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VS2013 connection to MySQL; Your project references the latest Entity Framework; However, you cannot find the version-compatible Entity Framework database that is required for the data link EF6 the technique of using MySQL

/article/details/41877301 introduction of quite detailed, I would like to remind you to remember your installation directory, will be used later.Question three:To get here, I thought I could build the model smoothly, and didn't expect this problem to occurFortunately, there are people on the internet who have the same problem, that is, the http://blog.csdn.net/niewq/article/details/41877301 of the great God aboveOverall, four steps:First, the Package Manager console, the Library installer packag

Your project references the latest Entity Framework; However, the version-compatible Entity Framework database required for data linking is not found EF6 techniques for using MySQL

Reprint to: http://www.cnblogs.com/Imaigne/p/4153397.htmlYour project references the latest Entity Framework; However, the version-compatible Entity Framework database required for data linking is not found EF6 techniques for using MySQL  Using

Your project references the latest Entity Framework; However, the version-compatible Entity Framework database required for data linking is not found EF6 techniques for using MySQL

  Using MySQL connection in vs2013 entityframework often encounters this problem: your project references the latest Entity Framework, but the version-compatible Entity Framework Data provider required for the data connection cannot be found. Exit this wizard, install a comp

VS2013 EF6 MySQL (your project references the latest Entity Framework; However, the version-compatible Entity Framework database required for data linking is not found)

Label:About VS2013 link MySQL EF6 Many of the online statements are broadly consistent, but the specific process may have some problems Comprehensive longitudinal said, refining a few points: 1. Install Mysql-for-visualstudio-1.2.3.msi (required) 2. Install Mysql-connector-net-6.9.4.msi (required) 3. Install the EF Install command (install-package entityframework

How to make the Entity Framework tool "ADO" in Visual Studio2017. NET Entity Data Model "supports MySQL data sources

Familiarity with the Entity Framework should be not unfamiliar to the film, he is the ADO Entity Data Model Wizard: You can automatically generate a model class for a database table, or create a model file for code first.However, this Model wizard only displays Microsoft's own SQL Server data source by default, and if you want to use a

Create an ASP. NET Core MVC application (3)-Create a MySQL database table based on the entity Framework Core (Code first)

Create an ASP. NET Core MVC application (3)-Create a MySQL database table based on entity Framework Core (Code first) create a data model class (Poco Class)Under the Models folder, add a user class:namespace myfirstapp.models{public class User {public int ID {get; set;} public string Name {get; set; } public string Email {get; set; } public string Bio {get; set;

Solve:your Project references the latest version of the Entity Framework (for MySQL) in Visual Studio 2013

Tags: style blog http io ar os sp for strongThe error message while trying to create a ADO. NET entity Data Model (Entity Framework 6) for MYSQL Database in Microsof T Visual Studio 2013"Your Project references the latest version of the Entity

World Premiere free MySQL for Entity Framework Core

From:http://www.1234.sh/post/pomelo-data-mysql?utm_source=tuicoolutm_medium=referralSourceSource code Open source in GitHub with the MIT protocol:Pomelo.Data.MySqlPomelo.EntityFrameworkCore.MySqlBackgroundOn a whim, I wanted to implement the MySQL ADO layer in. NET core and interface with the entity Framework Core, and

Entity Framework 6 Code first series: No need to modify entities and configurations-use concurrency control consistent with SQL Server in MySQL

MySQL only supports default values and Automatic updates for timestamp that cannot be used for rowversion. Therefore, you can only set row Version in the app in MySQL. Non-existent disadvantages: 1.ASP. NET slow (no options for IIS application initialization and recycle configuration are set) 2.Entity Framework slow (

ASP.NET:Setup a MVC5 website with MySQL, Entity Framework 6 Code-first and VS2013

Label:The new features available in EF6 allow any developer to build a simple db-powered website with very few lines of code. There is many tutorials explaining how to does that with SQL Express available on the web, but those who want (or is force d) To use MySQL would most likely find a quite smaller amount of literature. I wrote this simple guide for those who asked me to summarize all the required steps to build a

ABP. Net Core Entity framework migrations using MySQL database

Tags: cdb. JSON get UI Management OID console configuration confI. Migration instructions The ABP Template project entity Framework Core uses SQL Server by default, and it is easy to migrate the database to MySQL, as follows. Ii. migrating MySQL Steps 1. Download the project Go to Http://aspnetboilerplate.com/Templates

Go to EF using my step--entity Framework 6 with MYSQL

Label:Original: http://lvasquez.github.io/2014/11/18/EntityFramework-MySql/ For the Entity Framework 6 support We need to has this requirements MySQL connector/net 6.8.x MySQL Server 5.1 or above Entity

The bug that Entity Framework with MySQL provider updates the number of rows to 0

This article makes the problem easy to solve complicated. In most cases, set the use affected rows parameter in the MySQL connection string to true. Author note. When using the MySQL database as the provider of the Entity Framework, you may encounter the following problems: The number of unexpected rows affected by th

The Entity framework connects to the MySQL database and generates the model and DAL layers

The Entity Framework (Ef,ado.net Entity Framework) is officially provided by Microsoft. NET platform's ORM framework. There is a clear advantage over the LINQ to SQL,EF framework: The EF

Entity Framework with Mysql code first

Label:The Entity Framework 4.0 can now support the MySQL database as well, and this article will show you how to do it in code first. 1. First create a new project, add the following references in the project with NuGet:    2. Add the following configuration to the Web. config file: 1 connectionStrings > 2 name= "Mytestcontext" connectionString= "Data sou

Entity Framework in MySQL

To start using Entity Framework 6 and Visual Studio are necessary to install MySQL for Visual Studio 1.1.1 Beta and My SQL connector/net 6.8.1 BetaMySQL for Visual Studio 1.1.1 Beta can is downloaded with the following link:Https://cdn.mysql.com/Downloads/MySQLInstaller/mysql-visualstudio-plugin-1.1.1.msiMySQL connecto

Entity Framework Code First---EF Power Tool MySql

Tags: mysql ros RAM encoding div img Local--paramFor an introduction to how to use the EF Power tool, see http://www.cnblogs.com/LingzhiSun/archive/2011/05/24/EFPowerTool_1.html, which is no longer verbose. MySQL has a default sample database in the world, with three tables in it, Download the entity Framework Power T

The Entity Framework uses the MySQL configuration file

"1.0"encoding="Utf-8"?>"EntityFramework"Type="System.Data.Entity.Internal.ConfigFile.EntityFrameworkSection, EntityFramework, version=, culture= Neutral, publickeytoken=b77a5c561934e089"requirepermission="false"/> //go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=237468 --"v4.0"sku=". netframework,version=v4.5.1"/> "MySql.Data.MySqlClient"/> "MySQL Data Provider"Invariant="MySql.Data.MySqlClient"description=". Net Framewor

Entity Framework handles mysql,oracle concurrency problems

Label:Premise, use the Entity Framework Power Tools to generate code First modeEnvironment:EF6.0MySQL 6.9EF Power Tools 4VS2012Problem, SQL Server uses TS field to handle concurrency control, how does MySQL handle it? How does Oracle handle it?Idea: Use the concurrency control identity of EF plus the database to automatically update the TS field1. The database au

Entity Framework 6+ Connection MySQL

Tags: file input start mil ODBC SQL hint search buildAll right. This blog is not open I feel. All the same. Objective: Company retrofit SQL Server->mysql Sql2016 I can't stand you. The good frontier is over. Need the guy: 1.mysql-for-visualstudio 2.mysql-connector-net 3.mysql-connector-odbc 4.Vs (one of the most powerf

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