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Gmail common sense summary)

Note: The following Gmail is not my Gmail, which is taken from the InternetSome people ask what Gmail is. Here is some information:1. What is Gmail? It is a free mailbox provided by Google with a capacity of 1000 MB. 2. How To Get A Gmail

[Comprehensive] Turning Gmail into your personal neural Hub

Thanks to Riku for reprinting the authorization, refer to the original translation.Original article: Turn Gmail into your personal nerve centerAuthor: Steve Rubel Turn Gmail into your personal neural Hub I feel very lucky to use it when Gmail beta

Use your Gmail as your network hard disk [2g free space is hot]

Are you still using qq uc's poor dozens of M network hard disks?Google 2G network hard drive! Chinese edition Original

Back up Foxmail to Gmail

Previously, emails were received using Foxmail, And the mailbox size was limited. Due to insufficient space, emails were not backed up on the server. My Foxmail local mail directory already has more than 2 GB, which is too space-consuming. Now I use

Tips for using Gmail mail

1. The id of GMail Acc is not counted as ".", so a. B @ gmail, AB @ gmail are all in the same mailbox.2. It has built-in filter and label, so you can use + to help set filter, for example, both AB + list1 @ gmail and AB + list2 @ gmail can be sent

Google again beat Gmail to support pop3 protocol

Final After that, my Gmail account has also activated the POP3 function. In setting, I saw forwarding and pop, which was previously forwarding. Set outlook2003 and Oe. Hook, no longer need to mount those strange gadgets. Easy to pop! Setting Method

Wonderful! One trick to deal with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail

We all know that Foxmail's built-in Foxmail-Hotmail Proxy can be used to receive emails in Hotmail and MSN mailboxes. However, it has two drawbacks: one is that the collection speed is as slow as "turtle crawling ", first, Gmail is not supported,

Post: how to restore emails deleted by mistake in Thunderbird? Three methods

Let's start with our mailbox. In the past, we used the mail client Outlook Express (OE) to receive emails from our company's mailbox. At home, we used the Web to access free mailboxes like MSN, Sina, Tom, and Gmail. However, the anti-spam function

The Gmail mail received by the mail client is incorrect.

I have two Gmail mailboxes, one of which is from the company and the other is my own account. After using the mail client to correctly set POP/stmp, the company can send and receive emails normally, the one you used to send the mail is normal, but

How to Set automatic sending and receiving of emails using linux scripts

1. Send mail in Command Line Mode 1.1 install sendemail 2.2 Use sendemail and Examples 2. receive emails in Command Line Mode2.1 install getmail42.2 configure getmail4 and a simple example2.3 use munpack to extract attachments from emails 1. Send

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