engineering problem solving with matlab

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MATLAB basics ----------- methods for solving the edge Value Problem of ordinary differential equations using Matlab

Algorithm code Solinit = bvpinit (linspace (, 5), [1 0]); % linspace (, 5) is the initial mesh, [] is the initial estimated value Sol = bvp4c (@ twoode, @ twobc, solinit); % twoode and twobc are the functions of the differential equation and the boundary condition, respectively, solinit is structured X = linspace (); % determines the X range y = Deval (sol, x); % determines the y range plot (X, Y (1 ,:)); % plot the graph % of Y-X to define the twoode function (the following code is saved as

MATLAB Linux Chinese display Problem solving method

MATLAB Linux Chinese display problem solving method 2011-09-26 17:07:06|Category: default Categories | Tags: | report | font size big medium small SubscribeHere's how you try it! Because the GUI of MATLAB is written in Java, so long as the Java in the Chinese display is done.1, I matlab2007a the JRE director

Matlab 2013b cannot be used in El Capitan problem solving

Updated Mac operating system to El Capitan, the results found that MATLAB can not open, each time a Java error pop-up window. The reality is as follows:Java.lang.NullPointerException at Com.mathworks.widgets.windowswidgetfactory$searchandclearbutton.anytext ( at Com.mathworks.widgets.windowswidgetfactory$searchandclearbutton.geticon ( at (aquabut

Ant colony algorithm matlab for solving VRP problem

load [R_BEST,L_BEST,L_AVE,SHORTEST_ROUTE,SHORTEST_LENGTH]=ANT_VRP (D,demand,cap,iter_max,m,alpha,beta,rho , Q); The% ant colony algorithm solves the VRP problem general function, see the companion disc shortest_route_1=shortest_route-1% extract the best route shortest_length% extract shortest path length percent ====== ======== plot ==============figure (1)% as iterative convergence curve x=linspace (0,iter_max,iter_max); Y=l_best (:, 1);p lot (x, y)

Problem solving after the software engineering study

think, "I don't have a problem with this line of code," and you understand the code this way, but others may have different understandings, so there are different ways to use it, so the changes should be done in a complete test, regardless of size.5. Release"Pay attention to the difference between the release and the experimental version": The release version of the first to undergo experimental version of the test, and the release version of the cod

Download engineering and problem solving on GitHub using Android studio 2015-06-03 16:39:44

Use Android studio to download engineering and problem solving on GitHub2015-06-03 16:39:44 Android platformAndroid Studio has a built-in GitHub plugin that allows you to download the project directly on GitHub and feel good. How do you do it specifically?1. Operation , if the initial use will prompt

NetEase Video Cloud Technology Analysis: iOS Engineering common Problem solving method

should use HTTPS exclusively. If you had an existing app, you should use HTTPS as much as can RightNow, andcreate a plan for migrating the rest of Your app as soon as possible. In addition, your communication through higher-level APIs needs to BES encrypted using TLS version1.2with forward secrecy. If you try to make a connection that doesn ' t follow this requirement, an error is thrown. If your app needs to make a request to the insecure domain, you have to specify this domain in your app ' s

"Nine degrees OJ" topic 1024: Smooth Engineering Problem Solving report

"Nine degrees OJ" topic 1024: Smooth Engineering problem Solving report Label (Space delimited): nine degrees OJ Original title address: title Description: The goal of the provincial government's "unblocked project" is to enable road traffic between any of the two villages in the province (but not necessarily directly con

Demonstration sample code for solving optimization problem of matlab genetic algorithm

The code is as follows:function M_main () Clearclcmax_gen = 100;% perform algebra pop_size = 100;% population size Chromsome = 10;% chromosome length pc = 0.9;% crossover probability pm = 0.25;% mutation Probability Gen = 0;% Statistical algebra% Initialization init = 40*rand (pop_size, chromsome) -20;pop = Init;fit = obj_fitness (POP); [Max_fit, Index_max] = max (FIT); maxfit = Max_fit; [Min_fit, Index_min] = min (fit), Best_indiv = Pop (Index_max,:);% iteration operation while gen Demonstratio

Sample Code for solving Matlab Genetic Algorithm Optimization Problems, matlab Genetic Algorithm

