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10 in software engineering psychology-how to build a team without technical skills

sense of accomplishment After understanding the team members, you will know their personality characteristics, and you should start to manage them differently. In a team, They all want to be paid attention to, promoted, and paid attention to, so they need to be satisfied. However, due to objective conditions, it is generally difficult for your teamThe power of people satisfies the ideas of

Articles of Association for the Development of the "five-person black" team in software engineering

centralized development is required, the time and place of collective development should be determined at the previous group discussion or standing meeting. Iv. Team building 1) team members should abide by the team rules. If they find that they often do not comply with the rules, they should buy fruit or snacks for the

2016 Fuzhou University software engineering fifth to sixth team work-alpha stage Results Summary

very strong, the blog beautifully written, informative, clear, and typesetting, not to give a full score of the words simply God forbid. Look at the blog there are members feeling because of the time to get, stay up time is the least, to the leader 031402304 points greatly praise, other team also reference reference this benchmarkThe following is insufficient:1, the automatic testing process is not enough

Introduction to Software engineering, team organization and management, development process

Through the study of books 1th, 5 and 17, I know that software = program and software engineering, which is the process of applying systematic, orderly and quantifiable methods to the development, operation and maintenance of software.There are a number of ideal team models in the book, such as the attending physician mode, star mode, community mode, amateur theatre model, secret

Software Engineering-Building the Law team

Software Engineering-Building the Law teamTeam Name: Yousa_teamTeam statement: Work hardTeam Blog: Leader: Wang TianningCaptain Blog Link: team members:Li Sihu:

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