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"Crazy Java Handout" (16)----enumeration class

Tag: Instance variable specifies security modifier otherwise constructs test inf The difference between an enumeration class and a normal class An enumeration class can implement one or more interfaces, Enum classes defined with

Java _ enumeration class, java enumeration class

Java _ enumeration class, java enumeration class Enumeration class When the enumeration class is not available, only the following code can be written: 1 // Student. java 2 package cn. itcast. enumeration; 3 4 public class Student {5 private String

Java Enumeration Class Summary Enum

Long time no contact enumeration class, almost forget, today take a moment to summarize it. To be honest, enumerating classes can really make a lot of sense for us.Description: Enum class It contracts a scope, it can be understood that only a fixed

[JAVA] java enumeration class, java Enumeration

[JAVA] java enumeration class, java Enumeration I. Under what circumstances do I use enumeration classes? Sometimes the objects of a class are limited and fixed. In this case, it is more convenient to use enumeration classes? 2. Why not use static

Enum enumeration class | annotation Annotation

Enum enumeration class ① Differences between enumeration classes and common classes:The enumeration class defined by Enum inherits the java. Lang. Enum class by default.The constructor of the enumeration class can only use the private access

First-recognized enumeration class

Today, I want to write a simple example: This is the content of the myenum. Java file: /* * To change this template, choose tools | templates * And open the template in the editor. */ Package myenum; /** * * @ Author long */ // Define

Java Enumeration Class (recent reading notes to organize, review the use, save a file

In some cases, the object of a class is limited and fixed.such as the seasons on Earth, there are Four Seasons , that is, four objects .This example is a finite and fixed class , known as an enumeration class .In the early days, a simple static

The Java Enumeration class enum explanation

Enum class Enum was introduced by JDK1.5, which was preceded by the public static final int Enum_value instead of the enumeration class. Enum class Enum is a special class that inherits the class Java.lang.Enum by default. Like other ordinary

Basic usage of the enumeration class of Java

To create an enumeration class Packagecom.ywlaker.enums;/*** @ Function Description: Season enumeration class *@authorYang.wei * @time September 1, 2015 Morning 11:56:23 *@version0.0.1*/ Public enumSeason {SPRING ("Spring", "Spring"), SUMMER

Serialversionuid of the Java enumeration class

CauseRecently in the company to hit the code when accidentally found previously left enum class implemented the Serializable interface, and then wrote a serialversionuid ... I've never used it in an enumeration class before. Feel a bit magical ....

Talking about Java enumeration class

First, a section of common enumeration class code structure Public enumColor {//Enumerating ObjectsRed (1, "red"), Green (2, "green"), Blue (3, "blue")); //Private member Properties Private intindex; PrivateString name; //Private Construction

Java Base 42 Enumeration (Class)

1. Overviewenumeration: Some methods at run time require that data not be arbitrary, but must be a range of values that can be used to resolve2. The format of the enumerationenum class Name { enumeration value}Example1 Package

Java Enumeration Class enum introduction _java

Enum class Enum is introduced by JDK1.5, and is preceded by a public static final int Enum_value instead of an enumeration class. Enum class Enum is a special class that inherits the class Java.lang.Enum by default. As with other ordinary classes,

The single-element enumeration class is used to implement the singleton mode.

The single-element enumeration class is used to implement the singleton mode. In the previous article "terminator of Singleton mode -- setAccessible (true)", we introduced the shortcomings of the traditional Singleton mode. Although the singleton

Kotlin Enumeration Class _kotlin

The most basic use of an enumeration class is to implement type-safe enumerations Enum class Direction {North , SOUTH, West, East } Kotlin Each enumerated constant is an object. Enumeration constants are separated by commas. Class Because each

Comparison between "enumeration" and "enumeration class" instances

Enumeration class ========================================================== ============== /// /// Configuration type enumeration class/// Public class configtype{// Configuration type namePrivate int configtype; // Private structure ensures

C # Traversal Enumeration class

In the Framework 4.0 environmentMethoddefining enum ClassesDetermine if the enumeration class exists, and if so, the outputExample:Defined.QrCode.QrCodeType type; // Enum class if (! Enum.tryparse (AA, out type)) { context. Response.Write ("

Python enumeration class definition and function (instance parsing)

In the following article we will look at what is enumeration classes in Python。 Find out what is Python Enumeration class, and what the Python enumeration classes can do in Python programming. Definition of enumeration First, define the enumeration

Basic use of the Java enumeration class

1, the use of constantsBefore JDK1.5, we defined constants: public static fianl ..... Now, with enumerations, you can group related constants into an enumeration type, and enumerations provide more methods than constants. 1234567

201507020721_ JavaScript authoritative Guide (sixth edition)--oo: Collection class and enumeration class, standard conversion method (p217-225)

I. Object-oriented technology in JavaScript (solving how to use the fatigue in JS programming)1. Examples of collection classesThe collection represents a non-repeating unordered collection. Two basic methods: A. Add to Collection B. Whether in the

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