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Recommended books for embedded learning

engineering significance to improve the quality of programming. 5. I can write good code. The following is related to my career development. If I focus on Embedded Linux, there are too many good books. I will not recommend it. If you focus on RTOS embedded or front-end, I suggest you read some

Beginner Embedded Linux Learning Essential Books

a lot of embedded Linux Novice, to their own learning process is very confused, do not know where to learn? What books do you need to see in the learning process? A previous article on how to get started with embedded development, how to go deep? I hope to help you, The next step is to recommend some of the core books

Books recommended for embedded learning

Many of my friends told me that they wanted to learn embedded systems, but they failed to find the entry-level books. They sorted out their thoughts and posted them today, hoping to help everyone, move toward the embedded system !!! I. C/C ++ series:1. High quality C, C ++ Programming Guide (improved )*2. Deep ana

Recommended books for Learning embedded Linux

(1) C language is the strong in all programming languages, single-chip microcomputer, DSP, similar to the various kinds of ARM chip programming can be done in C language, it must be very skilled master.Recommended books: "The C programming language" This classic textbook is written by foreigners, there are also Chinese

Embedded classic books (recommended)

Linux Basics 1. Linux and Unix shell programming guide 2. Detailed description of Embedded Linux Application Development C language basics 1. The C programming language C Programming Language 2. pointers on C and pointer 3. c traps and pitfalls C traps and Defects 4. Expert C Lanuage Expert C

Why are there no good books on embedded project management on the market?

I spent an afternoon in the bookstore yesterday and found some books on software engineering project management. It was found that some school professors had written books on paper and could not find practical books. These are all illusory theories that may not be used in actual projects. Maybe they don't even bother reading these

Confusion in the embedded learning process--I don't know what books I read at first, how can I get a learning order?

understand the concept of B, c to explain, I even B, C do not know how to learn a? I can't learn it!It is not that people write poorly, but there is no way to pull a circle into a straight line. The process of learning is essentially a cyclical process, the only way is "doubt": in the book, there are two concepts such as B, C I do not understand, and then no longer think about this matter, but believe that they have understood B, C, based on their own understanding and assumptions to learn a, b

Programming development must-read books: 10 books that every web developer should read [figure]

Programming development must-read books: 10 books that every web developer should read [figure]:When developers ask me what books they should read, I usually tell them that you read the book. Many developers read other people's code, and the best way to improve yourself is to read, and the more efficient you are, the m

UNIX environment advanced programming UNIX Network Programming 12 which of the three books should I read first? Network Programming and web programming, pythontornado source code learning

imagine I am very good. 3: UNIX environment advanced programming UNIX Network Programming volume 1 2 which of the three books is better? Or should I read this book? I personally think that UNIX network programming can see the server design in the Directory and the thread process problems. Should I read this first? In

Classic Books in various programming languages

1. Java Java programming language (Third edition) --- four famous Java books ---- James Gosling (father of Java) Java programming ideology (version 2nd) ---- four famous Java books ---- Bruce Eckel Java programming ideology (version 3rd) ---- four famous Java

Nine open source books that must be viewed by C ++ for efficient programming

Nine open source books that must be viewed by C ++ for efficient programmingGuideBooks are subjective and private, and programming books are no exception. However, regardless of the style, focus, or rhythm of C ++ programming books, a good book can always lead readers throug

Four Books and five classics of C Programming

Since Dennis M. Ritchie has undergone great changes in the field of computer programming since the C language was designed and implemented in 1973. Object-oriented languages such as C ++, Java, and C #, which are based on C language, have successively emerged and have achieved great success in their respective fields. Today, C and its descendants almost rule the world of computer programming. It can be said

Four Books and five classics of C ++ Programming

C ++ is a large-scale language widely used in industrial software development. Its complexity and ability to solve practical problems make it extremely valuable in academic research and industry. Like C, C ++ has already achieved great success in many important fields.However, the undeniable reality is that in the field of low-level program design, C ++ compresses C and is also suffering a strong rebound from C. In the field of high-level program design, java and C # are constantly encroaching o

Linux network programming must see books recommended

", "UNIX Network Programming"Author W.richard Stevens personal website http://www.kohala.com/Master Works Department Classic, unfortunately 1999 to another world to maintain UNIX ...Description: Engage in Linux network programming, want to learn TCP/IP must look at the master W.richard Stevens This six book, basically six books after reading the foundation is als

Programming cornerstone and Practice series of C language programmers must read 5 books

English Source: Fromdev:best-c-programming-booksAre you planning to learn C language by reading? "Books are the most loyal friends of mankind." Hemingway must know the importance of books to a person's life. Books are a rich source of knowledge. You can learn a variety of knowledge from

[C/C ++/Embedded] style specifications for Embedded C Programming

Style specifications for Embedded C Programming I. OverviewThis document describes the programming style that should be paid attention to in C language programming in embedded development,Programs compiled by different personnel have similar styles, laying the foundation for

JDBC database programming and jdbc programming books

JDBC database programming and jdbc programming books **************************************** ****************************************************** Original works, from the "Xiaofeng residual month xj" blog, welcome to reprint, reprint please be sure to indicate the source (http://blog.csdn.net/xiaofengcanyuexj ). For various reasons, there may be many shortcomi

On the Advanced Programming of UNIX environment and the two books of Linux programming

Tags: GPO discard Linu related Extensions inux programming system interfaceThe UNIX environment Advanced programming terminology is many, the concept content, also many, but the study concept nature, the standard rule class thing, presumably is this--needs to expand the content many.Linux programming, illustrated, the code is sufficient enough, it seems that the

Sell another two second-hand books:. NET Framework programming (revision), Java programming thoughts

Sold out ~~!!! I flipped through two more books and added a total of five books to the previous one. Let's take a look ~~ Are Dangdang buy genuine, put me here a little waste, anyway, certainly cheap, trading way we Q chat: 423257356 (note to buy a book), mail: zhangyue0503@sohu.com ~~~ 1... NET FrameworkProgramDesign (revision) . NET Framework programming

Win32 programming example: Introduction to embedded software development programs (Articles completely copied from the Internet)

order to have a thorough understanding of Win32 API, so as to use its functions efficiently, it is very important to understand the basis of some underlying operating systems. This section summarizes the most important concepts of the 32-bit operating system and Win32 API, providing the foundation for you to learn more deeply. For more details about the 32-bit windows architecture, Win32 API, and other programming themes, read a book on that topic. M

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