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The analysis and function of empty array, empty class and Class hollow array in C + +

Transferred from: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_93b45b0f01015s95.htmlWe often encounter these problems:(1) C + + defines an empty class, what is its size (sizeof)?(2) The size of a class that has only one char data member?(3) Can I define an empty

Convert: char *, char [], cstring, the relationship between strings and some common functions

Original article address:Convert: char *, Char [] , Cstring, String Conversion Author:Gisldq (1) OverviewString and cstring are both string template classes. string is a string class defined by the standard template class (STL) and has been

Cstring, wchar, and char Conversion

1. Define the macro in the header file;# Define Unicode# DEFINE _ Unicode2. Convert Char to wcharConst char * pfilepathname = "C: // AA. dll ";Int nlen = strlen (pfilepathname) + 1;Int nwlen = multibytetowidechar (cp_acp, 0, pfilepathname, nlen,

Turn: char*, char[], CString, string conversion

turn: char*, char[], CString, string conversion (i) OverviewString and CString are string template classes, string classes defined by the Standard template class (STL), are included in the C + + standard;CString (typedef CStringT > CString) is the

Conversion between cstring, wchar_t, Int, String, char * of VC

Cstring to wchar_t Cstring Path = "ASDF "; Wchar_t wstr [1, 256] = path. allocsysstring (); Or: Wchar_t wcstring [256]; Multibytetowidechar (cp_acp, 0, path,-1, wcstring, 256 ); Wchar_t to cstring Widechartomultibyte (cp_acp, 0, wcstring, 256, Path.

Cstring, lpctstr, String, char [], char * Conversion (2)

Cstring, Int, String, char * ConversionString to cstringCstring. Format ("% s", String. c_str ());Convert Char to cstringCstring. Format ("% s", char *);Char to stringString S (char *);String to char *Char * P = string. c_str ();Cstring to

In VC ++, cstring, In, Char, and other data types are converted from: http://blog.csdn.net/heaven13483/article/details/7553176

Cstring, Int, String, char * ConversionString to cstringCstring. Format ("% s", String. c_str ()); Convert Char to cstringCstring. Format ("% s", char *); Char to stringString S (char *);   String S;Char * m = "aasf ";S = string (m );Cout

Delphi Char Array, string, and Pchar conversions

Because to call the Windows API or to the VC + + Write interface, a lot of places to use Pchar, now the char array, string and pchar between the conversion are listed, are online looking for information, I summarize, first directly on the code, and

Pchar, String, char array in Delphi

Reference: http://blog.csdn.net/procedure1984/article/details/5419616The difference between one or three peopleBoth string and char arrays are a piece of memory that holds contiguous characters.string memory for specific characters is transparent to

C + + Primer Learning Notes _20_ class and Data Abstraction (6) _ Deep copy and shallow copy, empty class and empty array

C + + Primer Learning Notes _20_ class and Data Abstraction (6) _ Deep copy and shallow copy, empty class and empty array One, deep copy and shallow copyShallow copy: All variables of the copied object contain the same value as the original object,

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