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A good book recommendation to improve EQ (program apes not only have IQ but EQ)

Program apes not only have intelligence quotient to work with colleagues and leaders will make a lot of IQ explosion watch but eq (eq) Slag of children's shoes is very painful, and you want to have a good future development will know some ... Hope that through this blog can help you and progress at the same time remember not to forget beginner's mind!!!!What are

Windows environment, Python packaging window program Windows environment, Python packaging command line program Windows environment, Python packaging command line program

This article describes how to use python to generate executable windows.ProgramAnd port it to other environments without python. The previous article briefly introduced how to package the command line program: Windows environment, Python package the command line program. The program list is as follows: E: \ proje

Windows environment Development YII upload program to Linux server when the program runs inconsistent results of the problem Windows latest version WINDOWS10 setup windows members

In the Windows environment using sublime development, the local Apache server debugging, using the sublime sftp plugin to upload to the Linux server synchronously, the page preview under Windows is normal, the remote Linux page part shows abnormal, Part of the code in the page is not parsed by the YII framework and is exported directly in HTML format. Workaround: 1. Use Var_dump () to check the error

Compile a Java program into a Windows exe program or a Windows Service --- classic summary

(1) create a Windows exe program The exe program or service program made of Windows by Java is really full and abnormal, but if you don't remember the background program on a server, which of the following idiots accidentally shut

Run Windows program (exe program) as a Windows Service !!!

Program Registering as a system service has always been a concern of many network administrators. Just like the questions raised by the two netizens above, many gadgets and applets do not enter the system as services, in reality, they need to run. At this time, you can use the gadgets described in this article to register these gadgets into system services, so that the program can be started with the system

Do not step on the windows program implementation in Zen mode, windows program

Do not step on the windows program implementation in Zen mode, windows program Do not step on the white block-Zen mode windows program implementation The Code is as follows: # Include Who will change the white block? Zen Mode

Windows program running process, windows program running

Windows program running process, windows program running Windows applications: WinMain function (entry function ): 1. Design window class, register window class; WNDCLASS 2. Create, display, and update Windows; 3. Message loop; Wi

Windows program design: Zero-Basic self-learning _ 3_display and update of Windows program _ getting device content handle _ drawing display area during non-wm_paint message

change. In the program, you can call the gettextmetrics function once to obtain the system font information.We recommend that you call the gettextmetrics function when processing the wm_create message, because the wm_create message is the first message received by the window message processing program.You can do this:Defined in the message processing program:Static int cxchar, // storage system character widthCychar; // storage system character heigh

Windows program control upgrade ==>> build a well-laid Windows program

grouping boxes are similar, are used to group the control, the only difference is that the panel does not have a title, but can display the scroll barThe following gender and other content is placed in a "panel", is not to see, you Ah! Try to know the charm of it.05.Anchor and Dock PropertiesAnchor: The pixel value that keeps the position of the control and the edge of the form fixed. Dock: Make a control dock to a part of the form (top,bottom,left,right), or fill the entire form (fill)06. Sett

Windows program design review notes (77 questions in total), Program Design 77

Windows program design review notes (77 questions in total), Program Design 77Windows program design review notes (77 questions) (Personal finishing, only do review with: D, reprinted with the source: http://blog.csdn.net/hcbbt/article/details/42706501) Knowledge Point What is the difference between the dubyte Charac

Windows programming the second time windows program's life and death (on)

----- A friend passing by, if you find an error or have good suggestions, please leave a message below. Thank you! ----- Introduction "Windows programs are divided into two parts: 'program Code' and 'User interface resource'. The two parts are finally integrated into a complete EXE file using the RC Compiler (resource compiler. The so-called UI resources refer to functional menus, dialog box appearances,

C # Create a service and use the program to install the service automatically. NET to create an EXE that is an executable program and a Windows service

Have to say that. NET installation service is very troublesome, that is, to create a service, create a serviceinstall, and finally get a bunch of commands to install and uninstall.Today gives you a way to use our program directly to install/uninstall the service, and allows an EXE to run directly or install as a Windows serviceFirst we create a Windows applicatio

C # Writing Windows service (Windows Services Program)

Introduction to Windows service: A Windows service program is an executable application that can perform certain functions under the Windows operating system. Although the Windows service program is executable, it does not st

Windows program design Reading Notes 1 -- create a window, Program Design Reading Notes

Windows program design Reading Notes 1 -- create a window, Program Design Reading Notes The first win32 program, simple creation window: #include A window is a WNDCLASS created by the window class. The window class determines the Window Process for processing window messages. This is defined in MSDN as follows: typede

Windows program design: Zero-Basic self-learning _ 2_windows program display and update _ wm_paint message

Previous ArticleArticleInside, I copied the classic writing of a WindowsProgramI have a little perceptual knowledge of Windows program design, but I still have a little understanding of the program design. So I need to continue to learn about it and then read the classic book ...... The following is my summary. I will post it for you to see. I hope the heroes w

Background knowledge of Windows program development---Windows Messaging mechanism

One, the newsMessage refers to a notification that the Windows operating system sends to an application that tells the application that a particular event has occurred. For example, a user clicking a mouse or pressing a button causes the Windows system to send the appropriate message. The final processing of the message is the window function of the application, if the

Why is another program started by my Windows service program not displayed?

Why is another program started by my Windows service program not displayed? Delphi/Windows SDK/API Http://www.delphi2007.net/DelphiAPI/html/delphi_20061109155837266.html I made a simple service Program(Errorserverity item is set to: essevere), use it to start another

How to restart a program (in windows) and restart windows

How to restart a program (in windows) and restart windows Background: In the development of game programs, this often happens. After running the game update program, you need to restart the update program. After modifying the video and other related settings in the game, you

Deep Windows shutdown message interception-changes from XP to Win7 (in XP The program can block shutdown, but in Win7 the program cannot prevent shutdown, the block time from 1 seconds to 5 seconds) good

1-1-0 wm_queryendsession time:2014-1-11-11-53-5 0-1-1 wm_queryendsession time:2014-1-11-11-53-6 0-1-1 wm_endsession time:2014-1-11-11-53-6 0-1-0 wm_queryendsession time:2014-1-11-11-53-7 0-1-0 wm_endsession time:2014-1-11-11-53-7 1-0-1 wm_queryendsession time:2014-1-11-11-53-7 1-0-0 wm_queryendsession time:2014-1-11-11-53-8 0-0-1 wm_queryendsession time:2014-1-11-11-53-9 0-0-1 wm_endsession time:2014-1-11-11-53-9

Windows program design (Charles Petzold) HELLOWIN program implementation, petzoldhellowin

Windows program design (Charles Petzold) HELLOWIN program implementation, petzoldhellowin1/* -------------------------------------------------------------- 2 HELLOWIN. C -- DisPlays "Hello, Windows! "In client area 3 (c) Charles Petzold, 1998 4 -------------------------------------------------------------- */5 # includ

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