directory in the ruby release.NxhtmL The use of Emacs addon provides strong support for ror project development. Briefly describe the installation and configuration

To resolve the new Emacs Warning: Warning (initialization): Your Load-path ...

650) this.width=650; "Src=" https://mmbiz.qlogo.cn/mmbiz/ Iahl5mqlicpyof1q77mwnlmsduk8ibvnzg6477znwnobgc1cuns9kowq4muyso4hksjbfy2d1lkrsqv98cvwamoma/0?wxfmt=png "alt=" 0? Wxfmt=png "/> warning appears after upgrading to new EmacsAs one of the

To resolve the new Emacs Warning: Warning (initialization): Your ' Load-path ' ...

warning appears after upgrading to new EmacsAs one of the code editors for good use, Emacs has a high practical rate in the geek world. Of course, Vim also has a lot of supporters. But the small part is transferred from Vim to Emacs, the individual

My Emacs settings file. emacs

;;; Emacs Configuration File;; Set row height(Setq-default line-spacing 5)(Custom-set-variables;; Custom-set-variables was added by Custom.;; If you edit it by hand, you could mess it up and so is careful.;; Your init file should contain only one

Install php-mode,emacsphp-mode_php tutorial under MAC emacs

Install Php-mode,emacsphp-mode under MAC emacs In a page (sorry don't remember), compared three configurations, Php-mode, php-mode-improved, xnhtml. The author in the comparison recommended xnhtml, but in xnthml official website download link

My emacs configuration:. emacs

(Tool-bar-mode 0)(Menu-bar-mode 0)(Blink-cursor-mode 0);;( Set-scroll-bar-mode Nil);;( Global-linum-mode 0)(Set-default-font "16");;( Fringe-mode 1);; -----Color Setting---------;; (Set-background-color "#000");; (set-foreground-color "White");;

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