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Ten reasons why Android beat Windows Phone 7 easily

According to a latest report from mobile phone retailers in the UK, Android sales andWindows Phone 7The ratio is 15:1. This result indicates that Windows Phone 7 may be in trouble. Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7 in the North American market in November 8 and is considere

Build Android development environment in Windows 7

. android. test; Import android. app. Activity; Import android. OS. Bundle; Import android. widget .*; Public class HelloAndroid extends Activity { Public void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState ){ Super. onCreate (savedInstanceState ); TextView textView = new TextView (this ); TextView. setText ("Hello

Steps for building an android development environment in windows 7

\ platform-tools to the tools Folder. In eclipse, go to [windows] ----- [preference] --- [Android] to set the sdk path d: \ sdk2.2 Then, the android development environment under Windows 7 is set up and tested. Ii. Procedure for setting up the

Build an Android development environment in Windows 7

Android development will be used in future work, so if you want to build a development environment, your laptop will be installed with win7 Prepare the file: 1. Download the Android SDK Http://code.google.com/android/download.html Windows 7 is installed in the same way as

Cocos2d-x learning in Windows 7 Android Environment Construction

Android platform Project Creation 1. Android SDK + ndk Installation 1) install Java JDK. (If you have already installed JDK, skip this step) Go to: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html or click Download. For example Select JDK download (JRE is not required for Android Development) For 32-bit

Cocos2d-x + Android + Windows 7

" Configure AVD (Android Virtual Machine): select the second button in the first figure and configure relevant parameters. Click Start to view the effect. Now we can use Java for Android development! But our goal is to use Cocos2d-x, C ++ development, we have to continue. 4. Install ndk Ndk can make part of the android program code with C/C ++ implementat

In Windows 7 environment to build a Cocos2d-x3.3 environment and configure the android cross compiling environment, cocos2dx3.3

In Windows 7 environment to build a Cocos2d-x3.3 environment and configure the android cross compiling environment, cocos2dx3.3This article describes how to build Cocos2d-x VS2013 and Android Development Environment on Windows 7 p

How to deploy the android development environment in Windows 7 (eclipse + ADT)

I made this tutorial into a PDF, slow network friends can download http://files.cnblogs.com/vengen/AndroidSetup.zip here Prepare the file: Windows 7 is installed in the same way as Windows XP. 1. Install JDK Run jdk-6u14-windows-i586.exe Check whether JDK is successfully installed.

In Windows 7 to build Android x86_64 and armv8-a operation steps, x86_64armv8-a

In Windows 7 to build Android x86_64 and armv8-a operation steps, x86_64armv8-a 1. Download android-ndk-r10d-windows-x86_64.exe and https://developer.android.com/tools/sdk/ndk/index.html from the android-ndk-r10d-linux-x86_64.bin;

Cocos2d-x learning journey (3): 1.3 cocos2d-x Windows 7 Android Development Environment Construction

Administrator account to log on to the system, cygwin \ home \ Folder to generate a new folder named after your login name. Modify the file ". bash_profile" in the new folder and open it in a text editor such as UE or editplus, Add at last: (D/android-ndk-r8 is the path to install ndk) Ndk_root =/cygdrive/D/android-ndk-r8 Export ndk_root Save and close. So far we have basically built the coco

Build a Windows 7 Android Development Environment

. Select the Developer Tools to install, and then select next until finish (the last step has an accept to be selected ). After you restart eclipse, the interface is shown as follows: The one on the left is the SDK manager. The one on the right is AVD manager. Select File> New> Other to view the options for creating the android project. # Sometimes you may need to set Android preferences for eclipse. If

Cocos2d-x +android + Windows 7

path under HelloWorld. Then select the project and select Run as > Android application. If you have a compile error message that does not recognize COCOS2DX, you can choose Properties > Java Build path > Link Source and select E:\cocos2d-x\cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.4\cocos2dx\ PLATFORM\ANDROID\JAVA\SRC path, name does not conflict with SRC. If the operation succeeds, the HelloWorld interface pops up. I have be

. NET platform for development of Windows Phone 7, iPhone and Android applications

Editor's note: After the release of Windows Phone 7, the mobile development industry, except for the iPhone and AndroidIt will be clear that more and more developers begin7. Platform transfer. This article, written by Zhao Yu, a famous developer for infoq, details the Modern. Net DDD recently heldAt the Conference, Chris hard, a famous developer, demonstrated how to develop

Android simulator cannot be enabled in Windows 7

Installing the android SDK in Windows 7 may encounter the following situations. An android simulator is created but cannot be opened. An error occurred while enabling the simulator. Panic: cocould not open c: \ User \ ooflywiung \. Android/AVD/2.3.3.ini ★The me

Configure the QT-Android development environment in Windows 7!

Configure QT5.2.0-Android: Develop software in Windows 7 ~ You don't need to use eclipse to develop android software. After configuration, you can write C ++ code and run the APP on your Android phone! Software Configuration: ensure that you only have one Qt on your computer

In Windows 7, an error occurs in the android simulator. emulator: Error: Unknown Virtual Device name is the correct solution.

another AVD is created, it must be re-copied. solution 2: Open System Properties-> environment variable-> under the groupbox of "system variables", select "new"-> the variable name is "android_sdk_home" (note, this variable name cannot be changed. It can only be this name !), Then change the variable value to the value of AVD ". android "folder location, for example:" F: \ androidemulator ", here I put it in the

Windows environment Android Studio V1.2.2 series 7-adb

computer, then "USB Debug" under "System Settings" and "developer Options" of the phone. Cond... 3. ADB command Syntax The use of the ADB command from the command line or script file of the development computer is : adb [-d|-e|-s If only one emulator is running or only one phone is connected, the ADB command is sent to the device by default. If you have more than one emulator or phone running, you need to specify which one to manipulate by using the-D,-e, or-s parameters. 4. ADB command Cond

IOS 6,ios 7,android and Windows Phone 8 user Experience Comparison

Technology consultancy Pfeiffer conducted a mobile operating system user experience study designed to collect and compare Apple iOS 6, a newly designed iOS 7, and Microsoft's Windows Phone 8, the user experience can be quantified between the Android system used by Samsung smartphones and the BlackBerry 10 system. According to Pfeiffer, test methods try to elimin

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