encryption in e commerce

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Security Protection Technology in E-commerce

I. Preface E-commerce appeared in 1990s and has not been developed for a long time. However, compared with traditional commerce, e-commerce has an amazing development speed. E-commerce security has become the biggest obstacle in the development of e-

E-Commerce Security Technology

E-Commerce Security Technology I. Firewall I. Firewall principles As a new technical measure to protect computer network security in recent years, FireWall is an isolated control technology that sets a barrier between the network of a certain

E-Commerce uses data encryption to protect Databases

Abstract: This article first analyzes the reasons for database data encryption, briefly introduces the DES algorithm, Java password system, and Java password extension, finally, the methods and steps for using the DES encryption algorithm to protect

Initial Exploration of logistics information security policies in E-commerce

Today, the world's networks, communication and information technology are developing rapidly, and the Internet is becoming increasingly popular around the world, bringing business space to a global scale, promote organizations to reform their own

E-Commerce uses data encryption to protect databases (2)

E-Commerce uses data encryption to protect databases (2)I explained some theoretical content in the previous article. This time we will introduce the example in detail: For example, we create a class desutil. Java As mentioned last time, I need to

The application of XML in e-commerce

Xml| e-commerce The development of electronic commerce The earliest e-commerce is the traditional EDI (Electronic data interchange, electronic exchange). In the the late 1960s, the concept of EDI was introduced almost simultaneously by

Research on ssl set of e-Commerce Security Protocol

  Abstract: This article introduces the services and disadvantages provided by the SSL protocol, the composition of the Secure Electronic Transaction SET protocol, the services and disadvantages provided by the SSL protocol; the comparison of SSL

E-commerce online payment risks and security countermeasures

E-commerce is a way to complete a series of business activities such as commodity transactions and settlement through computers and networks, the content includes information flow, capital flow, and logistics information flow and capital flow are

On security control and management strategy in e-commerce

E-commerce network security in essence is the information security on the network, refers to the electronic commerce network system hardware, software and its system data are protected from accidental or malicious reasons to be destroyed, changed,

Eight security and privacy issues in the development and design of e-commerce websites

For the development and design of e-commerce websites, the customer's security and privacy issues must be taken into consideration first. Your e-commerce website must be able to secure the customer's credit card and other sensitive information

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