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Bevel and Emboss tutorials for Photoshop layer styles

  In this article we'll look at the bevel and emboss options in Photoshop layer styles, which are the most complex of Photoshop layer styles, including inner bevel, bevel, emboss, pillow relief, and stroke relief, and tutorials that explain the settings and effects of the various options for bevel and

Bevel and Emboss parsing in Photoshop layer styles

For the users of Photoshop software, share the bevel and emboss in the layer style. Share list: Bevel and relief mainly has three kinds of styles: 1, outer bevel, 2, Inner bevel, 3, relief effect, 4, pillow-like relief. Okay, the above information is small made up to you photoshop this software users of the detailed layer style of the slope and

Photoshop makes shiny glass text effects

The PS tutorial " pconline Tutorial" will teach you how to use Photoshop to make shiny glass text effects, first look at the final effect chart: Figure 00 The steps are as follows: 1. Create a new 850x550px file, open the texture material shown in the image below, and adjust it as needed Figure 01 2. Select the Type tool to play the

Photoshop CS to draw stone text

Environment support: Photoshop CS Filters you want: Clouds, add noise, motion blur, texture, dry brushes Today we're going to use Photoshop to make a text effect of a stone material. The effect starts with a few filters to make a stone texture, and then uses the text Mask tool to create the

Photoshop to make glazed light embedded drill text effects

This PS tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop to make glaze embedded text effects, it is not difficult to make, through simple layer style adjustment, if you are interested in the production with me. Final effect Diagram Figure 0 1. Create a 1152*864 pixel document, set foreground and background colors as shown in the following illustration, select "Gradient Tool", a

Photoshop Diamond Women's Day theme text design tutorial

To the users of Photoshop software to share a detailed design of the theme of the Diamond Women's Day in Phnom Penh production tutorials. Tutorial Sharing: 1, a new 1000 * 600 pixels, resolution of 72 of the canvas, background filled with black. Right-click the text material below, then select "Save Picture as" to save to this machine, then open with PS, Use the Move tool

Photoshop text effects: Super shiny texture of the technical sense of the text

This tutorial uses Photoshop to make a glass-shiny stereo WordArt tutorial, which is a simple way to make a super shiny texture, and with the material it looks like a futuristic technology. Like this effect of friends can follow us to study together. Look at the effect chart first. The version used in this tutorial is Photoshop CS5, with a size of 1024 * 768, and for those who are in doubt in this tutor

Photoshop Texture Text series: Python characters

inferior Lightwave, rhino is tough, in hand-painted aspect Photoshop's praise also inferior painter, Expression. But when it comes to image processing and post-processing, even the most discerning person has to admit that Photoshop deserves the top spot in this field, so far no one can hold a candle to it. Image processing, which is the biggest advantage of Photoshop. Back in this article, perhaps you will

Photoshop to make snake text effect

Final effect Diagram 1. Open your Photoshop, create a new document, RGB mode, white background, the size of the image needs to be larger. The size of this example is 1000x400 pixels. Select the Type tool to view your list of fonts, find a larger font, reset the color board, and write the text on the background with black. Remember to set anti-aliasing for the

Photoshop design Diamond effect of the Metal Lantern Festival Text Production tutorial

To the users of Photoshop software to share a detailed design of the diamond effect of the Metal Lantern Festival text production tutorials. Tutorial Sharing: Before starting the tutorial, we first define a diamond pattern, save the image directly, the picture is very small (only 7 * 7 pixels), and then open with PS, select the menu: Edit > Define the pattern, you name it, the fol

Photoshop Design Glass Text tutorial

In this tutorial, we will create a terrific broken glass text effect. We'll learn a lot about blending modes and layer styles in this tutorial. In this tutorial, we will create a terrific broken glass text effect. We'll learn a lot about blending modes and layer styles in this tutorial. In fact, we will try to use a lot of layer styles to achieve the effect of the glass

Photoshop design classical style metal text effect production tutorial

To the users of Photoshop software to detailed analysis of the design of the classical style of metal text effect of the production tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: First look at the effect chart: 1, a new 1000 * 650 pixels, resolution of 72 pixel/inch canvas, background filled with dark gray: #454545. Select the Type tool, and the font size is larger as shown in Figu

Photoshop design Golden Star Wars metal text effect making tutorial

For the users of Photoshop software to share a detailed design of the golden Star Wars metal text effect of the production tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1. Design Text background Step 1 Create a 950*550 pixel canvas, place the star footage above the background layer, and then resize it by the canvas size. Figure

Photoshop design of the wheat Circle text effect

Here we teach you to use Photoshop to design a kind of super nice text effect, wheat circle text effect, ps text effects: Design the lovely ice-cream icecream text effect, production ideas: First look for a lovely coarse point of the font. Then use the layer style bevel reli

Photoshop text effects Tutorial: Flesh texture of the text

This is a Photoshop text effect tutorial, mainly for you to introduce the use of material synthesis method in the photshop to create a flesh text. Preview Tutorial Resources Skin Texture Steak First step: Create a new document in Photoshop Let's start by creating a new file in

Photoshop Design Cute candy text effect production tutorial

the gradient overlay is to deepen the top of the text and the bottom, so it is necessary to note that the gradient mode is the use of a symmetric gradient. Step 13 The last step adds a shadow to the text. The light position of the shadow also needs to be handled with care. Four, add high light Remember our copy layer? Padding is reduced to 0, but adding lay

Photoshop Making text poster: a text typesetting tutorial

The effect chart is mainly composed of main text and background decoration. The main text selected is the Crystal word effect, can be set according to their own preferences to different effects of the text. Then with the main text to add some texture background and decoration can be. The final effect of the

Photoshop text-a simple tutorial on path text

Source: The fire age Copyright Disclaimer: (Author: Zhao Peng zhaopeng.net, Forum blueidea.com) This tutorial allows arbitrary reprint and can be used Business Printing, without the consent of the author, no fee is required. However, the original integrity must be guaranteed, and all content in this copyright statement must be indicated. Note: To use the path text function, the Photoshop version mus

Photoshop makes wood text effects

-click to select the layer style, and activate the bevel and emboss options. Setting the following figure, high light color: #cebe80. Shadows: #000000; Copy the "10" layer style to the "steps.sg" layer and activate the inner glow option. The colors used in mixed mode are: #2e2e00; To change the blending mode of a "Photoshop tutorials" layer: soft Light 6. Press SHIFT t

Photoshop text-create a paper-torn text Effect

Source: Silicon Valley power First look at the effect: Production tool: Photoshop CS Production process: 1. Create a new file, set the width to 10 cm, the height to 5 cm, the resolution to 300 pixels, and the mode to RGB white files. 2. Open the channel panel, click the "Create new channel" button under the Control Panel to generate a new channel Alpha 1, and execute the "filter", "rendering", and "Cloud" command in the menu bar, effect 01 is sho

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