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The enhanced for loop for Java Advanced Features (i)

Preface writes The for/in loop is the so-called enhanced for loop in JDK5.0, which traverses the array and the set, and uses it to make your code shorter and more refined. Here is a description of the following: Traditional for loop and enhanced

Enhanced for loop usage ___arraylist array implementation use subscript best, LinkedList use Enhanced (reprint)

Summarize:1, the disadvantage of For-each cycle: lost the index information.When traversing a collection or array, if you need to access the index of a collection or array, it is best to use the old-fashioned way to loop or traverse, rather than

Experience 18--JDK new Features-static import, automatic encapsulation and disassembly, enhanced for loop

1. An important theme of "JDK 5.0" is to simplify development by adding a few features, including: • Static Import • Automatic packaging/Unpacking For-each Cycle • Variable Parameters • Enumerating • generic type • Meta data static import Syntax is

A brief talk on Java enhanced for-loop for Each_java

For-each Cycle The For-each loop is also called an enhanced for loop, or a foreach loop. The For-each loop is a new feature of the JDK5.0 (other new features such as generics, automatic boxing, etc.). The addition of the For-each loop simplifies

Enhanced for Loop

Enhanced for loop. After checking on the Internet, the enhanced for loop is a new feature of java1.5. The so-called "enhanced for loop" mainly targets containers. When this feature is used, developers can hand over the logic of "traversing

java--collection (Collection Interface), iterator, enhanced for loop, generics

first, the collectionThe method in the collection interface is a method that must be owned by all implementation classes in the collection. ArrayList Implements List List extends Collection 1. Basic UseOtherImport

Java: enhanced for Loop)

Enhanced for Loop)The so-called "enhanced for loop" mainly targets containers. When this feature is used, developers canThe logic of traversing the container is handed over to the compiler for processing. For example, the following code:Void

Java5 static import of new features, variable parameters, enhanced for loop, automatic unboxing

JDK1.5 has been released for a long time and has been taken out because it adds a number of important features that help us simplify development, write code that is more concise and clear and secure, with the following features:? Static Import?

Java iterator and enhanced for loop for each detailed

Iterator is an iterator interface (Interface) in Java that is used to provide standard Java iteratorsIterator supports generics because the type that the collection (Collection) class can mount is indeterminate, and the object type is removed from

Java Fundamentals-Enhanced for loop

The java1.5 version introduces an enhanced for loop, which is similar in principle to for loops.Syntax declaration: for (expression: conditional expression)Example: For(String str: set) Explanation: Set represents the set set, and STR represents

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