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Mail Service (ESP) Mail return one: marked as spam!

e-mail as an important tool for business communication, the world's first e-mail was born in 1971, China's first mail was born in 1998, China's Mail has been developed for 30 years. No matter how the Internet changes, e-mail is one of the most

Truncate spam on Linux servers

Cut off the spam on the Linux Server-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. In today's world, spam continues to run rampant and is increasingly becoming a serious problem because

Use hashcash to combat spam

Cute Python: Use hashcash to combat spam Content:

Email blacklist whitelist gray list

  Spam has become a serious problem. In order to win the war against spam, we use 18 weapons. The Blacklist, whitelist, and gray list should be the most basic tools in this battle against spam, this article will elaborate on how enterprises can

Spam rules Craigslist

A few years ago, the spam information was still reported by Craigslist. Today, spam information senders have begun to govern the world's most famous classified information advertising platform. Craigslist tried every means to prevent spam

Use Naive Bayes for spam Classification

Bayesian formulas describe the relationship between conditional probabilities. In machine learning, Bayesian formulas can be applied to classification issues. This article is based on my own learning and uses an example of spam classification to

Build a complete email system (postfix + dovecot + clamAV + Spamassassin + amavisd-new)

====================================== Related Software:1. Send email --- postfix 2. Identity Authentication --- sasl2 3. receive email --- dovecot 4. Anti-Virus email --- clamAV 5. Anti-Spam --- spamassassin 6. Control the virus and spam scanner --

Email marketing EDM template creation specifications

Recently, I am working on some activity projects. From time to time, there will be an email sending page (EDM for short). After numerous tests, I will summarize the following EDM production standards, I would like to share with you the hope to help

How to Use the Gmail SMTP server to send email notifications on Linux

How to Use the Gmail SMTP server to send email notifications on Linux Suppose you want to configure a Linux application to send mail information from your server or Desktop client. Email information may be a briefing, status update (such as Cachet),

Email Security Guide for Entrepreneurs

Email Security Guide for Entrepreneurs The impact of Sony Pictures being attacked by hackers is gradually presented to us. Therefore, we have noticed that business operation security is critical to any company. Whether you transmit valuable data or

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