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Analyze Mozilla code's "seven weapons"

Weapon 1: Armor Piercing source insight Website: The source insight tool is for analysis Source code Powerful engineering weapon! With it, there are more sources Code File is not afraid, it can help you go to "go to

How to transfer Mozilla emails and settings to Thunderbird

ThunderbirdWith the arrival of the new version 3.1.1, Thunderbird is becoming more and more popular. I will teach you how to transfer Mozilla emails and settings to the whole process of Thunderbird. Thunderbird currently uses an independent profile

Mozilla releases website General logon system Persona

Over the past year, Mozilla has been developing a pilot email address-based network login code called "BrowserID". The product name Persona was officially released several months ago. This system saves the trouble of entering passwords on websites

Mozilla UI Designer: more help on Firefox Interface Design

According to foreign media reports, at the Web 2.0 Expo conference recently held in San Francisco, Mozilla's user experience designer Aza Raskin said, in terms of interface design, Mozilla needs more external help and talks about Firefox's

Early in the history of Brower ID, Mozilla provides users with third-party login accounts

In December 15, Mozilla Labs released its Browser ID project Official Website:, it is understood that the project has completed the first stage of the design and development work. Browser ID, as its name implies, is the

Security Tips 10 tips for Email Security Protection

Ensuring email security is not just as simple as setting a strong password for your POP or IMAP email server. For email security protection, the most important thing is to ensure that you do not put a stone on your feet. The tips provided in this

10 tricks for Email Security

On the Internet, there is a lot of information about how to protect your email. However, most of them are used at the Professional level and are not suitable for common end users. After all, SpamAssassin and other spam filters are configured to

Email grilled avatar to show you how to write a simple script grill map

I'll show you how to write a simple script grill with a mail-head.The hand has hundreds of thousands of mailbox, originally the user system did not do the picture of things, now want to according to these mailboxes can take part of the user's avatar,

Revolutionizing Traditional communication Mozilla's new raindrop Platform

Mozilla, known for its development of Firefox, today released a new software, raindrop, which is an open-source communication and stream delivery platform developed in partnership with Thunderbird, it is designed to provide users with an open and

Mozilla Firefox/SeaMonkey eval () function Security Restriction Bypass Vulnerability

Affected Versions:Mozilla Firefox 3.xMozilla SeaMonkey 2.x Vulnerability description: Mozilla Firefox (Fx, FF), also known as Firefox (no official Chinese name currently), is a web browser jointly developed by the Mozilla Foundation and

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