Sample Code for solving Matlab Genetic Algorithm Optimization Problems, matlab Genetic Algorithm The Code is as follows: Function m_main () clearclcMax_gen = 100; % running algebra pop_size = 100; % population size chromsome = 10; % chromosome length pc = 0.9; % crossover probability pm = 0.25; % mutation probability gen = 0; % statistical algebra % initialize i

MATLAB using new Discovery 1 (tips: Shell command, engineering working directory settings related)

Project working directory setting In fact, for a simple MATLAB project requires little special Engineering directory, directly to the corresponding. m file dragged into the command window can be run. But for more complex projects, even in different projects have shared files (functions), such a single directory is a bit thin. For example, in machine learning training, a commonly used in the algorithm and d

Solving Linear Equations-MATLAB

solutions to equations are:(1) Use the Cramer formula to solve the problem;(2) using matrix inverse solution, that is, x = A-1b;(3) Use Gaussian elimination;(4) use the Lu method to solve the problem.In general, the results of the above four solutions are not very different for matrices with low dimensions and few conditions. The true significance of the first three solutions lies in its theory, rather than the actual numerical calculation. In

[Matlab] solving systems of linear equations

the matrix A is singular, then the solution of the ax=b does not exist, or exists but is not unique, and if the matrix A is near singular, Matlab will give a warning message, if a is singular, the result is INF, and a warning message is given if matrix A is a pathological matrix.Note: In solving the equation, try not to use the Inv (A) *b command, but the a\b solution should be used. Because the latter is

Application of SVM Multi-classification problem LIBSVM in MATLAB __matlab

classes for all (All-versus-all AVA) , a classifier is trained for every two classes in the M class, and a total of two class classifiers are M (m-1)/2. For example, there are three classes, 1,2,3, then you need three classifiers, They are for: 1 and 2 classes, 1 and 3 classes, 2 and 3. For a data x that needs to be sorted, it needs to be predicted by all classifiers, as well as voting to determine the final class attribute of X. However, this method needs more classifiers than the "pair of all

18 years of development experience sharing (iv) Problem Solving (II)

problems themselves. Another reason may be the project's own requirements. For example, in order to have a competitive advantage, some difficult requirements will be put forward in implementation. In terms of difficulty, this type of problem won't be solved by engineers in their first response. The knowledge and experience of Engineers cannot be directly told to engineers to solve the problem. This is th

"Neural network" BP algorithm solves XOR problem and MATLAB version

First Kind%%% Solving XOR problem with neural network clearclcclosems=4;% set 4 samples a=[0 0;0 1;1 0;1 1];% Set input vector y=[0,1,1,0];% set output vector n=2;% number of inputs m=3;% the number of hidden layers k=1;% the number of output layers W=rand (n,m);% is the value of the input layer to the hidden layer to assign the initial values V=rand (M,K); The weight value of the hidden layer to the output

Oschina answers the third question: is the architecture clear the problem domain? What is the proportion of each element of software engineering?

I used to give oschina an award-winning Q A related to "software engineering practice" (the prize was for the questioner, haha). Now, many questions are still readable, therefore, you can organize the text to enjoy the crowd. Original posted here: There are two questions in this article: Is the architecture a clear explanation of the problem domain? What is the prop

Theory of problem solving

I. The theory of traditional Chinese enterprises-the science of InnovationPractice has proved that once we discover and master the inherent laws and principles of invention and create a science or theory, we can achieve innovation in order, just like solving mathematical problems, operability and predictability will greatly improve the quality and efficiency of innovation. Based on this idea, in 1946, the famous inventor of the former Soviet Union, G.

JavaScript implementation of ACS ant colony Algorithm for solving symmetric tsp traveling salesman problem

github.As a result of the recent internship, we have to finish the work at hand (a sneak is really busy,,,). So follow the idea: in different browsers of the algorithm to perform the average speed test, as well as the C and MATLAB for the same code of the mean execution time comparison, there is a linear neural network implementation of the spammer Judgment system JavaScript implementation, it is estimated that a period of time to be baked.Given my f

P1 Problem Solving algorithm

P1 Problem Solving algorithm1. BPUsing the Linear programming toolbox of matlab, i.e. LinprogMain Idea: How to convert P1 problem into linear programming problemThat is, from 3.1 to 3.2.x=[u; v], where u,v are positive, a=u-va=[phi,-phi] (can not show the symbol, read it just fine ...) )B=sThen b=ax= (u-v) =a=sSolution

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